Monday, October 13, 2008


Three revealing articles aimed at discrediting the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Abd Razak has appeared in RPK's Malaysia Today. The articles are:

1. Abuse of power by the DPM - Saturday 11,2008
2. Eurocopter - Sunday 12,2008
3. Dosa dosa Najib semasa menjadi MB Pahang - Saturday 11,2008

And if one cares to browse through the internet these days, one will find endless articles written on Najib in the blogs. There appears to be systematic scheming to discredit Najib, at a critical time when he is at the verge of winning the presidency of UMNO.

But upon reading the above mentioned articles, one is consumed by the extend of details written, which seems to suggest Najib's implication over a myriad of issues, ranging from corruption, abuse of power and including his past sexual escapades. For those who do not know Najib, the contents of the three articles is enough to influence people into believing that has been written are true.

I do not wish to make comments on the three articles, but would leave it to all readers to make their own individual judgment. And let us all wait, what will be Najib's reaction to the three articles.

Posted at 12.05pm Oct 13,2008

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Anonymous said...


We dont want heresay evidence, what we want is hard and admissible evidence in court of law.The proverb "tiada angin tak kan pokok bergoyang"is famous amongst the Malays, but may be there is a monkey or monkies who shake the tree ianya bergoyang juga.Who knows........I only believe the truth and jangan memfitnah it is no good dan tuhan murka.