Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I had on January 23, 2009 posted an article titled ‘To believe or not to believe’ based on a report by Tim Leonard of Sun Daily, citing DPM Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak’s statement that he no longer encourages selective bidding (also known as direct negotiations) for all future government contracts. I personally welcome such a statement (though not being a contractor), and believe all government contractors welcomes the same.

I personally know a number of contractors who have been bidding for contracts with the government, and they all agree that selective bidding should not be practiced at all, as it is open to abuse by unscrupulous officials. They cite many examples, and they are all at the mercy of the approving authorities at the various ministries. There is virtually nothing that they can do but to accept and say that ‘reseki itu di tangan Allah’.

I am told that Mindef is no angel at this, but have been a persistent offender at awarding contracts through selective bidding. I am also told that the Army’s Procurement Plan under 9th Malaysia Plan (RMK 9) has listed a total of nine (9) projects awaiting approval for selective bidding. Now, isn’t this in defiance of the statement made by Najib, and who is this recalcitrant that dares to defy the Finance Minister’s statement? Or does this recalcitrant from Mindef thinks that the statement was made in jest?

We the taxpayers would like to seek a response from Mindef, especially from Army HQ as to why the nine projects listed under RMK 9 are for selective bidding. There is no malice intended here, but I am merely trying to seek fairness in the bidding process. Certainly, I am not wrong in I?

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Simply' cakap tak serupa bikin'. Ini semua kerja-kerja orang-orang yang fasik dan tak bertakwa.