Thursday, October 2, 2008


Sheih of Kickdefella fame, seemed to have taken over from RPK, with his latest sensational reporting on the Altantuya case. Some of what was revealed by him can even startled a sleeping elephant. And for people like me, my curiosity to believe or not to believe is muddled, and the sense of fear begins to set in me. I too believe that most Malaysian upon reading Sheih's revelation, would be stunned as well.

Let me list down the startling news that Sheih has written in his blog, that is closely linked to the Altantuya case.

1. Najib's wife Rosmah, is said to have met Private Investigator, Bala (remember the person that made the statutory declaration and later withdrew it) in the British Isle, and paid him RM 5 million,for reasons that is not clearly stated by Sheih.
2. Najib is reported to have written letters to the Ambassadors of France, Italy and the UK in Malaysia, requesting them to facilitate the issuance of visa for Altantuya to enter the countries from Kuala Lumpur.
3. It was reported that a Malaysian diplomat had seen Altantuya in Najib's overseas entourage. However, no mention is made of the country where Altantuya was seen.
4. Rosmah is said to have paid PM Abdullah a staggering sum of RM 200 million from the commission received for the purchase of the submarine for the RMN.

My hope is that the above reports are untrue, and if there is even the slightest truth in the report, this is bound to be the greatest scandal in the history of this country. And if this story is not handled properly by the relevant authorities, I know for sure, the country is doomed.


ELI said...

There are more 'worms' on the submarine deal but for the time being are kept under closed lid. Najib could not do it alone without 'collaborators'. Get the former KSU at the Ministry of Defence and Head of Submarine team in Paris to talk.


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Eli,

Knowing the nature of worms,they survive in cool places. But the moment it gets hot, they will all spill out. Hope this will happen in the case of the submarine deal...and it will definitely happen.

maurice said...

I find it very irreponsible for Sheih Kickdefella to just post any kind of information that he receives from a source which he has not even verified.

This kind of blogging is not healthy for cyberspace freedom and democracy.

maurice said...

Dear Dato and Eli,

We have to be fair to everybody.

It dangerous and downright irresponsible to shoot from the hip without any solid evidence.

On the contrary we should congratulate the ex-Chief of Navy, ex-KSU and DPM for being able to convince the government to allocate a big chunk of the defence budget for the submarine project.

I admire and respect the ex-Chief of Navy and his staff for their ability to convince the MOF to approve the project.They are savvy lot when finding their way along the corridor of power.

The next task for the Navy is to show to the Nation that the 2x Scorphene submarines will indeed give a quantum leap in our national deterrence capability.