Sunday, August 21, 2011


Star Online August 20th 2011 reported that Perkasa Information Chief Ruslan Kassim has labelled Marina Mahathir as ‘mudah lupa’ merely for differing in views with that of her father Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed regarding the Bersih rally. While we are yet to hear a single statement from Tun Dr. Mahathir to labelled her daughter as ‘mudah lupa’, here we have Ruslan to drag Tun Dr. Mahathir to his rescue.

I have been told that Tun Dr. Mahathir is himself a controversial figure and has all along been a subject of criticism from his detractors. So if Marina Mahathir’s view is so different from that of her father, I see no contradiction, but rather an acceptable fact that her father could willingly accept. I think Marina Mahathir has been making a lot of differing statements all these years, if one cares to read her blog. But why has Ruslan to raise this issue now. Is he trying to place a wedge between Tun Dr. Mahathir and Marina Mahathir? This is typical of Perkasa when they have lost out over an issue, and the Bersih rally is one fine example of them having chicken out after some boisterous statements by their hero.

Not satisfied at having to drag Tun Dr. Mahathir to Perkasa’s cause, Ruslan now dared Marina Mahathir to declare her assets. My question to Ruslan is for what reason does he wants Marina Mahathir to declare her assets? I think Ruslan is just being stupid. Before Marina Mahathir declares her assets, Ruslan might want to ask all the cabinet ministers to declare their assets first, if he dares. It is not only the cabinet ministers but also to all the top BN leaders including him.

I dare you Ruslan and if you do not do it, will you just shut up and start thinking of how to improve the badly dented image of Perkasa.



Anonymous said...

I have very little to say about Dr M which is complimentary as opposed to a mountain of complaints about his abuses of power and misdeeds.

But where Marina is concerned, I think Dr M and his wife have done the right thing as a parent - raised an open minded daughter who holds and voices opposing views. And a daughter who, while acknowledging the differences in opinions, maintains that "he is still my father" and appears to respect certain limits to her public views where he is concerned.

Ruslan Kassim is just showing the classic tin-kosong characteristic of Perkasa, following in the tradition of the al-Katak "war-general" who cowered at home on 9th July because his wife won't let him go. After threatening all sorts of harm to BERSIH marchers to stop them "at all cost to stop" pulak.

Same guy who wanted in May to launch a "jihad" against those who were "trying to make Malaysia a Christian nation", and said that he wants 30,000 to "save Selangor" (and only a few hundred turned up for his gathering).

Ruslan and Ibrahim have a right to their views, but surely there is a limit to how much they can be allowed to do in terms of insulting our intelligence? Worse, has Perkasa not crossed the line in inciting violence and making use of Islam?

But a most pertinent question - who is their dalang and protector?

Indeed, on that train of thought, is Ruslan's attack on Marina a propaganda response to those who allege that Mahathir is behind Perkasa? After all, Ruslan only attacked Marina, not Dr M, whom he described glowingly as a "statesman with forward-looking views" according to a report published by The Star yesterday.

EAGLE said...

This goon by the name of Ruslan Kassim is well... no need to layan la.
Another guy cakap tak serupa bikin!

Frankie said...

Perkasa are the trained attack dogs of UMNO unleashed on anyone who are deemed to be a threat to or speak out against UMNO. But UMNO has forgotten that the Perkasa attack dogs are also cross bred pariahs (read: Mad dogs) who in their state of uncontrolled frenzy will bite the hand that feeds them. UMNO, be forewarned!!

rahim rashid said...

Dear Datuk,
This dumbhead Ruslan kassim is a real stupid and idiotic perkasa guy.I have read MM Rantings, I have found her comments are fair and rational.Datuk, we should have more bloggers like her.

Rahim Rashid
Retired PSTD/Palapes UPM.