Wednesday, February 11, 2009


When Bush left the office of the President of America in January this year, he was known as the worst President America has ever had. He is also known to have successfully evaded a pair of shoes being launched at him during his final visit to Iraq. He is also known to have brought America to war in Iraq that saw more than 4000 US troops sacrificed their lives, and many more maimed for life.

He is also known to have served his entire second term in office having to struggle to end the war in Iraq that he had ordered in 2002, and felt extremely relieved to handover the unresolved war to President Obama. He is also known to have declared ‘mission accomplished’ in the war in Iraq, when it was actually just the beginning for the Iraqi insurgents.

He is also known to have coined a number of rhetoric’s and slogans such as, ‘you are with us or you are against us’, ‘axis of evil’, ‘collateral damage’, ‘shock and awe’, ‘regime change’, ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and several others.

All the above will be recorded in the pages of the great American history, to be read by many generations later.

Now back home, and with Abdullah Badawi gearing to leave office in a few weeks from now, how would Malaysians want the Prime Minister to be remembered, after having held the helm of government for more than 5 years.

Like Bush and his list of rhetoric’s and slogans, I can clearly remember a slogan that Abdullah Badawi had cited, when he gave the BN to an overwhelming victory in the 2004 general elections. The slogans reads, “work with me and not for me”.

Having talked to many of my friends about this, I have developed a list of what I deem appropriate for the Prime Minister to be remembered after he leaves office. I would like to share the list with my readers later. Until then, I would like my readers to place their thinking cap, and to make their suggestions.

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arboking said...

Assalamualaikum Dato'

Are you sure that this man is going to step down in March?

I don't think he is prepared to do that yet. Not when his family still have some 'unfinished' business.

By the way, we can see in the past that when a PM is getting ready to step down, a transition date is fixed but here we do not see any dates. I don't know whether this is for tactical reason or otherwise.

Secondly we can see that all previous PMs will be making farewell trips to ASEAN countries before stepping down but it is not the case with our WORST PM. He is clueless then and still is now. Time is running short but no such schedule has been fixed I suppose.

He was busy travelling overseas until someone put some senses in his head. Now the overseas trip is not as frequent.

Thirdly I do not know whether a date has been fixed with the Istana Negara for the swearing in of a new PM. What will happen if there is no suitable date? Will this be postponed even though we have HRH Sultan Kedah as Timbalan YDPA.

So Dato', do you honestly feel that he is stepping down? What if he suddenly decides to do an "Anwar" (what Mahathir did on Anwar) on Najib?

If I am given a say to decide on how to remember this man, I would say he reinvented the way a leader answers questions. Instead of a straight to the point answers like 'Budak itu hitam' he will probably answers somewhat like 'Oleh kerana takdir Allah menjadikan dia dilahirkan berkulit gelap, maka kulitnya kelihatan hitam pada pandangan umum atau sesetengan golongan'. You get what I mean?

Do you realise that most of his answers will begin with "Oleh kerana" and "maka" somewhere in the middle of the sentence.

We can extend this discussion when we bump into each other. After all we are neighbours what...

p/s Was driving along Federal Highway this morning and while passing Kuen Chen school, I noticed the new Rebana Ubi arch is up and the only picture shown there is this man's face, promoting the Warkah Buat PM website. Such a disgusting idolation. Wrongly placed.


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Arboking'

Interesting and thanks. I too am not too optimistic about him leaving, given the worsening political development in Perak, and somewhat subdued happenings in Kedah. Many that I have met has echoed what you have commented. Be that as it may, we should all hope to see a smooth transition of power between the two. Salam.

MHA28 said...

Weather he steps down or not, ABB will go down the history as a PM was incompetent, weak, spineless, self-serving, lazy, and aloof, among others.

He is a nothing - a nought, and he will be remembered as such.