Thursday, October 2, 2008


MIC President and discarded Works Minister, Dato' Samy Vellu was reported to have asked the Selangor government to apologised for the demolition of the Hindu temple in Ampang (NST 1st October). Incidentally, Samy is a favourite of mine, and I always admired his antics, and at times his comical outburst which could have won him an Oscar Award, if he was to go into acting. Sadly, his statement regarding the Hindu temple comes a bit too late, and although he is still MIC's President, I wonder how many of the party members listens to him. Definitely, the many Indian friends that I have, says that they have lost touch of Samy.

Samy had been a minister for umpteen years, and was supposedly to represent the Malaysian Indian community.I would just like to ask Samy whether he is convince that he has done all he could to improve and uplift the economy and social standards of his community? My guess is certainly not, and isn't that one of the reasons why he lost his Sg. Siput parliamentary seat in the March 8 general election, and the trouncing of MIC? The Indian community is just fed up of Samy, and he ought to realise this.

If Samy says that he has done so much for the community, why not asked him to take a walk in the estates across the country...and not driving in his Mercedes please. Is he convince that the Indian estate workers are well housed, their children attend proper schools, are provided with proper medical and health care, and are paid well and not living in abject poverty? And in the urban areas, why has the youth turned into gangsters and rowdies? There must be reasons for this.

When Hindraf was brewing, Samy was then still a minister. Did he understood fully the causes that led the Indian community to revolt? To please his political masters, he willfully ignored the demands of his community. He had failed to exploit the situation to his advantage; not by howling curses and carrying anti government placards, but as a sensible and sincere negotiator and moderator to the whole episode. As a self proclaimed leader of the Indian community, Samy had failed to understand that in every angry person, there is a tint of softness and rationalism in them. He should have humanely caress them, and I am sure senses would have prevailed.

It appears that greed in Samy has not withered either. The report in Malaysia Today of Samy trying to take advantage of his grand position in MIC by purchasing a piece of state land in Petaling for RM 3.8 million, and noting MIC as the trustee, and a person named Samy as the beneficiary. What a cheat this Samy is, and at the expense of his poor community.

All said, my final word to Samy is for him to look in the mirror and ask " Hey mirror on the wall, have I been right by asking the Selangor state government to apologise for the temple demolition?" I bet the mirror's answer will be " Hey Samy, it is you who should apologise to the Indian community for failing them for umpteen years".



maurice said...

Without doubt, Samy Vellu is to be blamed for the current state of affairs the Indian community is in at the moment.

From my own personal experience, he was also averse to helping a military GLC doing a project to improve the welfare of our ex servicemen.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

A startling revelation!