Monday, February 2, 2009


I AM PUZZLED.........puzzling indeed! This two PR Perak state assemblymen, Jamaluddin Md. Radzi and Mohd Osman Jailu are in hiding, and for what? We know that they have a corruption case to answer, but isn't corruption synonymous with some politicians? Some get caught and some don't, but this two state assemblymen (or have they lost their status as assemblymen) hiding is a real mystery.

There has been many speculations regarding their mysterious act, but I do not want to further add to the speculations that has already being talked and written about.

My concern is more for the constituents who had voted them as their representative. Acting the way they did is a betrayal of the people's thrust, and for this the two 'miscreants' deserve a sack from the party. Accepting them back into the party will be a grievous mistake, because they have shown themselves to be irresponsible, dishonorable, uncouth and without principle.

This a bitter lesson for Pakatan Rakyat, and the party ought to be more cautious and selective in naming their future candidates. Naming someone as a candidate on the basis of popularity alone may no longer be correct. He has to have brains and with impeecable background, and one of action rather than talk. I have always admired people who can talk, but more often they are not people of action. And at the same time, we have seen people who are reticent, but they are highly principled and full of action. Read the book 'The Reluctant Politician' and you will know whom I mean. Malaysian can never again get a politician like the person that I am referring to in the book.

With the 'sacking' of the two former state assemblymen, the country is geared to witness two simultaneous by-elections in one state. This is going to be dubbed the 'battle of the century' and losing is not an option for either the BN and PR, more so for the latter.

And will we once again see the grand Santa Claus making its rounds in Behrang and Changkat Jering on the scale of Kuala Trengganu? And what about the policemen this time. Can they afford to deploy such massive number of policemen to the two constituents simultaneously? Wonder what the scene will be like for the two constituencies.

Posted at 8.10 pm on Feb 2, 2009

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