Tuesday, October 7, 2008


On Wednesday 8th October, Malaysian of all races eagerly awaits the announcement by Pak Lah to the question whether he will seek to contest for the top party post, or to denounce his candidacy and hand over his post in government to his deputy, Najib. There has been various speculations, but most have anticipated that Pak Lah will finally concede to the demands of his party members to quit honorably.

Many had questioned why must it take too long for Pak Lah to concede, despite having brought UMNO and BN to a disastrous general elections last March? Isn't the results a clear indication that the people have turned their backs against him, and his leadership is no longer tenable? Someone did say to me that if it was Japan or Korea, the PM would have performed the harakiri, rather than face the shame of his failure. But, this certainly will not be the choice in this country.

Six months have passed since the March 8 general elections, and has there been any visible improvement brought in by Pak Lah? Certainly not,because six months is rather short to institute changes. And furthermore, throughout that period the ramblings within UMNO and BN must have made it extremely difficult for Pak Lah to focus on his job to govern.

Bringing in lost candidates like Sharizat to Putrajaya, and appointing recycled politicians like Muhammad Taib a minister, did little to improve the image of Pak Lah's administration. And discarding Rafidah Aziz, an exceptional long serving minister who had won her elections, must have angered many, particularly among the UMNO Wanita. Wasn't Rafidah visibly angry at not being made a minister? And what was it so special and unique in Muhammad Taib, that Pak Lah just cannot be without him?

Should Pak Lah concedes tomorrow (Oct 9), there will be many who will not be too happy either. Surely, for those who have had the patronage of Pak Lah will be the losers. And when one talks about losing in politics, it is closely linked to lost of positions, privileges, favours, and most importantly, money.

And what then would be the fate of Pak Lah? Will he continue to be actively involved in UMNO, and be made an advisor to the government of sorts? Or would he prefer to leave politics, and to go on a long honeymoon with Jeanne Danker, which he deserves? Or would he turned himself to be a blogger, following the footsteps of his predecessor Tun Mahathir? Certainly, there a many choices for Pak Lah to do after his retirement, and if I could suggest, he can start by writing a book, and the title should read 'Trials and tribulations of my leadership'.


maurice said...


As a normal rakyat I hope Pak Lah could stick to his June 2010 power transition plan.

If this is possible, let us do our bit to help Pak Lah in his capacity as the Defence Minister to reform MINDEF and get rid of the perceived rampant corruption bedevilling the Ministry today.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

Reform in Mindef with regards to procurement is what I had wanted to see all along. But this requires a strong will to do it. I do not know whether the 'changing of guards' can do that.

maurice said...


I think it is possible.

As I see it, of all his Reform Programmes the ones visibly moving are the Judiciary and BPR.Let's help Pak Lah to chalk another one here.

If he can reform Mindef Procurement System before he leaves office in June 2010 and eliminate corruption, that would be another feather to his cap.

I think to review Mindef's procurement system would be within the PM's executive power without the need for parliamentary endorsements.

May I suggest you need to see Pak Lah to convey your proposals on the subject matter as a group of concerned Retired Generals and Officers if possible.

Anonymous said...

Hoorey...........What a news, a much awaited news of the year.There goes the "bapak mentua" which shall be followed by the"menantu" for the better tomorrow for Malaysia.Next should be all those hangers around him who was made Ministers , Senators and advisors.My be they should resign enbloc.Actually Malaysia and the Malays need better leaders.

The new PM should be given rooms to choose his own "kelasi kapal" to sail the submarine to a better destination.Insyallah........