Saturday, February 14, 2009


What the hack is he doing in Penang? Does he not have better things to do in his own home state? Don't tell me that since his ouster as the Menteri Besar, he has now acquired a new profession i.e. a protester. Why don't he just organised a protest in his own state, rather than do it in another state? Does he think that by being a champion among the protesters, he will be gaining more points in the elections for the Ketua Pemuda during the up-coming UMNO general assembly? Does he not know that there is already an on-going police investigation on the person that he wants to protest? And as a former Menteri Besar, he should know better the laws relating to what constitutes an illegal assembly.

The person that I am referring to is former Menteri Besar Selangor Khir Toyo, who was detained for police questioning and later released for being in an illegal assembly to protest against politician Karpal Singh, held in Penang Friday 13, 2009.. The assembly he claimed “was to hand-over to Karpal Singh a letter indicating our (UMNO Penang) displeasure over his recent threat to sue the Sultan of Perak”.

As a thoroughbred Selangorean myself, I think Khir Toyo as a state assemblyman had better confined his activities in Selangor. There are many things to be done, one of which is to keep a close watch on the activities of the present state government under Khalid Ibrahim. Wasn't he the person who had supported an allegation that Khalid Ibrahim had abused state funds to purchased cattle for slaughter during Hari Raya korban? And wasn't he also the person who had brought up the issue of Khalid Ibrahim using a Toyota Lexus for personal use, purchased through state funds? And what about the issue of Kandang Babi in Selangor? He had better monitor this.

Surely, I agree that Khir Toyo should be keeping a watch of any corrupt practice by the present state government, but please, not for the wrong reason.

Khir Toyo, I gave you my had respect when you proclaimed Selangor as a developed state during your time as the Menteri Besar. But I lost some respect for you when I am told that you favoured Selangorean of Javanese origin to be in your inner circle. I, being of Minangkabau heritage will surely be allowed only on the periphery.

And it is no surprise that during Khir Toyo's tenure as Menteri Besar, the Ulu Langat parliamentry constituency (my district of origin) was held by a Malaysian Javanese. Wasn't he able to find a suitable Melayu of Minangkabau origin in the district?

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maurice said...


Not adviseable to think in tribal terms.

Let us give the candidate a chance to prove his worth for the sake of the Malay race.

Anonymous said...


Jawa sekor ni bukan tahu bahasa memalukan umat melayu berketurunan Jawa.Biar dia dengan kegoblogan nya.Orang dah kebulan dia masih dengan "penyapu lidi".Orang macam ini le yang UMNO nak banggakan....hampeh kata orang Perak.Jawa jawa bangang macam ni yang menyebabkan UMNO ditolak.