Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I just could not believe my eyes when I read that Raja Putra Kamarudin (RPK) had asked Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Ustaz Hadi Awang to resign and accept collective responsibility for the loss of Perak state to the BN recently. How could RPK have a change of heart so suddenly, and to be in tune with Karpal Singh who had all along been critical of Anwar Ibrahim’s leadership of PKR and PR.

Isn’t RPK the one who was so staunchly supportive of Anwar Ibrahim during the latter’s crisis with the law in 1998, and throughout the period when Anwar’s was in castrated? And I am told that the very existence of Malaysia Today was the result of all that RPK had believed in Anwar, and the latter’s struggle for justice and freedom, for what he claimed to be a political conspiracy against him.

RPK’s sudden change of heart must be something larger than what is obvious to people. It just cannot be the loss of Perak state alone. It has to be something more, and what can this be? Certainly, I will rule out the issue of him not been duly ‘rewarded’ for his tireless campaigning for the PR during the Kuala Trengganu by-election being the reason. RPK wasn’t there as a politician, but merely a staunch supporter of the opposition.

I see this as a worrying sign of disunity among the parties within the PR, which will be exploited by the BN to their advantage. Certainly, the time is not right now for petty squabbles to appear within the PR, when there is already a political crisis in Perak and a lesser crisis brewing in Kedah to attend. What is needed is unity among all parties within the PR and its supporters, if they are to see the party emerge potent in the next general elections.

I now begin to understand that politics is indeed a strange animal. It does not recognize a friend or foe. It is ready to bite anytime and anywhere…….regardless.

Posted at 17.00 pm Feb 10, 2009

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