Tuesday, February 17, 2009


PKR’s Bukit Lanjan assemblywomen Elizabeth Wong finally quits in the face of a most embarrassing episode of her life, when photos and videos of her in nude were circulated to the public, for reasons best known to the person(s) who started the distribution. There will now be another by-election, the third after Bukit Gantang in Perak and Bukit Selambau in Kedah. Is it not sheer coincidence that all three by-elections are held in states controlled by Pakatan Rakyat? And is the BN expected to turn the political tide to their favour by winning all three by-elections?

The person most happy with Elizabeth Wong’s decision to quit is non other then BN Selangor’s opposition chief Khir Toyo. He has said that Elizabeth Wong should quit over this ugly episode, quoting former Health Minister Dr. Chua quitting his ministerial post over his sexual escapade in a hotel in Muar last year as an example.

Although Elizabeth Wong’s decision to quit may be seen as righteous and honorable by many, but to place her episode in the same league with the former Health Minister as being a reason for her to quit, may not be quite correct.

Khir Toyo should not just applaud the decision taken by Elizabeth Wong. Instead Khir Toyo should asked himself this simple question i.e. ‘what if it was an UMNO exco member. Will he or she quit as well?’

We have seen in the past were UMNO politicians have been caught (and some escape the dragnet) in child molesting, buttock pinching, close proximity and running away (elope) with a mistress and marrying in a neighboring country without the due consent of the father. Aren’t these serious cases, and these shameless and morale less UMNO politicians are still lingering in politics with some even aspiring to be top party leaders. Yet UMNO is blind to all this, and if you were to ask me if I should respect them, my straight answer is a big NO.

Little wonder, we get to see some politicians act like gangsters in parliament; howling profanities at one another during debates. How could they show honor and decorum when some are sex offenders and abusers. Let us now wait and see if the King’s reminder in his royal address at the opening of the second session of the 12th Parliament yesterday, seeking for all parliamentarians to show exemplary attitude and behaviour when debating in parliament. This I think is the first time ever for a King to send such reminders to parliamentarians who are referred to as the YANG BERHORMATS.

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maurice said...

I received the following email from Christa:

I'm sure many of us are upset about the exploitation of YB Elizabeth
Wong. I'm sure many of us are also taking action, in our own ways and
means. What has happened to her could happen to any one.

Perhaps we might consider flooding the PM and the MB Selangor with
appeals to:
- stop the victimisation of YB Elizabeth Wong,
- to appeal to her to stop her resignation.
- In doing so, protect the safety, privacy and dignity of every

I know many memorandums have gone out from NGO groups, but letters
from individuals are impactful, too. As time is of essence, e-mail
might be the best.

Just a thought.

and FYI:

The Honourable Dato' Seri Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi - ppm@pmo.gov.my

Y.A.B. TAN SRI DATO` ABD KHALID BIN IBRAHIM - khalid@selangor.gov.my

Good night!!


ArshadRaji said...

Dear Maurice,

Thanks. I'll do just that.