Monday, October 27, 2008


It was reported that Khairy Jamaluddin has thrown a challenge to Mukhriz Mahathir to a public debate, with the former saying that ' the debate could be used as a platform for them to explain their vision, stand and plans that would be implemented if they were to win the post (UMNO Youth Chief)'. Mukhriz Mahathir however does not want to be drawn into a public debate with Khairy and other candidates vying for the UMNO chief post saying that 'this (UMNO elections) is like a family contest; therefore it is not necessary to draw external attention'.

I remembered that during the March 8 General Election, PKR's Badrul Hisham Shaharin who was Khairy's challenger for the Rembau parliamentary seat had also thrown a challenge to Khairy for a public debate, which the latter had conveniently refused. No reason was given, but I assumed Khairy had cold feet and must have read well the consequences, if he was judged to have lost the debate.

This time around, Khairy has developed enough courage to call Mukhriz for a debate, but for the wrong reason.

What is Khairy trying to achieve by calling for the debate? Is he already feeling the heat that his chances of winning through a popular vote is slipping? If it was him that had secured more nominations than Mukhriz, would he want to call for the debate? I sense that Khairy is not too comfortable with the nominations that he has received, which he thought could have been more. I am told that he has tremendous amount of resources and a well greased 'election machinery' that goes around the country to muster support for him. Obviously, the results of the nominations so far indicates the contrary.

And with the third candidate i.e. Khir Toyo joining the fry, this will further complicate the winning chances of Khairy, and he knows this. Khairy will need to draw new winning strategies, and a lost would certainly spell disaster to his political career, which he can ill afford.

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