Tuesday, February 3, 2009


More drama emerging in Perak, and this time Ipoh Barat PKR Division Chief Fauzi Muda had claimed that he was brought to meet DPM Najib Tun Razak at his residence on March 11, 2008 by supposedly UMNO agents, and was offered RM 50 million to entice two PKR asemblymen to defect to BN. Former Deputy Defence Minister Zainal Abidin Zin was also mentioned to have been present during the meeting.

Fauzi Muda had also said that PKR de facto chief Anwar Ibrahim was informed of the meeting. But the question that need to be asked is why had not this matter been reported to the authorities on March 11, 2008 itself. Why now? And had the two Perak assemblymen not 'disappeared' from PKR's radar, will Fauzi Muda or Anwar Ibrahim ever bring this matter out to public notice? I sense that something is not quite right here, and I believe that there must be more truth to hide than to expose. Or is there a much larger 'conspiracy' between PKR and BN/UMNO to sideline PAS? Mind boggling.......but this seemed to be the game played by political parties today.........a game of 'I watch my back and you watch mine'.

I had just called a nephew of mine residing in Johor to seek his views concerning the current political scenario in Perak. And this is what he has to say, 'Orang politik sekarang perangi macam budak budak. Tidak ada kesetiaan langsung kepada parti dan kepentingan diri mengatasi segala galanya'.If this is the example shown by our politicians, who are we to believe? We voted a candidate for the party he represents, but only to defect to a party not of our choice. This is betrayal of the voters trust of the highest order, and it is only honorable that the candidate resigns.

The alleged involvement of Najib in 'candidate buying' is serious, and he had better defend himself against such allegation. Keeping quite, as he would normally do, does not make him look good this time, besides a sign of personal weakness. He has far too many allegations that remained unanswered, and adding another one so close to the UMNO's General Assembly makes him in the eyes of non UMNO members, an unsuitable candidate for the UMNO No. 1 spot.

The unfolding events in Perak will be interesting to watch, and will we see many more defections in the remaining states? Certainly, Negeri Sembilan state is the one to observe.

Posted at 8.00am on Feb 3, 2009


maurice said...

The ongoing defections and counter defections by assemblymen do not look good for the future of our political system.

Now clearly proven PKR too, has its own black sheep opportunist politicians who are out to make money by any means available to them.

How is it possible that the sponsor is able to muster such huge sum of money to finance the crossovers? Who can we trust now? Who are the trusted ones?

All Malaysians must press for the enactment of the anti-hopping law with vigour in order to save our country from descending into political chaos and abyss.

ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

God bless Malaysia Maurice, and if we continue to have politicians like this, we will sink much quicker than Titanic.
Malaysia is truly a blessed country but being made 'unblessed'(if there is such a word) by idiots.