Thursday, October 23, 2008


CORRUPTION is the much talked about word today, and I am sick of it. Not a single day passes without something being written in the mass media about corruption. Even senior politician Dato Seri Rais Yatim has openly claimed that UMNO is rampant with corruption, and a similar sentiment is being voiced recently by veteran politician and former Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Musa Hitam.

If this is the view of the aforesaid reputable senior UMNO members themselves, clearly UMNO will sink, and will remain sunken deep in the belly of the ocean, if no serious step is taken to stamp this rot. I do not believe UMNO members care to heed the stern warning issued by the head of UMNO's disciplinary committee any more with regards to corruption during the election period. If the warning was heeded, certainly Dato Seri Rais Yatim would not have made such a statement.

And just look at some of the party members who have named themselves as candidates vying for a position in the party heirachy. We have one who was found guilty of money politics before and was served with a suspension. Another had a criminal record of trying to bring out undeclared amount of cash from a foreign country, and one is charged for sexual misconduct. We therefore have the likes of criminals, cheats and sex maniac in UMNO, and these are the people whom UMNO members feel fit to lead the party and bangsa Melayu. And as a Melayu, I am ashame and disgruntled, and don't the members feel the same as well?

Tun Dr. Mahathir had on several occasion sounded the warning for UMNO to be extremely careful in electing its leaders. If you elect RUBBISH, it is RUBBISH that not only UMNO will get, but that same RUBBISH will infect the whole country. Is this the sort of leaders that you want for our country and our future generation?

Posted at 11.34 pm on Oct 23,2008.


Anonymous said...

Sebab tu saya sokong PAS,sebab UMNO dah hanyut.Tak pe PAS pun parti Melayu juga "patah tumbuh hilang berganti".

Biarkan UMNO dengan labu labunya...........

Nochan said...

At the rate its going I doubt UMNO is even trying to change. Once you have tasted power and the power of money, there is no way that will give up their ways. Those top guns who are sayings are not that innocent either. When they find their way to continue in power is blocked then only voices is heard of the UMNO current problems.

I remember several years ago, this same person stated that there were 18 high profile cases that would go public. Somehow, this news vapourised into thin air. If his words had any worth, he should have resigned in protest when what he uttered did not materialize. This would have started the ball rolling to clean up UMNO then.

Now nasi jadi bubur. Tapi bubur masih lagi boleh dimakan dengan sedap jika ramuan kena padanya seperti bubur lambuk!