Wednesday, October 22, 2008


As Pak Lah’s rein draws closer to an end, voices of dissent among top UMNO politicians gets bolder and louder. Pak Lah who is known for his elegance silence and has avoided serious controversies throughout his five year tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia, has now joined the chorus in speaking out against those whom he claimed to have caused disarray and uncertainty in UMNO, over his plan for the transfer of power to his deputy in March 2009.

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who has been seen to be leading the charge to get Pak Lah to hand over the party leadership originally in June 2010 and later in March 2009, is once again voicing dissent that the transfer of power should be brought forward to December 2008, i.e. the original date for the UMNO general assembly and elections.

Pak Lah’s recent outburst at what he sees as unwarranted statements by Tun Mahathir Mohamed whom he accused of meddling into the affairs of UMNO, and Muhyiddin Yassin’s persistent claims for a speedy transfer of power, has further alienated Pak Lah of support from senior minister Dato Seri Rais Yatim.

Rais Yatim had openly declared that there was nothing wrong for Tun Mahathir to comment on the on goings in UMNO, in particular with regards to the election of UMNO leaders in the upcoming party elections, even though Tun Mahathir is no longer an UMNO member; thus hitting Pak Lah hard below the belt.

Rais Yatim too has come out with a serious allegation that money politics is still rampant in the on going divisional party elections. He revealed that he too has been approached for contributions to secure delegates votes during the party elections in March 2009.

As of now, UMNO members has given Najib a clear run for the top UMNO post and a challenge from Tengku Razaleigh is fast fading. However, Najib is burdened by accusations of corruption, abuse of power and even murder which he and Rosmah vehemently denies.

More recently, a police report alleging Najib of corruption in the purchase of the Eurocopter, has been launched by PKR Badrul Hisham. I am quite sure there will be more allegation of corruption and abuse of power by Najib and the Ministry of Defence in the days to come. I have so often heard from businessman and contractors say that Ministry of Defence is where the money is, and with good network and contacts, contracts can come easy by a stroke of a pen. I suppose, this is the price that Najib has to pay for being a politician, and what more now that he is nearing the pinnacle of his political career.

Pak Lah’s, political career which comes to an end in March 2009, has another 5 months to wrap up all that he has pledge to do. He claims that he has a number of unfinished work to do, but will the 5 months available to him be sufficient to complete the unfinished work? What if he is not able to complete his work? Will he be requesting for additional ‘injury time’ and thus keeping Najib and Muhyiddin in a lurch? These are worrying questions to an uncertain future of UMNO.

Posted at 14.20pm on Oct 22,2008

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ELI said...

"I am quite sure there will be more allegation of corruption and abuse of power by Najib and the Ministry of Defence in the days to come."

I like to add that Najib would not be able to have many 'field days' at the Ministry of Defence without collaborative supports of the KSU, generals and admirals yang turut cari makan.