Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The hottest news relating to corruption being reported in the media presently is the PKFZ multibillion scandal involving former MCA boss and Transport Minister Tun Ling Liong Sik, and the former Selangor Menteri Besar Khir Toyo; both being notable politicians (though one has retired, and the other remains an active politician). The other single new that is now making waves, besides the Anuar Ibrahim’s sexual escapade, is the multi million ringgit diamond ring reportedly purchased by Rosmah Mansor.

In the case of Tun Ling Liong Sik, a ‘budak boy’, I least expected him to be involved in the PKFZ scandal that ran into billions, as I would have thought that his years as a ‘budak boy’ would have made him a more disciplined person imbued with the sense of loyalty, honesty and integrity. I now think that it must have been his years as a politician that had spoilt him to act like a rogue, and to be associated with the business world, one has also to be a rouge.

In the case of Khir Toyo, I thought that by being picked up by then PM Mahathir so early in his political career and to be placed in the pedestal as a Menteri Besar in double quick time, Khir Toyo must surely be someone outstanding, brilliant, an incorruptible and a trusted young politician. Being a village boy whose parents were mere simpleton, he would not have been easily influence by the grandeur in life that is so obvious among the senior politicians within the state.

But my good and noble presumption of the two politicians above has proven to be wrong. And what’s worse, both are titled personalities i.e. one is a Tun and the other is a Dato. This has made me to be even more suspicious and doubtful as to the trustworthiness and truthfulness of our present day politicians in their effort to fight corruption. And titles mean really nothing. Looking at their life style alone makes me wonder whether what some of them have amassed today is through their well earned and honest effort or otherwise. You be the judge.

Here, I am not accusing that all politicians are corrupt or that corruption is synonymous with politicians. I know that some are honest and god fearing, like the stories that I so often hear when I travel to Johore, regarding the late Tun Hussein Onn and the ‘reluctant politician’ Tun Dr. Ismail. I know that these two noble politicians have left the world with no worldly possessions; rather they only left behind their good deeds and honorable name that we Malaysians can cherish.

As for Anuar Ibrahim, my hope about him getting a reprieve in the ongoing trial is beginning to wither. It is best that I set my thoughts that he will be incarcerated in the end, and it will take a miracle that he gets scot free. But if Anuar does get a reprieve, the challenge to PM Najib during the up-coming GE will be a fiercely fought battle – a mother of all battles as Saddam Hussein had once said. UMNO pundits have already predicted of a possible retake of my state, Selangor, and this is in keeping with the pledge that Najib made i.e. to retake Selangor by all means. The same goes to Pulau Pinang where the BN is confident of a recapture of the state. But what I hear is quite different, unless thousands of illegals are to appear in their ghostly outfit at polling day; a government sanction invasion of illegal’s made legal, as I have stated in my previous posting.

And finally, with regards to Rosmah Mansor’s multi millions ringgit diamond ring, let me just be forthright by saying that if it was true that Rosmah had purchased the ring with her lifetime hard earned, clean and honest savings (that’s what was reported in Utusan Malaysia), I wish her all the best. But if it was otherwise, then that multi million ringgit diamond ring will be a curse and the cause of her husband’s pitiful downfall. And what follows after will be the most unsettled and restive period of their lives. Surely they do not wish to be dragged to court like Tun Ling and Khir Toyo.



-thethinker- said...

the Utusan report on Rosmah's ring is a piece of art from photoshop , not real.. but the bracelet , yes ...

Frankie said...

If the First Lady is able to purchase the RM24 million diamond ring with her life savings (assuming the previous USD24 million price tag is incorrect), this means that she would have saving close to RM650,000 per year from age 21 to her current age. Wow, she must have been a super saver while earning a hyper sized salary during her early working days before she became the MB's wife.

Malaysian said...


We, Chinese voters, knew Ling Liong Sik is corrupted politician a long time ago. None of the MCA folks are people with integrity especially Chua Soi Lek.