Thursday, October 9, 2008


The announcement by Pak Lah yesterday October 8, that he will not contest the top UMNO post in the up coming UMNO general assembly, and to make way for Najib to contest and hopefully to head the government, has come under criticism from non other than Anwar Ibrahim.

The brunt of the criticism is obviously directed at Najib, even before anyone can positively say that he will become the next PM. How sure is Anwar that Najib is the PM designate? And was Anwar absolutely sure that Pak Lah will not contest, prior to Pak Lah's official announcement? I do believe that Anwar was himself surprise that Pak Lah had decided to quit. With all the ongoing speculations and uncertainty surrounding the yet to be concluded UMNO elections, it is therefore grossly unfair and unjust for Anwar to make such drastic criticism against Najib.

While Anwar feels emboldened by his recent success in Permatang Pauh, and Pakatan Rakyat's surprised win in the March 8 general elections, he has yet to prove worthy of is words and promises. His much talked about endeavours to form a Pakatan Rakyat government on September 16 had proved nothing. He keeps on repeating that he has the numbers to form a government, but still nothing happens. There was also talks that he might attempt to meet the King, but I suppose he failed because the gates to the palace was locked.

I, and many others are indeed disappointed and felt cheated by Anwar's rhetorics, and anything that he says now must be taken with a 'pinch of salt'. As I had mentioned in my previous article, one can only call wolf once, but if one does it the second time, nobody will ever listen, and Anwar must know this.

As a concerned citizen with 3 small grandchildren, I plea to Anwar to be more rational and considerate to others, even if it is your enemy. Don't our religion teaches us this? Allow the new UMNO leadership to take shape. Let them be settled in their new appointments. Give them a bit of time, and after all this is done, and if you think they are still worthless by your standards, please speak up.

Posted at 6.27pm Oct 9,2008

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