Sunday, October 12, 2008


Is UMNO scrapping the bottoms, was the response I get from friends who attended my Hari Raya gathering last night, to the news that the trio, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Dato Seri Ali Rustam and Dato Nur Jazlan are all vying for the No. 2 spot in the UMNO elections. One even said that UMNO has gone crazy, and I am also reminded of a cynical remark made by Tun Mahathir of the candidates for the No. 2 spot.

I am in no position to say anything of the candidates, but from what I gather, the trio does not seemed to have the credentials expected of being the second most powerful man in the government. Again, I am reminded of a poem by the Mufti of Perlis, Dr. Asri, implying the need for us to be extremely careful in selecting our not selecting a thief for a robber (or something to that effect).

When I joined the military, the first thing that was drummed in us were the prerequisites of a good leader. But I am told that the prerequisites of a military leader is quite different from that of a national leader, especially ones that are upheld by UMNO politicians.

Integrity is one prerequisite that most military leaders would want to uphold dearly, but what can we say of this trio? Certainly, one of them is said to have bluff his way to escape arrest by the Australian police some years back. Do you think this guy has the integrity to become the country's number two leader? I will just spit at him if he does become the number two leader of my country.

Knowledge is another essential prerequisite. A military officer strives to learn as much as he can of his profession, because he is a teacher, leader and an example to his troops. A military officer must be seen to know more and better than his subordinates. He is being watched constantly, and never ever be caught for saying that 'I do not know', in the presence of his subordinates.

I have this unsettled feeling that the trio does not know what it takes to be the Deputy Prime Minister, or are they doing it in jest? Can one imagine the trio speaking and articulating in an international forum like the UN General Assembly, and without a prepared text please? Can one imagine the trio facing the BBC in the Hard Talk session, or an interview with Ritz Khan in Aljazeera? I am quite sure, spittles will appear out of their mouth.

I would like to seriously appeal to UMNO members to be more realistic in selecting their leaders for the number 2 spot, as the future of the country lies in their hands. Selecting leaders based on popularity, just because they have the correct 'resources' to please members, isn't right. Put on your thinking cap, and for goodness sake...THINK..THINK and THINK.

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Anonymous said...


Jangan meludah orang tak baik,nak tergelak baca tulisan u.Pegawi tentera dan politician tu berbeza sangat dari segi segenap aspek,keterampilan diri,cara bertutur,berpakaian,disiplin diri,amanah,tamak haloba dan lain lain.Politician berkecimpung didalam kancah politik negara dan pegawai tentera tak ubah seperti katak bawah tempurung sebab ingat negara mereka "didalam kawat duri" tu le yang amat besar.Tak tau diluar ni lagi besor boleh sapu keliling,boleh angkut duit berguni guni tak ada apa apa pun, tapi kalau dalam tentera buat perangai guarantee "court martial" .Mereka boleh dapat undi atau di undi oleh mereka yang tertutup minda sebab tu boleh jadi tok ketua, buat le ape ape yang buruk orang UMNO guarantee pangkah u janji pandai menabur pitih.

Sebenor benornya Datuk saya rasa General General kita pun tertutup minda juga,kalau le depa ni semua cerdik cerdik dan pandai tak jadi lembu cucuk hidung le gamaknya.Kalau lah semua memainkan peranan secara telus didalam negara yang Demokrasi maka Malaysia akan menjadi seperti shurga dunia kepada sekalian raayatnya.Maka tiadalah pemimpin yang bengap,perasuah,tidak amanah,buruk perangai dan sebagainya.........dan lagi undi pos tu pun tidak ada.