Saturday, August 20, 2011


Did any of you saw the video of an argument that ensued between lawyer Fadiah Natwa Fikri ( a lawyer representing Lawyers for Liberty) and an uncouth MCMC officer (he deserve to called one) in front of the MCMC headquarters recently?

Fadiah Natwa was merely acting as a lawyer for Suara Keadilan’s Yusriah Yusof who was summoned to MCMC for a statement over a photograph she took of a bloodied bodyguard of Anuar Ibrahim, injured in the face after being hit by a police teargas canister during the Bersih rally. The photograph was widely circulated online in the alternative media, but absolutely nothing appeared in the MSM, for a very simple reason i.e. that a photograph like this is bad publicity for the police.

If one were to listen to the subsequent explanation given by Fadiah Natwa to reporters as to how she and Yusriah had to tolerate the aggressive and arrogant MCMC officers conducting the interview on Yusiah, one wouldn’t believe these are officers of our most distinguished civil service. If what was described by Fadiah was true, then I think they (MCMC officers) were all poorly trained public servants and do not deserve to be salaried at public expense. This is a poor reflection of officers of the government that has brought shame and disrepute to the entire civil service and the government, and if nothing is done to remedy this, the public will continue to lose faith and confidence in MCMC as well as the government. I do not know how the MCMC Minister will react to this, but I suppose he would just regard this incident as something trivial.

And having seen this incident, I am not at all surprise that such insolent and aggressive culture of our civil servants has permeated some other department of the government as well, notably the police and MACC. I’ll stick by my argument that namely these two departments and now including the MCMC need a complete revamp from ‘head to toe’, for civil society no longer have any respect for them.

The decision taken by MCMC to act on Yusiah for a mere photograph raises a lot of questions. What offence has Yusiah breached by taking the photograph? Is it because Yusiah is a photographer for Suara Keadilan that makes the photo taking an offence? Had the photo taken by the MSM, would MCMC act the way they did on Yusiah? I do not think so because the MCMC officers are good and loyal servants of the government and they would not have bothered with an interview. This smack of stupidity, ignorance and sheer arrogance of power of some low level government officials who think they can do what they wish, to the extent of exerting their will on an innocent lady photographer. If indeed the Suara Keadilan lady photographer has committed an offence that is punishable by law, then launch a police report. I am now beginning to wonder who instructed the MCMC officers to conduct an interview on Yusiah. Or does MCMC think they are law in themselves?

To you Fadiah Natwa, I salute you for your stand against those MCMC male aggressors.
And to Yusiah Yusof, the photo makes good publicity during GE 13. Keep it up.




Yes, I saw this article and the interview. So glad you have highlighted it here Dato, because it was truly worthy of mention for 2 reasons: first, the incredible courage and guts displayed by the 2women. Their informed stand and the way they stood up to bullying augers well for Malaysia's future. These are the young people who will make the changes we so badly need. Second, the article and interview left no doubt as to the level to which many in our Civil service have sunk - rude, racist, sexist, incompetent and and ill-informed.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Concerned,

Yes, I have my highest respect for the two young women who stood against the MCMC idiot. I notice a change in the young people of today for they are better read and exposed. This gives us hope for the future.

Anak Perelih said...

the problem lies ont he practice of enlisting civil servants on UMNO tickets - guna kabel... these UMNO at heart civil servants are becomming besar kepala and even threatening other cival servants who did not enter service under UMNO cable... and they climbed positions really fast