Friday, February 27, 2009


THUGGERY........... and low down scums. These are the words that I wish to describe those UMNO Youth that had caused a raucous at parliament recently to protest against MP Karpal Singh (for whatever the reasons). If I had a son being a party to the incident, I would have given him a tight slap.

Even if they had so much of hatred for Karpal, they had no right to take the law into their own hands, and do something that might hurt Karpal. What can a crippled Karpal do to defend himself. Nothing.......virtually nothing. Indeed, I deem such act as cowardly and their behaviour no better than thugs. Is this what UMNO teaches you to do? And certainly your parents too did not teach you to behave like gangsters.........did they? You have the courts of law to seek justice. Go there with your lawyers and launch report against Karpal. That will be a more civilised act.

As a Malay and a Muslim, I am ashamed at what UMNO Youth had has only brought shame to my race and religion. If UMNO Youth feels strongly that there is a need to fight, please go to Palestine or to Afghanistan. Our Muslim brothers there will certainly welcome you.

I am surprised that the security guards at parliament did nothing to prevent these UMNO Youth gangsters from getting into parliament and causing the 'riot'. And where were the policeman with their water cannons? They had tarnished the sanity of the august house and smeared the good name of our nation. Is this the democracy and tolerance that UMNO preaches? Never mind if Karpal is a non Malay. He still has his civil rights as a Malaysian citizen; just like anyone of us, and that includes UMNO Youth. These are acts that UMNO seemed not to learn, and that will anger others. I am quite sure the Indian community is angry, and I am doubly sure that more Indian votes are lost by this stupid incident.

Let us be civil and most of all, respectful of the freedom and liberties of individuals. Just because one is judged to be 'kurang ajar', or called him by whatever name, he certainly does not deserve to be rough-up. Please let the rule of law prevail, and not the rule of the jungle.

Posted at 9.00 am on Feb 28, 2009

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psc said...

well said my sikh is going to vote for b.n ever.