Friday, February 6, 2009


Going by what is happening in Perak over the last few days, I am fortunate not to have been involved in politics. I noticed that in politics, one is only being honored and respected when one is in power. The moment one leaves office, the history pages awaits him and he virtually goes into oblivion. I am therefore grateful to have served the Armed Forces and to have left the armed service with grace and honour.

Look at what is happening to former PR Menteri Besar Mohd Nazir Jamaluddin. The moment he is being told to resign by the Sultan of Perak, his office is being surrounded, his residence being kept under surveillance, and even his brand new Toyota Camry is ready to be snatched away. What does all this mean? Are we all that cruel to treat a man who was once the head of the state executive so lowly? Show him some respect and allow him to retain a bit of his lost pride, but don’t just shoo him away.

I am surprise how we human’s can treat another fellow human in such a disgusting manner, more so if we all claim to be Malays. Just ponder a moment and try to recollect how our dear parents had taught us by their examples, of how they treat a fellow human being. My late father was strict, but there was kindness in him, and I never once saw him show disrespect to anyone, even if he was angry at someone.

I am quite sure Mohd Nazir is hurt by the actions taken against him. And I am quite certain that the same fate will befall on the new Menteri Besar, should he not be able to retain his position come the next general elections, or is he very sure of his survival at a time when the Perak state is in turmoil? And will grace and honour be accorded to him when he exits from power?

What I saw happening in Perak is a serious lesson for all politicians, where only the ‘fittest’ will survive. And to survive, it is the end that matters; not the means to the end.

Posted at 12.20pm on Feb 6, 2009

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