Saturday, October 11, 2008


Retired senior police officer, Mat Zain Ibrahim has come forward with some astounding revelation concerning the investigations on the 'Black Eye' incident of Anwar Ibrahim in 1998. Mat Zain is the police officer who was empowered by the then IGP Rahim Noor to fully investigate the incident, that was to placed the latter himself to a short term sentence in jail.

The revelation is astounding because it puts to test the credibility of the judiciary, and in particular the Attorney General,Abd Ghani Patail who was then the Senior Deputy Public Prosecutor, and the police over the manner the investigation was administered and presented during the trial of Anwar Ibrahim in 1998. However, Mat Zain did not specifically mentioned the roles of IGP Musa Hassan, who was then the police Senior Investigating Officer, in fabricating the investigation report made by Mat Zain. Hence, as of now, there is nothing to suggest that Musa Hassan is directly implicated.

We ought to congratulate Mat Zain for his bold and fearless action by revealing the truth for all to know. Any right minded person with the sense of conviction would have done the same, because why should one be protecting a liar and a schemer, who will bring shame and disrepute to the esteemed judiciary and attorney general's office. And hasn't the Malaysian judiciary been under severe criticism in the past, and made worse by the Lingham correct..correct..correct case?

But the lingering question still remains i.e. how many people would want to do what Mat Zain did, more so if they are still holding office? I am quite sure there are many who are privy to the scandals, thievery acts of corrupt officials within and outside the government, but are too timid and reluctant to come forward, for fear of reprisals from their superiors.

With Mat Zain's revelation too, Anwar Ibrahim's repeated accusation of 'corruption' in the judiciary,the police and of some politicians my have some truth. And this turn of event will most certainly emboldened Anwar.

Posted at 11.06am on Oct 10,2008

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