Friday, October 31, 2008


So the verdict is out......Abd Razak Baginda is acquitted of abetting the murder of Altuntuya Shaariibuu in 2006 by the Shah Alam High Court today (Oct 31,2008).

And what about the other two UTK officers i.e. Azilah and Sirul? Their fate remains uncertain, and the court has directed them to enter their defence to the charge of murder. Should they be found guilty, their fate is sealed and only death by hanging awaits them.

But to the man on the street, there still remains many unanswered questions.

1.Who was the person that ordered the two UTK officers to murder Altuntuya? Many believe that the two would not have performed the murder without specific orders from someone. And who could that someone be? Why was there the need to murder Altuntuya if her presence here was merely to ask for her commission, purportedly promised by Abd Razak Baginda. To execute a murder would mean that there is something much 'larger' than just the commission. And obviously, the UTK officers would not just simply blow up Altuntuya for free. There must be big money involved in this job, and who is the paymaster? Even a butcher is paid a fee.
2.Who was the person that authorised the C4 explosives used to blow up Altuntuya? I do not believe the UTK officers could just walk into the store and pick up the C4. There must be someone responsible for it, and surely the explosives must have been kept in a safe at a protected place. Most probably in an ammunition dump, and getting out explosives from the ammunition dump will require authorisation, unless the UTK officers had the keys to the ammunition dump.

It was reported that the prosecution will recall several witnesses and including the Private Investigator Bala. And again, his disappearance after retracting his Statutory Declaration is a mystery. I could not believe that he can be let off without any surveillance from the authorities. And yet he is an important witness in the murder case. This does not sound right.

Let us not question the judgment made by the High Court, although some may argue that the judgment is flawed.

And as for Abd Razak Baginda, I wish him all the best. And my brotherly advice to him is not to look back to the agonising years in prison but to look forward, for there are still many wonderful days ahead for you to savour.

Posted at 8.07pm on Oct 31,2008


Anonymous said...

Dato,dont speculate too much on the verdict made by the judge unless you forget the promise of god in the koran which says that 9 out of 10 judges will go to hell.Is Zaki one of them only God knows.The judge is the most arif to decide on facts and evidence tendered by the prosecutor to find the accused person guilty or not.If the prosecutor hide some material evidence or manupulate the evidence then of course prima facie case will not be established.

We have the liberty to speculate on this case but it is the judge who has the final shot.

My newspaper vendor who did not go to the law school pose the same question to me as what you wrote above.May be he is more "learnered" than the jingudge,I dont know.

Antares said...

RPK made a devastating statutory declaration on 18 June based on a military intelligence report implicating Rosmah Mansor & two mindef personnel with close links to Najib. We are all waiting anxiously to see this MI report, which RPK maintains was handed to Abdullah Badawi. Blogger Sheih Kickdefella claims that when he was under arrest, the police leaked to him some rather interesting tidbits, viz., out of the RM538 million submarine commission paid to Perimekar Sdn Bhd, a RM200m angpow was given to Pak Lah by Mrs DPM. That might explain why the outgoing PM has chosen to snore his way through this disgraceful episode, dreaming of his retirement Down Under....