Saturday, August 13, 2011


The Election Commission (EC) says that there have been some technical glitches in the electoral roll, but they stop short of accepting full responsibility. If there were only one or two glitches, then I and many others are willing to accept that there was no malice intended against the opposition. But the glitches are far too numerous in obvious intent to cheat in order to booster the BN’s chances of winning hugely in the up-coming GE. I could not find a much kinder expression, but to use the derogatory word CHEAT to express rancor towards the EC for failing in their duty to maintain an apolitical stance and sworn duty to remain neutral in the management of their functions and duties. I now believe that cheating has been the hallmark of the EC all these years, and it is high time that all likeminded Malaysians put a brake to all this.

Me, being an ex soldier and a leader of men, I am always reminded of the qualities of a good leader, and what I try to hold dearly are these three qualities i.e. integrity, honesty and sincerity. It is not only me that tries to uphold such princely qualities, but there are also many others like me. You see leadership come with responsibilities and being a leader, one must set good examples all the time. It is not only the soldiers that will constantly be watching you, but their families as well. Throughout my years in the service, I have seen it all i.e. the good and not so good leaders, but I always remind myself that if I do not like the behavior and character of the not so good leaders, then I will make sure that I do not emulate their examples. But I would say that I was most fortunate to have served under some of the finest military leaders; without whom I wouldn’t be what I am today.

Looking at the experience that I have gone through and comparing it with what I see happening in the EC, I think the EC is well below my standard i.e. they are not honest and a pack of liars. And mind you, the commission is answerable to the King, and if it were the military, the top echelon officers would have gone to the gallows. This is where the military differs from the civil service. It is the discipline imbued in the military training that makes all the difference. Lying and dishonestly is a serious offence in the military that is liable to punishment and even a dishonorable discharge. However such offence makes little sense to the EC, and this applies to some of our political leaders as well. Do we not often hear our political leaders make lots of promises during an election, only to renege their promises upon them winning. If they have lied once, they will continue to lie and this is the culture that I find most prevalent and disgusting among our leaders.

PM Najib now say that he intend to meet up with the EC to resolve issues affecting the commission. I suppose Najib is concern at the demands of Bersih and the many complains brought about by the opposition and civil society regarding the EC. But why leave out the very people that demanded change in the EC? Why not get Bersih into the discussion and some notable likeminded personalities as well. Najib has to show openness and sincerity in wanting to see change in EC, but openness seems to have eluded Najib. Why is this so? And what about his slogan “rakyat di dahulukan, pencapaian diutamakan”. Does this slogan mean nothing to him?



Capt's Longhouse said...

crooks running the country right now ?. blind me !!

Capt's Longhouse said...

Crooks running the country ?.Blind me !!

EAGLE said...

Rampant liars in all departments in this country. Macam biasa la that the fish rots from its head.
The Armed Forces no exception. But it is good as "cakap tak serupa bikin"

suhaimi said...

Salam Ramadan, dato'
PM Najib nak jumpa EC? Habislah Dato'. Entah penipuan apa lagi yang dia nak EC buat. Atau orang no 1 dan no 2 di EC tu nak kena amaran dengan najib sebab buat silap dan tak pandai menipu? Hi...hi...hi. Nak menipu tapi bangang. Nak bagi alasan, tapi tunggang-langgang. Alahai EC.

foo wy len said...

"Integrity, honesty,and sincerity," sadly Sir, all are missing not only in the EC but ALL public institutions!

Capt's Longhouse said...

Najib: GE can be anytime, not bound by electoral reforms panel
Posted on 19 August 2011 - 07:53pm
Last updated on 20 August 2011 - 02:52pm
KUALA LUMPUR (Aug 19, 2011): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdl Razak said today that the next general election can be held anytime and is not bound by the works of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reforms.
Najib said the government, however, would strive to implement any recommendation made by the committee before the coming election, reports Bernama.
"We will try; there must be something that can be done immediately," he told a news conference after chairing the Umno Supreme Council meeting at Menara Dato' Onn here today.
"What we can do immediately, we will do immediately," .........CAN we trust him ??????.... Forget it !