Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I believe most of you would have read former Selangor MB Khir Toyo’s latest posting in his blog dated August 23, 2011 titled ‘Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin dan Kisah 3 Menteri’. I am an ardent follower of the blog simply because Khir Toyo was the MB of my state; the most develop state in the country. And having lost the state to the PR during the 2008 GE was Khir Toyo’s greatest sin to the BN government, and his subsequent fall from grace was inevitable.

Khir Toyo’s posting centered on two issues i.e. firstly, to seek forgiveness from all those that he may have caused them hurt and displeasure in the past and secondly, to express disdain at some quarters (he says some ministers) at suggesting that the only way for UMNO to win back Selangor is to ensure that he goes to jail. Well, the second issue does not surprise me at all, because this has been UMNO’s embedded culture of back stabbing, deceit and defaming others, especially among power seekers, apple polishers and aspirants to be rich and famous. Someone did write to say that vying the post of a Ketua Bahagian is a sure route to power and richness, and it is for this very reason that the Ketua Bahagian post is the most hotly contested during the party election. Even a Ketua Cawangan has its ‘goodies’. And one sure needs a lot of money to throw around to get nominated.

Khir Toyo alleged that there are three ministers involved in suggesting that the way to win back Selangor is to incarcerate him, but short of naming them. This is a serious allegation that can destroy forever UMNO’s chances of winning back Selangor. Do not underrate Khir Toyo’s support, even if that support is dwindling. Khir Toyo’s detractors ought to know that UMNO’s secrets are in the hands of Khir Toyo, and surely PM Najib being the Information Chief for Selangor would not want secrets (good or bad) to be revealed at this critical moment and time when the GE is near.

Even before Khir Toyo made such an allegation, and me being a Selangorean, I quite often hear the rumbling that goes on within UMNO Selangor. It is obvious now that these rumblings have weakened UMNO Selangor that has now left the state without a leader of substance and credibility. If one were to say that UMNO Selangor has Agriculture Minister Nor Omar as a suitable choice to replace Khir Toyo, I say that it is wrong. I personally see that this minister has little substance in him, and I do not think Khir Toyo would want him to manage the state. It is obvious to me too that by virtue of PM Najib having to take upon himself to manage the affairs of UMNO Selangor is sufficient proof that the state is devoid of a leader of substance. And this only leaves me to say that UMNO Selangor chances of winning back the state in the next GE is but a dream.

As a watcher of UMNO politics in the state, I personally think that there ought to be a complete change of faces within UMNO Selangor leadership, if the party is to survive. The party can no longer have teachers, gate keepers and petty traders to lead the charge in Selangor. It has to have professionals and learned individuals that are fairly young and are incorruptible to be a serious challenge to PR. The question now is whether UMNO Selangor in its current form can take on such a challenge? My honest answer is simply no, and I leave it to my readers to reason why.

And to Khir Toyo, my friendly advice to him is this…………….if you are convince in upholding the truth for the sake of your party, do not have any fear to speak out. And if you are damn sure who the three ministers that you mentioned are out to incarcerate you, please name them for if you don’t, these are the people who will continue to be the ‘duri dalam daging’ that will finally see the demise of UMNO Selangor.



Frankie said...

Why does Khir Toyo asks for forgiveness and then reverts back to his old corrupt ways once the holy month of Ramadhan is over? He then repeats the same act of asking forgiveness every year during Ramadhan. It is akin to someone who sinned 11 months of the year and then goes to Mecca for 1 month to "cleanse" his sins and repeats the same cycle year in year out.

mha28 said...

UMNO was started by patriots who put country ahead of themselves. They saw nothing other than to see the country free from the shackles of the "Penjajah". These honorable men and women toiled in their labour to lift its people out from poverty, to educate its children and put forth our Hukum Negara to create a plural, just and civil society.

If only these qualities still exist in the current UMNO leadership, the young, the incorruptible and the learned will turn up in droves.

Sadly, this is not the case. Instead they turned apolitical, disgusted by what they see. Many went to the opposition and many more followed simply because that's the only alternative they see.

mitchell said...

Truly enjoy your blog and log in without fail everyday for your honest and without fear or favour views. May God continue to bless you and your family.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Dato.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Mitchell,

Thanks for the support and the greetings. You are most welcome to visit me this Hari Raya.

bumi-non-malay said...

My problem with Muslim-Islam UMNO Cult and Khir Toyol is that after each terror...they go to their circle and come back clean in the eyes of fellow muslim.

But we of the non muslim faith see this as just a Charade and SCAM to continue their corruption, murder and evils. Mainly referring to the Ruling Elite. Same goes for Tyson Taib...etc....If only Malay Muslim-Islam can see the Munafiq in these malay muslim like we of other faiths...then Malaysia would not be in the state as we are today....All thanks to Bapa Kemerosotan Malaysia. Tun Dr. titles....can hide the Sin that is clear to other religion. Enjoy the Ramadan and continue AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR

...yet you have some muslim zealots who says non muslim should not be using words like AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR......There lies the problem if Malaysia Cannot Kick out UMNO-BN like they did to Gadaffi. UMNO-BN don't know how to quit in the face of Defeat and neither will the Government be handed to barisan Rakyat-Pakatan in a silver Platter....We need to peservere like the Bengazhi People and take UMNO Dead or Alive!!

Wear Black on Merdeka 2011 - clap hands at ruling elite!!

komando said...

He aint no man
His marbles lost forever
If he is man enough
Spill the beans
Or forever be - A LOW LIFE Coward!

bruno said...

Khir Toyo,a dentist turned politician and appointed a MB.
After getting kicked out of office he built himself an bali mansion.
The mansion alone was valued at over 20 million ringgit,with more
stashed away.For Khir Toyo to accumulate such vast amount of money he has to be more than a dentist.

Maybe he had another sideline occucupation,like a boytoy to rich men or else where came the money.
Corruption is haram to a self acclaimed religious person like him.Anyway Khir asked for forgiveness during the month of Hari Raya.Khir Toyo had a hand in instigating the corruption scandal involving PR aduns in Selangor.

He asked his buddy the Selangor Macc officer to raid the offices of PR aduns.This led to the interogation of TBH,thus later causing his forced suicide,whatever that means.Since
Khir Toyo has his hands involved in the TBH murder,he should ask
TBH's family to forgive him.

Malaysian said...

Why would Selangor UMNO or UMNO change? The powerful continue to rob our money. You can see this from MAS-AA deal. How much did Tony made from this deal? What about the MRT project? Why can't they implement open tender system? Pakatan did that for most of Penang projects. Didnn't the Bumiputra company from UMNO and Non-UMNO got most of the projects? What about Lynas rare earth processing plant? Didn't they know that most Kuantan resident and surrounding area against it. Thus, all these tell us that there are too much money that they can make; thus, I doubt they want to give up all these money.