Monday, February 23, 2009


Isn’t Perak in a dilemma? Having two Menteri Besar’s (MB) and not knowing which one of the two is a legitimate MB? If we say one is legitimate, then the other must be illegitimate. The latter sounds obscene isn’t it?

There has never been such a confusion in the state, and although BN/UMNO does not want to openly admit the predicament they are in (which was their own creation), they are now forced to dispatch their lawyers to the UK to seek advice from the Queen’s Council on how to deal with the constitutional deadlock facing the state. I thought we have our experts on constitutional law and why go to the UK? What if the QC decides on an opinion that favours the PR? Where else will the UMNO lawyers go?

Legal experts within the country has been divided in their opinion with regards to the issues affecting the state government and the controversies surrounding the appointment of Dr. Zambery as its MB. I don’t believe these controversies will come to an amicable end that soon. We can expect a long legal tussle that may take years to resolve, while the state goes into ‘free fall’ and it is the people that will eventually suffer. Common sense is thrown out of the window, while the power grabbers still insist that they are the rightful rulers of the state.

It was told of a report in a Malay daily that Abdullah’s favourite son-in-law Khairy had urged the appointment of a new speaker for the Perak state assembly to resolve the political impasse. If the report is true, I would say that this is about the most stupid thing ever uttered by an UMNO youth leader. Does he not understand the formalities involved in the appointment of a speaker? And even if they bulldoze through the appointment (like they did in taking over the state government), don’t he know that BN/UMNO voting rights in the assembly will be further reduced, since a speaker has no voting rights? Why not try and do what Khairy has said, if UMNO truly believes in Khairy’s words.

The country has seen enough of the politicking among politicians that has been going on following the Perak constitutional crisis. Not satisfied, there are now attempts to stir the Selangor and Kedah state government with issues of corruption and crossovers. While all this is going on, the real issues affecting the nation takes a back-seat.

And with the UMNO general assembly due within a month’s time from now, I really wonder if our honourable UMNO ministers will have the time to concentrate and be serious enough to tackle the worsening issues threatening the nation today, most importantly the ‘bread and butter issue’.

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maurice said...

The uncertainty which party is actually is the legal government is bound to affect the running of the various municipalities and districts in Perak.

Matters under the purview of the state such as security, rural development, administration and upkeep of town and rural areas could be jeopardized by the political impasse.

Simple matter like renewing a contract for rubbish collection and disposal for let's say Ipoh City could become complicated due to questions of legality of the power of either party.No contractor would want to do the job if they are not sure who their paymaster is.

In this scenario, Perak refuted to be the cleanest state in Malaysia, could end up with mountain of uncollected rubbish!