Tuesday, August 16, 2011


The EC Deputy Chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar has expressed surprise at PM Najib’s recent announcement to form a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to dwell on mattters in connection with the recent demands of Bersih for an electoral reform that is mired in controversies. Wan Ahmad was reported to have said, “I didn’t expect the PM to take this step”, and by this brief statement, one assumes that the EC would not have done anything had Najib remain silent over this issue. But in the next breath, Wan Ahmad has all praises for Najib by stating that Najib “has made the right announcement, and has shown sincerity in satisfying the people about the electoral system”. A statement like this is so often said by politicians when there are cornered to please their masters. And I am not surprised that such a statement comes from Wan Ahmad who lacks the understanding that he does not serve any political master, but only the King.

I say to Wan Ahmad that he should be ashamed of himself being the ‘custodian’ of the EC, and for not reacting positively to the demands of Bersih in the first instant. Rather he has been defensive and too protective of his responsibility, and at some point in his argument he claimed that there is nothing he could do to institute changes since there are laws governing the functions of the EC. Again I say this to Wan Ahmad that the EC laws are not sacrosanct; unlike the Quran. EC laws can be changed or modified to suit changing situations, and the Bersih demands clearly reflect the need to change.

I am a bit surprised to note that it has been Wan Ahmad all along to lead the ‘defence’ of the EC since the Bersih issue came to light. Of course, there were some occasional statements made by the EC Chairman himself. But this was unlike the previous EC Chairman where he was always at the forefront taking the full brunt from the public. I do not think the EC Chairman has retired, or is he on his way out, thus allowing his deputy to take charge in readiness for a takeover? Had a similar situation arise in the army, the chief would have been forced to resign, for it is quite obvious that he can no longer show leadership.

PM Najib has yet to announce the full term of reference of the PSC, and it will also be interesting to know who shall lead the committee and its members. There have been voices that the committee should be opposition led, but I am quite skeptical that this will be allowed by the government. But whoever is appointed to chair the committee, he/she must be free of any political influences, and to achieve this, I believe the chair must be given to someone who is without any political affiliation and a person of high integrity.

Let us all placed out trust and confidence in the PSC and to patiently await its outcome. Malaysian have waited for decades for a free and fair elections, and I hope the findings and recommendations of the PSC will be the best and most satisfying ever for the Malaysian voters. I believe too that this will set a fine example for other countries to emulate.



nick said...


Maybe the person each side would accept as the chairman of the select committee is Tengku Razaleigh. TR is acknowledged even by the opposition as a man of integrity, a gentlemen in the truest sense and a consummate believer in justice and fairness.

Maybe I'm hoping to much cos the logic is "without phantom voters, gerrymandering and one sided media exposure and coverage, UMNO and BN will lose a lot of votes and ultimately lose power". Being a gentlemen, TR will never resort to dirty trick and cheating so if he were to lead the committee, UMNO is signing their death warrant or putting it more succinctly "tying the noose around their own neck".

And having said that I believe that the committee will be another "theatrical show or wayang kulit" just like so many royal and not so royal inquiry created before. The "correct! Correct! Correct!" royal commission and it's "findings" is still fresh in my mind! And I no longer believe in fairy tale to dream that UMNO and BN will quietly and "redha" being booted out of power through a clean and fair election.


EAGLE said...

The EC chairman either playing safe or he knows very well that the truth behind the election dilemma or scam and he is fully aware the merit of the BERSIH demand.
Surely he is old enough as at the end of the day all of us will have to face our creator. So who cares with the boss of the duniawi.
So PM just can't sack him as the perception will be negative so just buy time let him disappear and get blown with the wind.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Nick,

TR is certainly a good choice. Let's see who the person will be.

komando said...

If it ever happens, then only SAYA PERCAYA...otherwise another projek TIPU! KELABU MATA! SANDIWARA!

Iskandar said...

Dato' I am sure the recent statemnt by the Md Zin has sent you cringing with disbelief! Why does he feel the need to play politics...does he not know his role and duties..

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Iskandar,

I agree with you. He should have approached the issue differently, maintaining his apolitical stance. Whether the former soldiers were truthful or otherwise, I think the right thing to say is that the report will be investigated.

H J Angus said...

an excellent blog with a wealth and depth of knowledge.
May I suggest you offer yourself to the opposition as a candidate as Malaysia needs more folks like you to contribute.
Maybe even compile the articles and write a book?

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear H J Angus,

Definately not a politician, but certainly a social activist. Yes, maybe after I have reached 1000 postings, I will make a compilation.

hussin said...

Ada lagi yang nak percaya dengan umno sesudah merasai sendiri apa yang telah umno lakukan selepas 54 tahun memporakperandakan negara! Bagi citizenship secara pukal pun masih ok?