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Yesterday Oct 23,2008, I was invited to a meeting held at the Old Putra Association, Subang, that was attended by several retired officers of the Armed Forces who had undergone military cadet training at the Federation Military College (FMC) over various period from 1957 to 1966.

FMC which was established on 17th December 1953 at Port Dickson by the British administration, serves as an institution to train and prepare young Malayans regardless of race as commissioned officers of the Armed Forces, which was than predominantly Army. Besides being a source of recruitment for officers of the Armed Forces, FMC also serves to prepare young Malayans for entrance into higher institution of learning, to later become leaders in either the Public or Corporate Service. Hence, FMC's motto 'Serve to Lead' which holds good till this present day, is still relevant and highly appropriate.

Post independent Malaya saw the rapid growth of the Armed Forces to confront the challenges posed by the resurging communist menace that threatened the very core of the Malayan society. A new officers training complex had to be build, and it was in 1961 that finally witnessed the occupation of FMC to its new complex in Sg. Besi, Selangor. The renaming of FMC to Royal Military College (RMC) only occurred in December 1966.

The meeting that was called to session on Thursday 23, 2008, was aimed at organising, to bring together all those who were trained as cadet officers at FMC from 1957 to 1966 to a social gathering; not only to reminisce the past, but more importantly to 'rejuvenate' the espirit de corps that had kept the officers tightly together while in service. Someone remarked at the meeting 'that as we get older, we should endeavour to get even closer'. That remark sums up very well the spirit of the proposed gathering.

The meeting was chaired by Maj Gen Dato Ahmad Ibrahim (Retired) former Chief of Army Logistics, and those present include notables like Gen Tan Sri Abd Rahman Hamid (Retired), the first FMC graduate to attain the coveted post of Chief of Defence Forces, Maj Gen Datuk Abd Kadir Nordin (Retired) a recipient of the gallantry award PGB, Laksda Dato Yaacob Daud (Retired) former Deputy Chief Royal Malaysian Navy, Maj Gen Datuk Baharudin Kadir (Retired) former Armed Forces Chief of Personnel Staff, Brig Gen Dato Mustafa Khalil (Retired) former Assistant Chief of Army Personnel, and several others.

The meeting had decided that the main event i.e.dinner be held at Raintree Club, Jalan Ampang on 19th December 2008 (Friday), to be preceded by golf a day before. It was also proposed that a Majlis Tahlil be held at Masjid Bukit Damansara on the evening of 18th December 2008 (Thursday).

The guest of honour dinner and golf will be DYMM Raja of Perlis who was a cadet officer at FMC in 1963, before proceeding to complete his officer training at RMC Sandhurst, UK. Attendance to the event will include spouses and it is expected that more than 300 guests will attend. The more the merrier I suppose..

The meeting had also called for the setting up of various organising sub committees to set into motion the preparation of the entire event.

Organising an event of this nature is certainly no easy mean, since the organising members are all retirees. It would have been different if all were still in service, where the resources to help organise such an event are plenty. But with the spirit shown by those attending the meeting, I do believe this up-coming event of Armed Forces retirees will be a successful one.

I wish not to forget to mentioned a special recognition to Lt Col Dato Nawawi Mat Desa (Retired) the Secretary, who in his unselfish ways has shown willingness and grit to get this event organised to the best of his ability. I have known him well enough to understand his penchant for work, which is indeed remarkable.

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udin boy said...

Dear Pak Chat,
Splendid and thank you for the posting.

To facilitate me carrying out my task, I hope our kawan2 can post me their video clips and fotos, for me to insert in the new video show which i have been asked to do. Without their contributions I can only reproduce the old one.


ArshadRaji said...

Udin boy,

Will get the paraphernalia s you need.

Anonymous said...


I was commissioned in the early 70s after the birth of RMC in Sg.Besi and definitely categorised as 2nd batch of homegrown ex Military Officers.

If I may suggest that in your forthcoming get together a motion be passed to form an ex Military Officers Association of MALAYSIA, so that it can become a meeting point for all of us in our retired days.

Unity is strength Dato.


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Walimuar,

Thanks for the comment. Infact the idea of incorporating the entire corps of officers trained locally (FMC & RMC) was discussed. We do see the possibility of a wider get-together of retirees. Certainly, I will keep you posted.