Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Below is the complete news report taken from The Malaysian Insider dated August 09, 2011 for the reading of all RMAF officers and men, particularly those that have retired and had at some point in their career served at the base. I just want to know what their reaction would be upon reading this news. To me it is the most idiotic news that I have ever heard…………..another piece of military history gone in the name of development. Happy reading.

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 9 - The city’s Sungai Besi air base will close its doors on November 30 to make way for development under the government-owned 1 Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB)

The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) chief Tan Sri Rodzali Daud said aircraft operations would be relocated to their other facilities with only helicopter services remaining in Sungai Besi, Bernama reported.

1MDB – the master developer for Bandar Malaysia – signed the transfer of the 169.6ha in June from the federal land commissioner.

Rodzali clarified that RMAF are hoping to keep the museum and mosque located inside the land. This is being discussed along with the transfer of assets, infrastructure and facilities to their other bases in Subang, Sendayan and Kuantan.

He said it is important they prepare a command and control system at the new Subang base so that operations can be fully transferred by 2016.

The restructuring will result in Subang becoming the command and control center and relying on Sendayan for flight training and Kuantan to lodge other assets.



Pak Oncu said...

salam Dato,,, sodih sodih sodih,,,,,,,,,,,

johnnie lim said...

I bet somebody make a kill in this 'development' project.

rahim rashid said...

Dato'...u're right

taming said...

When there were some vultures who convinced Abdullah Badawi who was PM then, for University of Malaya to make way for development, Prof Diraja Ungku Aziz made a very clear and bold statement of some "mad people" who must have come out with that selfish idea.
The UM still stands to-day!
When military base and camps are hijacked by the same group of some "greedy and mad people" NOBODY uttered a word! In the case of the RMAF Kuala Lumpur, the Chief of Air Force or other generals just responded " Yes Sir, Yes Sir it is an excellent idea and we look forward for a new modern base as replacement"!
Siapa mahu lawan arus hah??
What is history and heritage when considering national interest, modernisation and billions are in the making?
I feel sorry for TUDM. Let us support and respect what the government is doing and to disregard heritage, history, sentiments and feelings by sporting light blue ( air force colour ) T-shirts, shirts and during Raya Puasa, the baju Melayu!


EAGLE said...

'fait accompli' anyaway.
Generals all angguk and one hoping for extension but at last has to retire- hahaha the laughing general delivered nothing!
It is simple as history always repeat itself. PM Najib happily obliterated the base and don't be surprise that one day the future generation will wipe out Tun Razak legacy if any.
RMAF pun macam ada dengan tak ada je as it is syok sendiri. Baca statement by the RMAF chief pun no umphhh and he takes it very easily because he only think that within RMAF Base there are only the museum and the mosque. What a visionary leader of the AirForce next generation! Does he know what is the base stood for. WTF.
Good luck RMAF.
RAMADAN Al Kareem.....

tts said...

Dear All,

I on behalf of my DAD, PW 1 Tan Joo Kang 700388, am very saddened by this news. Sungei Besi camp was the last remnant of old "Malaya" that is still in existence and functioning. The birth place of aviation in Malaysia,So much pride and so much history will be lost overnight. I salute all the past and present RMAF/TUDM service men that toiled and dedicated themselves selflessly to the country's air space security. These so called leaders will sell anything if the price is right to them.