Monday, October 27, 2008


Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur, Abdul Hakim Borhan is reported to have spend RM 1.3 million of public fund for 11 overseas trips that he made since 2006. Can some one tell me how many hungry families can we feed with the amount spend by Abdul Hakim? And I just wonder whether Bandaraya benefits anything at all from the visit.

I personally view this spending as a blatant ignorance and refusal by a top civil servant to appreciate that the amount can be used for more beneficial purposes, and he certainly would not care less where the money is coming from.

I am quite sure Abdul Hakim did not make the trip overseas alone. Like all top government servants, an overseas trip will normally be accompanied by a junior officer or an assistant, and this adds to the overall costs. Sometimes the accompanying officer merely acts as an ADC to the boss, and to make sure that all the luggages are well packed before boarding the aircraft.

A few months ago, I was asked by a friend to accompany him to KLIA to receive a VVIP returning home from an overseas trip. Upon getting into the VIP arrival lounge, I could see that the room was already getting crowded, and at once I knew that the VVIP is a politician. Some who knew me was pleasantly surprised to see me in the crowd, but I had to tell them that I have nothing to do with the VVIP, but had come to accompany a friend.

When the VVIP appeared at the arrival lounge, I could see that he was accompanied by no less than half a dozen people, including a number of stern looking bodyguards that walked besides the VVIP. Suddenly, a group of people rushed towards to the VVIP, and the customary hand kissing started. I am quite sure the VVIP himself does not know all those that had kissed his hand that day, but I am told that a person need to kiss the hand of the VVIP more often, before he is finally known to the VVIP.What a strange thing to do for some desperate people, who wished only to be known to the VVIP.

And if Abdul Hakim had spend RM 1.3 million for the many trips he made since 2006, I just wonder how much was spend for this one trip that the VVIP made, including his entourage. Actually, if we were to ask anyone of them as to the amount they spend for the trip, the obvious answer will be 'I do not know', and this is simply because the money spend is not theirs.

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Anonymous said...

Dato Bandar come and go,since my bujang days in Kg. Baru in early 70s until today 38yrs later I did not see any changes at all in Chow kit area and Kg Baru.This is the result of very incompetent Dato Bandar who spend time holidaying rather than get on with his job.Give him the boot..............