Monday, February 9, 2009


Malaysiakini Feb 9 reports that PAS MP for Bukit Gantang, Roslan Shahrum has died of heart attack at the age of 50. And another report says that Kedah State representative for Bukit Selambau, V. Arumugam has quit the Exco post but remains a state representative. Why has this to come at a time when Perak is facing a serious political crisis, and that crisis is now beginning to spread to other states as well. I am not surprise if Arumugam decides to cross over to BN, if the 'offer' is too good to reject. Mind you, it is not easy to become an instant millionaire, if that is what this Arumugam wants. What kind of politicians can we expect these days............from a gate keeper to a postman and the next one, may be a 'tukang tilik'.

The demise of Roslan Shahrum calls for another by-election, and I am just wondering if it is going to be another Kuala Trengganu type of elections. I am quite sure both the BN and PR are all geared to win, but more so for the BN whose credibility is very much in question following the 'coup de grace' of the Perak state government recently. A lost for BN will indicate the adverse sentiment of Perakians towards the party, and this does not augur well for the future of the party in the next general elections.

How then will the BN strategised its election plans this time? Will the BN follies of Kuala Trengganu be repeated? And who is to be their candidate........Abdullah or Najib's choice? And who will lead the party election machinery? Will it be Najib again, or Ahmad Zahid or Zambery? And please don't get the royalty involved in the campaigning.

Surely Najib will not want to take a third beating, and for this it is only proper that someone else takes charge in the up coming Bukit Gantang by election. As a Muslim, I have to believe that it is Allah's will that a by election is to be held in Perak, so close to Kuala Trengganu. And it is his will that decides the winner and loser.

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