Sunday, February 22, 2009


Does the title of this article sounds familiar. Well of course, who else can I be referring to if not our honourable politicians, who over the last few months has nothing better to do, except politicking. Just read our dailies and watch the news on TV, and what do we read and hear..............this politician suing another politician. That politician asking another politician to resign. Another minister claiming another politician 'menderhaka' and pledge to defend (whatever it is), to the last drop of his blood. Supporters of one political party protesting against another political party for God knows what.

Even politicking has not escape some of our civil servants today. They are now acting and talking like politicians themselves, and uttering statements that smack of favouritism for a particular political party. They are suppose to be apolitical, but they have somehow been infected by this 'politicking disease' from the politicians themselves.

What utter rubbish these elected people's representatives are............and yet they who are suppose to work for the people (not the people working for them) seems oblivious to the social and economic woes affecting the country today. And you know, I have not seem my wakil rakyat since having voted for him.

Thousands are now jobless, and many more are awaiting retrenchment. Crime is on the rise, and the worse is yet to come when mothers will find nothing left on their dinning table to feed their growing families. If they are to march to the streets one fine day, please don't blame them, and order the police to shoot them with water cannons.

I see so much of disgruntlement among the ordinary people that I meet daily, that somehow goes unnoticed by our leaders. Luxuries have blinded them. And I hear no real discourse among our leaders as to how issues affecting the people today are being resolved. I suppose if there was any real discourse, it must have been done within the walls of Putrajaya, and anything that comes out of it are being kept tightly within the aforesaid walls. Why have there been no open debates among leaders with the public for example. I suppose, even if debates are held, it is only held within the confines of parliament where only a fraction of the debate is being reported.

I can also understand why our leaders takes no notice of the woes affecting the people today. It is because they are being insulated by their cronies, and they only see and hear the good things. They hardly visit the kampung folks that lies deep in the interior, or even visit the squatters in the city center. They prefer to live the comfort of their luxurious homes, and to go out shopping at the expensive shopping malls. Money is no real problem to them, as some people would say, 'it flows like water'.

Please Mr. Politicians, get out of your shell and start your rounds meeting the ordinary people in the streets and villages. You will be better informed of what actually lies in the hearts of the people, and please don't have your cronies stick like leeches around you. When you hear the azan from a nearby mosque or surau while doing your rounds, proceed straight for your prayers with the rest of the congregation.

Please Mr. Politicians, stop this suing one another. Stop accusing one of being a 'penderhaka'. Stop accusing one of corruption when you fully well know that you are corrupt yourself. Stop asking others to resign when you fully well know that you are no better (or may be even worse) than the person that you have asked to resign. STOP POLITICKING and get down to your core business i.e. to serve the people. That's what your job is and the reason why you have been elected.

Posted at 2.45 pm Feb 22, 2009

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maurice said...

Under the present circumstances the best thing to do is to care of ourselves and our families and not to depend too much on the politicians to solve our problems.

Let us be creative in order to weather out the lean times.