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'UMNO must make changes to stay in power' says Najib (NST online 10 Oct 08). And I wonder how many in UMNO knows what the changes are going to be, and whether they are sincere and willing to accept changes. This will be Najib's greatest challenge when he is elected to the post of UMNO President, and subsequently becomes the PM.

In fact, Najib need not think of what the changes are going to be. My advice is for him to read what is already written for him by going to the blogs; one of which is found in the Star dated Thursday 9th 2008 titled '10 things UMNO must do' written by P. Gunasegaran, and the other, an article by Kadir Jasin who had listed some advices for Najib to heed. I do not know whether Najib is internet savvy, but I suggest he better do now. Merely reading and listening from the mainstream media (both print and electronic), or from his 'learned advisors', who ever they may be, will give Najib only a one sided perspective, and this for obvious reasons. And I wonder what will become of the mainstream media if PR does take over?

Najib must get cracking now, regardless of the outcome of the elections. He has to start exerting his 'authority', and to let the people in UMNO knows that the change of leadership is gradually taking shape. Najib should not be overly concern of what Pak Lah has to say anymore, because he (Najib) clearly has the support of the UMNO's leadership. This may sound hard on Pak Lah, but this the reality in politics, if indeed Najib is to honour what he has said, as I have reflected above, in the very first sentence to this article.

Najib must have realised by now that the people; I mean UMNO people, are beginning to surround him like vultures. This happens every time there is a change of leadership. But Najib must remain conscious and weary of their intentions and motives. Most, I am sure are around Najib merely to show their faces, with the hope of being recognised as a loyal supporter, and they will be shoving through the crowd just to get to kiss the hand of Najib. And I am quite sure by now, the many so called loyal servants of Pak Lah is beginning to fade away, and I am not surprised that there will only be a handful left to greet Pak Lah at the airport or during functions. Didn't Tun Mahathir once said that the moment he left office, the UMNO crowd that usually surrounds him begins to get less, and the hand kissing slowly ceases? This is loyalty, by UMNO's definition.

The other challenge that Najib must act now, rather than wait, is to get the component parties in the BN together again. UMNO cannot be alone to form the government, and it has to get the support of its 'friends and allies' together. UMNO must recognised this, and to get PAS to be with them as a show of Malay solidarity is an impossible proposition, given the bad experience of the past, that PAS had with UMNO.

A lot has been said about Najib, adverse or otherwise, and the time left for Najib to undo the 'legacies' of Pak Lah is at a premium. Surely, with his long experience in politics and government, he can prove himself to be a worthy leader which all Malaysians eagerly awaits; and certainly NO to the 4th Floor boys please.

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WaliMuar said...

The Malay proverb is "nasi sudah menjadi bubur" that is the precise condition of UMNO currently.No matter what changes Najib can think of and bring to UMNO when he is at the helm of the Government later next year will draw Malays support back to UMNO if the culuture,customs,tradition, attitude,practice,palm greasing,cronism and the all the bad doing persist in UMNO.

Currently 60% UMNO members are young generation as what Jazlan the Tok Mat (PAJAR President) told the press a few days ago. Therefore this young generation are literate bunch who read newspapers and brouse computers in comparison with people like Musa Hitam,Mike Tyson,Dolah Badawi and geng kumpulan warga Mas.Therefore they are well read and well informed of the on going unlike their forefathers and even my late mother and father who "pangkah" parti cap kapal layar without hesitation because "sudah biasa" according to them.Without realising or thinking what they have done or who they have instil as their leaders in UMNO.

Therefore the "kumpulan warga mas" in UMNO now must take this seriously the young generation needs your guidance not your dictation.You must from now onward admit your failure in the last PRU 12 and guide these young generation to take over in a very amicable way and not to repeat your idiotic mistakes or inherit them with your prehistoric ideology. The "mitos" that the ruling elite must come from the families of Onn,Razak,Mahathir,Hussein,Megat ,Fazeer,Azeez...........must be buried forever from the brain of the UMNO elite.

The policy of meritrocracy must and shall prevail inorder to build a strong,respectable,transparent and everlasting UMNO in this country if not I will banned my future generation from joining or be associated with this party or or else be cursed to become "siTanggang".