Friday, August 26, 2011


Deputy Minister of Plantation, Industries and Commodities Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin was reported to have remarked that he was curious to know what was the Bar Council’s stand on Anuar Ibrahim decision to give his testimony from the dock, thus denying the prosecution to cross examined Anuar Ibrahim in the ongoing sodomy trial.

I am not a lawyer but I am not that stupid too, not to understand what the three options given to Anuar Ibrahim by the trial judge Datuk Zabidin Mohd Diah implies. Of the three options (I suggest Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin finds out what the three options are himself), Anuar Ibrahim choose to give his testimony from the dock, and by electing this option, Anuar Ibrahim will not be subject to be cross examined by the prosecution team. Since there were three options given, the onus to elect either one of the option lies with Anuar Ibrahim himself, and not with the Bar Council or any particular UMNO lawyer or Hamzah Zainuddin himself. What sort of remark coming from a deputy minister is mind boggling.

Now you see the kind of shallow mindset aka dummies some people are, and worse still of a deputy minister in not wanting to understand the privileges that an accused person has even during a trial. It was the trial judge himself that allowed the options and certainly he would not have wronged Anuar Ibrahim for having elect to give his testimony from the dock. So why is Hamzah Zainuddin questioning Anuar Ibrahim rights to the option? Why not question the judge himself if he (Hamzah) thinks he is smarter than the judge and the judge is wrong? Was Hamzah Zainuddin suggesting that Anuar Ibrahim should give his testimony from the witness stand, thus enabling the prosecuting team to cross examine the latter? This is a rather silly thought where even a first year law student would have understood the difference.

And not having had enough of what was said by Hamzah Zainuddin, comes our Puteri UMNO Chief Rosnah who said that Anuar Ibrahim should have the courage to give his testimony from the witness stand, and be subjected to a cross examination. What silly talk is this? Like her UMNO counterpart Hamzah Zainuddin, if she does not have inkling as to the legal process and rights of the accuse, it is better that she remains mute. And to both of them, I say this…………..that it is wiser not to talk on something that you do not know; least you will not be looked at like a fool.



johnnie lim said...

as the saying goes "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"
these are the lawsmakers/polititian we have in malaysia. They always speak without thinking. either they are lazy to do some research before they speak or that's the way they are.

comatramd said...


Keep writing Dato'. We like it

Lalok said...

It's normal for those shallow minded low intel people from umngok to think and say ngok things. Pity them really. Nobody wanna believe their boy cry wolves story anymore.

EAGLE said...

Itu lah dia mereka yang nak meneraju negara.
Idiots of the highest order.
Who is to be blamed?

bruno said...

Zainudin and Rosmah need to make themselves relevant to be on the eight o'clock news.For blowhorns they would have made bigger news if they were sucking batangs and bolas.

nick said...


The same type of people who ignorantly believed that "Ultra vires" means "insulting the Sultan". I'm wondering why UMNO keep attracting these kind of "intelligence deficient" members and keep on promoting the same to the top leadership? Are these the only kind that flock to UMNO and UMNO in kind only accept these type of members? It surely does not bodes well for our country if these ignoramus miscreant are running it! Forget 1Malaysia, by the time these "people" are done, there won't be "AnyMalaysia!"

Frankie said...


Why should anyone of us be surprised of the silly statements coming from any of the government ministers, their deputies and even the top civil servants?

The intelligence level of the Malaysian government ministers have been on a steady steep decline since the late 70's. Meritocracy is a dirty word in the UMNO-BN government. The UMNO-BN governance philosophy expounded since Mahathir's time is to reward "yes-men' with one third of a brain. If one compares the educational/academic achievements of the Singapore government cabinet with their Malaysian counterpart, the Malaysian cabinet and top civil servants are only capable of performing clerical jobs in Singapore. Mahathir himself has publicly stated the Malaysian government cabinet is made up of half past six people.

9w2msg said...

Well said, Sir...