Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Dear Readers,

I have just received an article via email from a retired army colleague that I would like to share it with all of you, particularly for those who are still in the military service. While our politicians are still arguing as to whether they are Malays or Malaysian first, our closest neighbor Singapore is doing the rightful thing i.e. to get all Singaporeans to think defence first.

And did I not write about the proper employment of our Joint Force Headquarters? We can certainly learn from the example shown by the Singapore Armed Forces on what a Joint Force operation is all about. Please read the article below AND LEARN SOMETHING FROM IT.


The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) conducted a readiness exercise on August 2011. The exercise involved troops from 1st Guards Battalion conducting a battalion coastal hook, supported by elements from the Army, the Republic of Singapore Air Defence (RSAF) and the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)

The exercise featured the recapture of an offshore island that had been occupied by an enemy force. Minister for Defence Dr. Ng Eng Hen was present to witness the exercise today at Pulau Sundong. This was the first time Dr. Ng visited an SAF exercise since he took over the defence portfolio in May 2011.

The exercise demonstrated the integration and operational readiness of the SAF. Dr. Ng first observed SAF troops and M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers disembarking from the RSN fast crafts to secure the beach area with support from the RSAF F-16 fighter aircraft and Apache AH-64 helicopters. The troops then proceeded to advance inland supported by Light Strike Vehicles to capture the airstrip located in the centre of the island. After the airstrip had been secured, Dr. Ng saw a Super Puma helicopter deliver additional logistics supplies to the troops and evacuated simulated casualties.

After viewing the exercise, Dr. Ng spoke about the SAF’s readiness and capability to execute a complex exercise involving elements of the three services, as well as the confidence of our soldiers. He said, “They (the soldiers) must have confidence in the machines that we buy, the equipment that they have, their ability to execute these operations. I would say that at a professional level, it is not easy to do it. It is tri-service which means that it involves elements of the Navy, Air Force and the Army. And your command and control systems need to be up to stretch. Your coordination and your ability to excute real time. It is complex”.

Dr. Ng was accompanied by Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Neo Kian Hong and Chief of Army Major General Ravinder Singh.



EAGLE said...

Hopefully Minister of Defense and the generals and the military analyst and strategist in Malaysia will not use this readiness exercise conducted by Singapore Armed Forces as justification for Malaysian Armed Forces to procure more military assets as they like.
As rightly stated that "AND LEARN SOMETHING FROM IT" with respect to joint force operation and the right perspective rather than looking at it as a threat to further justify the military spending required.
Bukan nak mengato Tok tetapi kekadang itu lah yang ada di kepalo otak mereka be it the military planners conspiring with the big boss as well as the business community who are out to make quick gain.
Beware! as interesting read can be an interesting opportunity.
Salam . Selamat ber terawih di bulan Ramadan.

Malaysian said...


I was reading a Lee Kuan Yew book. In his book, he stated that Singapore is always threatened by Malaysia and Indonesia. Thus, Singapore must build up her military strength in order to deter the neighbors from attacking or threaten them. Is that true?

Should Malaysia work with Singapore rather than Indonesia since both countries share more similar identity then Indonesia? In the next 10 years, Indonesia economy will surpass Malaysia; thus, they will be more financially capable to buy more equipment. While Singapore is maintaining and building their economy, Malaysia leaders are scheming how to enrich themselves. Should we not plan ahead of our militarily strength if Indonesia becomes too strong militarily and economically? Maybe we should work together with Singapore. Are we still viewing Singapore as a foe or friend?

Lastly, Lee Kuan Yew stress on zero tolerance towards corruption; this will ensure the inflow of foreign investment. With the inflow of investment, Singapore has a strong economy. So, she is financially capable of invest in procure high tech military equipment. What have we done to stamp corruption? Is it not true that corruption also weaken our military strength since we don’t have money to invest in our military officers training and equipment?