Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The Star Online, August 23, 2011 reports of a housewife, Leow Le Peng who resides in Klang, Selangor had to stop two of her children from attending school out of sheer poverty. The family became impoverish since Leow’ husband suffered a neurological disease several months ago, and was forced to quit his job. The burden to fend for the family now lies with Leow and her two school going children who collect discarded boxes, plastic bottles and aluminum cans to be recycled and sold for a living.

I suppose, upon being told of Leow’s predicament, Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abd Jalil decided to visit the impoverish family (with pressmen included in her entourage) to present goodies, and including measures to help pay for Leow’s husband medical bills, and to provide financial assistance for Leow’s two school going children.

While I applaud Shahrizat’s quick response to help Leow and her family off their economic woes, I somehow do not agree with her remarks that the Selangor state government (just because the state is a PR controlled state) had failed to identify such families in dire straits.

It was only on Monday that I posted and article giving my experience about helping a poor old man who lived alone in a makeshift hut (without pipe water and electricity) in Pahang, without a job and a family to support him. He survives on the barest necessity and eats whatever he grows around his makeshift hut. I didn’t blame the Pahang state government for the old man’s predicament, but I did say that the ‘wakil rakyat’ has to take the blame.

I think Leow’s family plight is not peculiar to the state of Selangor only, but is also found in all states throughout the country. Shahrizat only need to walk around the back lanes of urban Kuala Lumpur, or to take a peep under bridges around the city centre at night, to witness the homeless city dwellers. They may not be Malaysians, but regardless of who these people are, they are still human being that needs to survive. Do not tell me that Shahrizat’s home state of Pulau Pinang is free of the destitute and homeless; and if there are destitute people today in the state, will she now blame the PR state government for creating the problem?

Let me tell Shahrizat that this issue of the destitute and homeless people has been around for ages; certainly it is not a recent phenomenon. And does she not know that the number keeps increasing by the day, not in Selangor only, but throughout the country? And does she not know the reason for this? The answer is simple; this government has over the last 50 odd years been taking about eradicating poverty, but till today the problem still remains. Now who do you blame for this? Khalid Ibrahim, Khir Toyo, Lim Eng Guan, Tok Guru Nik Aziz, or is it not the BN government that has ruled this country since 1957 part of the blame?

So stop blaming others Shahrizat, because you are also a party to blame. And please stop this cheap publicity stunt.



Mawar_Rimba said...

Thank God, Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abd Jalil was fast in her action. I cannot imagine what might have happened to that family if Shahrizat is not there. Well-done Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abd Jalil.


H J Angus said...

yes she did a good job in assisting but there was no need to find fault with the PR government.
But this is a standard practice with BN leaders.
They never make a government speech without the party political message.

komando said...

This is call POLITICS!
Must take Credit for all the good!
At the same time bury your enemy & discredit them all at once!

Be reminded that if the Right hand does anything good the Left Hand should not even know about IT !

Cheap skate menteri!
Trained by WHO?
Which party?

bruno said...

If Shahrizat was really genuine in helping the family,she wouldn't have brought along a platoon of pressman.It is her duty as a Community Development Minister to offer assistance,and not get cheap publicity.These are the problems with our ministers and politicians.They need their faces to be on the eight o'clock news.

Ir. Abd Razak Ismail said...

Shahrizat..and the same goes with all UMNO/BN leaders. They use this opportunity and take full advantage to undermine their opponent's image and credibility. But people and rakyat at large realise that this is another "talian hayat" for UMNO/BN as they're going down and down...come the 13th PRU.

bruno said...

Dear BG,maybe you should have told Shahrizat,that if she and her bag carriers have performed their duties as respectable and resposible leaders,then there is no need for the religious authorities to raid any churches,nightclubs, and vice dens etc.

Anonymous said...

I remember back when courtesy on the road was the norm. Drivers simply did NOT drive on the wrong side of the road as if it was their God-given right or park literally in the middle of the road. Anyone who did otherwise was frowned upon and quickly changed his ways.

Nowadays it is a rarity to find law-abiding and courteous drivers. So much so that when I encounter one, I tapek!

But the hard truth is if I have to salute someone doing what I should have been able to expect from him in the first place, something is wrong.

Something is wrong when impoverished families end up homeless and starving in a society which spends millions, even billions, on all sorts of glittery projects. Rosmah was allocated RM111m for her Permata outfit last year, and declared that she needed more.

It is good that the poor family ended up receiving aid but if it took the Press reporting about it before Shahrizat with entourage in tow doled out asistance, the sytem is failing. What have all the civil servants employed in the Social Welfare Department been doing? Why should we tapek her for doing what should have been expected from her and the system in the first place?

(Only good thing in this case, the press report was not worded as "Shahrizat donated..." in the style of puke-provoking press reports in the past which often stated that "So-and-so donated..." when the money involved was actually public funds!)

Yes, even the best system manned by dedicated staff may fail now and then, and the occasional needy citizens end up not getting the aid they need. But my perception is that in Malaysia, the failure rate is way too high. Witness all the press reports of hungry folks living in leaky shacks.

And if I go on about the vast sums of public money that ended up in wrong pockets due to corruption... I'd probably be typing away for hours.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

What else can this recycle menteri who has been rejected by Lembah Pantai do to ensure her political survival so that she once again can be elected as candidate for the forthcoming GE.

Actually, she just wanna attention from Najib whose wife has over shadowed her with Permata etc..

This goes to other Umno leaders as well especially those katak namely Zul Nordin, Berahim Perkasa-m etc..

If she is sincere in fulfilling her duty & responsibility, I guess those family highlighted in Bersamamu should be given priority too.

I guess those living in PR states are more lucky than those in BN states when this recycle menteri and others leaders are focusing on their welfare with hope they will vote BN back again.

So, my no value otak seminit advise, ensure your state be under PR or best is KERAjaan Msia in under PR.


komando said...

FOLKS - whats new by the way
ITS THE same book, WITH a new cover, but having same OLD stories
haven't we seen enough of ALL this "SANDIWARA's" ala malaysia bolehland.

The best part is kissing, hugging and smooching the CUTE LITTLE BABIES - poor thing!

Shaking hands with really old looking, weakling grandpas & grandmas in the kampungs.

They never ever will change!

Frankie said...

Shahrizat is not genuine nor sincere in her "assistance" to the Leow family. All she (and of course UMNO) saw was an opportunity to attack and discredit the Selangor state government in the guise of helping the poor family.

People who are genuinely sincere in helping the less fortunate will do the good deed quietly and under low profile. In Shahrizat's case, why drag along a horde of photographers and reporters unless it is for cheap publicity for her and UMNO. And by the way, the financial assistance given to the poor family did not come from Shahrizat's own pockets but from the Malaysian tax payers. So Shahrizat, don't claim any credit which is not yours.

pronto said...

Human can be blinded by simple thing like this. Election is near so she need publicity. I hope this is not another drama to gain publicity. I dont think a serious situation like what happen to the family can skip the eyes of public especially in Selangor. I wanted to believe it is true but knowing our politician I have my doubt because I called the paper to get the family information like account number but they push me around.

Malaysian said...

There will always be people that need help. If we don't have billion of ringgit go to the elite "BN" I am sure we can use it to improve our economy, education, health care system. Hmmmm.... what happen to the money in PKFZ, Sungai Besi Air base, etc? Thus, Shahrizat should stop stealing the money from us and use it to help the poor.

Malaysian said...

Didn't Najib giving Million of dollars to the poor now. Why giving the money now? Is this the most effective method to help the poor? Our government only know giving out money and don't have any concrete method or policy to help the poor.

mitchell said...

For the dear wonder of me, I cant see the rationale in having PM, MBs and other YBs images on Raya and Merdeka buntings and banners!!! Understand if it is for an event launch....can think of so many other images suitable for this occasions....

Lalok said...

Sharizat was rejected by her constituence last GE. Rightfully, she doesnt deserved the menteri post anymore. Only those without shame will terhegeh2 wannabe menteri after losing an election. But she sure shows how good an actress she could be. Hopefully rtm n tv3 will take her to act in their dramas after BN lost in GE 13. Love to see her acting. She can win the oscar one day.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Lalok,

There are several other 'recycled' ministers in Najib's administration other than Shahrizat. This only show BN is scrapping the bottom.

BTW, do you know that 'Lalok' is a minangkabau word for sleeping?

Lalok said...

Dear Dato',

My wife is a descendant of minang, but she doesnt speak its dialect. Until you mentioned, i didnt know lalok is a minang word for sleeping. But i have to admit that I received the honor to use that nick courtesy of my batchmates somewhere while studying before, mainly maybe due to my sleepy like appearance, sluggish and slowness. However, i'm still grateful to have a slightly better mentality than those ppl from umngok.