Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Would you believe that the findings of weapons, explosives and Bersih yellow colored T Shirts by the police in KL recently is the work of the Bersih organizers or its supporters? And do you not see how irrational and stupid the police were in pointing their ten fingers and declaring that this has to be the dirty work of Bersih? Wasn’t I right in saying that the Special Branch officers today are no longer of the caliber of those officers of the 60’s and the 70’s?

I am not a full fledged intelligence trained retired military officer, but having seen and worked with some Special Branch officers of the 60’s and 70’s, I think by preempting that the ‘loot’ to be the work of Bersih, even without making a thorough investigation first, is arguably stupid and dumbfounded. Special Branch officers of yesteryear's and the many that I am personally acquainted with would not have come out with such a preposterous conclusion.

Anyone with a bit of common sense would not want to do what the supposedly ‘perpetrators’ did for the following reasons:
1. Placing the ‘loot’ at a conspicuous place to be easily noticed by the public.
2. The timing for placing the ‘loot’ is also not right. If someone seriously wants to create problems, they would do it at the very last minute and in the most secured place.
3. Surely, the ‘perpetrators’ has to make sure that their act is not seen by anyone. They would have to surveil the area first before doing their job.

What is most amusing is the claim that several Bersih yellow shirts were also found among the ‘loot’. My guess is that these shirts must be the ones taken by the police in their raids or stripped off their owners during the arrests. My common sense tells me that it is merely a ploy to reinforce the police claim that it is indeed an act perpetrated by Bersih or its supporters. I don’t buy this kind of bluff my dear friend. If at all it was Bersih that had placed the ‘loot’ and had intended to use it during the rally, the Bersih supporters do not need the shirts anyway; they would have worn the Bersih shirts before joining the rally itself. Why rush to wear the Bersih shirt the very last minute?

Please, I have had enough of this nonsense. Now that PM Naijb has allowed the rally to be held at the stadium, let’s all join hands; Bersih, dissenting and pro-Bersih NGO’s, the opposition parties, Perkasa, UMNO Youth, police and all like-minded citizens, and together we gather in peace and harmony, to show our solidarity and demands for an election reform. Is this wrong?

And to Home Minister Hishamuddin, I am yet to hear you annul the order that the Bersih 2.0 rally an illegal assembly. The same goes to the IGP and his Deputy. And why don’t all of you join us in this peaceful rally? I am quite sure the people will offer you a bunch of roses.



hussin said...

"What is most amusing is the claim that several Bersih yellow shirts were also found among the ‘loot’. My guess is that these shirts must be the ones taken by the police in their raids or stripped off their owners during the arrests. My common sense tells me that it is merely a ploy to reinforce the police claim that it is indeed an act perpetrated by Bersih or its supporters. I don’t buy this kind of bluff my dear friend."

dato punya assessment saya anggap sekata dengan majoriti rakyat. tak sia2 dato berkawan dengan pegawai2 sb 60an 70an dulu. lagi pun kita tak perlu menghadiri kursus perisikan untuk mengaitkan pertemuan dengan keadaan sekeliling dengan perkembangan yang berlaku. macam dato, saya juga meneka baju2 bersih tu adalah dari rampasan2 yang dibuat untuk laksanakan 'projek khas' ini. untuk tipu melayu kat kampung2, boleh la.

penggunaan botol2 plastik sebagai bom molotov juga 'memalukan'. mungkin depa boleh buat demo membaling bom tersebut, berani ke?
tipu melayu kampung boleh la.

berapa ramai anggota2 pasukan keselamatan yang dapat terima 'projek khas' agaknya? dah berapa ramai pula yang berbintang2 yang turut terlibat dan termakan?

"bersih" bukan lagi jadi igauan pemimpin2 politik melayu yang korup tetapi turut menghantui mereka2 yang di kerusi kuasa di jabatan/kementerian!

jika tidak kenapa kuala lumpur menjadi mangsa kesesakan hari ini? sampai bila agaknya... nak berkumpul kat stadium pun akan jadi susah. percayalah.

MalaysianPotpourri said...

Just because you were not promoted you cannot say others are being silly.
Just because the Government overlooked you during promotions exercise you have an axe to grind with Government.
This is not being irrational and fair. Is it!

komando said...

There is a saying:"they do not produce anymore good officers these days"!
It is a thing of the PAST!

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Malaysian Potpourri,

Are your comments aimed at me? Honestly, I never dreamt of ever making it to a one star; what more an additional star. If you think I was disappointed, you are wrong. I believe in the will of Allah. He decides; not you, me or anyone else. I am grateful to Allah for he decides what I should deserve. Never have I regretted for what I had not achieved. I think I had served the nation well, and nobody can deny this.

rubanrkg19 said...

From the mouth of a true Patriot.

I agree with what you say Sir.

What are the ruling party so afraid off??

I thought BN guys were impeccable and beyond reproach in their conduct and the way they have led the country.

So why scared of a lady who has no real power leading a gathering of legitimate citizens of this country for a solidarity march?

They are after all not demanding the PMs political career on a platter.

Seeing shadows now are we?

rubanrkg19 said...

Spoken by a true Patriot. Not the red colour kind.

You Sir, have hit the nail on its head.

What is BN so afraid off??

I thought BN was impeccable in its conduct and the way it has run this country. Irreplaceable is what some would say.

So why are they so afraid of a lady who has no political clout and her calls for a solidarity march that is to be attended by legitimate citizens of this country bringing nothing but the colour yellow?

Seeing shadows now are we?

sang kancil said...

I find some of your commenters are dense or living in coo coo land. Do face reality and grab the bull by its horns. Malaysia will not be able to last in this current situation. Too much corruption and various other illegal activities by the dUMNO and its allies and cronies has sapped Malaysia of its wealth. Stop it before its too late. If all the non Malays were to leave Malaysia, the malays will be happy. But, a word of caution, the mass malays will then be exploited by the FAKE Malay and you know who I mean, for there will be any non-malays to be the scape goat.

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Dear Potpourri, you are not half the man the General is. He was a soldier's General. You would never understand that term. Stop insulting people without knowing them.

Any the RMR unit in Sg Besi is practising POP alongside with the FRU.

In a normal situation POPO training is done by the individual unit, not involving the Police. Unless a real situation crops up the Police come up from the rear, after the firing the Police conduct a baton charge, after the bodies are recovered by the Army.

This demo in Sg Besi is upsetting, alot of people.

Mej Halim said...

you stupid potcurry please dont say bad to our leader and bro offr. You no that you people are power crazy la go and bark at perkosa or someone else

Mej Halim said...

potcurry u better shut u don't know this man. stupid

apek ironside said...

Salam Dato,

the gomen has fooled bersih after denying a stadium premise for them and keep repeating that bersih and yellow t-shirt are illegal. obviously this has disdained and not respecting the advice from our DYMM.

as a commission officer and ex-service, i don feel comfortable cause they are belittling our Marshal of the armed forces. how do the PAT react on this matter?

so now on....Daulat Tuanku!

hussin said...

malaysian potpourri,

"Ketahuilah bahawa jikalau umat ini berkumpul untuk memberikan sesuatu manfaat kepadamu, mereka tidak akan mampu memberikanmu manfaat kecuali dengan suatu perkara yang memang Allah telah tentukan untukmu. Sekiranya mereka berkumpul untuk memudharatkan kamu dengan suatu mudharat, nescaya mereka tidak mampu memudharatkan kamu kecuali dengan suatu perkara yang memang Allah telah tentukannya untukmu. Pena-pena telah diangkatkan dan lembaranlembaran telah kering (dakwatnya).

(Hadis riwayat al-lmam al-Tirmizi. Beliau berkata: la adalah Hadis Hasan Sohih)

apek ironside said...

aiya, soliyah..."commissioned" not commission lah,sikit cepat itu tulis.

pot curry, since you attacked personally, 凸...nah! this you know wat i mean....

evry Malaysian, evry service man and ex-service man should put "Daulat Tuanku" in mind now on regardless of race...he is the last one who can save and redeem the dignity of MALAYSIA CONSTITUTION if the gomen machineries started breaching it and the brahim katak group started openly questioning the authority of DYMM in meeting anybody...

once a lance guard always a lance guard...just waiting to see who is being declared by Tuanku as musuh negara, then he know...


zulfatah said...

tuan2,ini bukan pujian mengampu or sokong bawak rebah or whatnots.

Salam dato, salam and selamat sejahtera to all sirs,
I m with u all the way dato. Deep inside me, i undoubtedly feel that u are a man of honour. If my old man still alive, he will surely upset knowing that somebody had belittling his former 9 RAMD C.O. Tuan Arshad is a part of treasured memory my late father cherished so much during his army come i, as ‘anak askar’ will not be upset too. Pls, potpourri.....there are a lot of other people out there more deserving of ur slander. Dato Arshad /Pak Chat is my arwah bapak’s C.O.!!! NOT some low life, racist, rent seeking scums not worthy mentioning their names pls, bug off!!!
As for Angkatan Tentera Malaysia, my sincere believe n hope is that the loyalty to SPB Yang Dipertuan Agong will be upheld to the highest professionalism and tradition worthy of sacrifices made by ur predecessor. Don’t desecrate their grave, don’t tarnish their memories and don’t prostitute their believe....for any shameful antics or for anything less than being LOYAL to Agong and protecting KEDAULATAN....Pls,one of the graves is my father’s. Honour his and others.

AlphaGuy said...

Greeting General. You write and sound very much like a man on a mission. We join hands with you, dear patriot. I fully subscribe to what you have written. Back in the late 80s, a senior police officer who was a good friend told me that he's had it with the force. His main reason was simply, "They have gone to the dogs". The reasons were too many for me to detail. I will be logging onto your blog to see more articles from you. Till then....

Dr Mohd Rafick Khan said...

Malaysia Potpuri
Your comment is in the bad taste and unprofessional. I know Dato Arshad personally and I have worked alongside with him. You are looking at a man who led Malaysian UN peacekeeping force and able to tame Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge regime. A leadership that received personal commendation from the UN secretary general Buthrous B. Ghali.

Personally I feel he should have been a given a 4 star because he is truly "a soldiers general".

Picking on him in his personal capacity is totally unprofessional. May I suggest that you meet me and have coffee and tell me exactly your grudges against him.

Maj(B) Dr Mohd Rafick (who turned down a lt kol promotion to Kluang in 1998 and challenged the leadership for its corrupt and unfair practices)

Pilgrim said...

Dato !

Truly glad to have found your blog.

Sorry Sir, that I discovered it this late. As an ordinary citizen of this country, I follow the happenings, watching the day to day dramas as the rest of the people and am under immense shock and daze to be exposed to such hypocrisy and atrocities carried on by the ruling party.

I feel proud that there are people like you around, with such clarity of thought, wisdom and goodness. I am definitely going to introduce your blog to my friends. Wish you all the best Dato and may you continue with your perseverance in standing for the truth ! God Bless you Sir...

bumi-non-malay said...

From today we need to follow Belarus and clap hands in public at Authorities of Ruling Elite like Police, Army, MACC, Judiciary, EC/SPR, rempit, perkasa, SB, Agong, Sultan UMNO-BN cronies, mufti, pastor, priest & any ruling elite!! Let their EVIL be heard in public + ILLUSION that they are supported!.....ha ha ha ha ha!!!

This is a beautiful manner to voice defiance as one against the ruling elite. What next arrest people who clap their hands? I have directed my team to spread this HANDS CLAPPING message Today All over Malaysia. If you are caught in an UMNO Police/FRU/Army created traffic jam, walk out of your car, stand on your car and clap your hands!! Each day Good and Bad is becoming clearer like black and white. I pity the Sultan that side with the wrong side like in Middle East or anywhere in this world. One day they can be made Orang Biasa like one time in history. We are just seeking AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR i.e do good and forbid other way to make Malaysia Better!

I will NOT Be OBEDIENT to EVIL and those involved in EVIL or submit to royal prejudice protocol that UPHOLD EVIL!!


Old Fart said...

Home minister Hishammuddin Hussein is proving to be such a liar. He conveniently arranges justifications. And sometimes he also manufactures them. In this case because there were photographs, it would have been an arrangement to justify the road blocks and all the arrests and inconveniences.

As for manufacturing, you would recall his claim that 3 Muslim women were caned for Sharia infringements at the Kajang Prison. But so far, only he has said it. Not the police, not the Prison authorities and not even the sharia courts. Of course it got published and played out for a few days. But no one knows for a fact that three women were indeed caned.

But why did he need to do it? Well, it was a few days before Kartika was to have an audience with the Sultan of Pahang or his Regent. Hisham needed to make it easy and tried to pave the way for the Sultan to not issue the pardon and to have Kartika caned. He provided the Sultan a precedent, conveniently days before he was to make his decision over Kartika.

Thankfully, the Sultan did not believe him and get influenced by Hisham's manufactured precedent for women being caned.

But in the process of carrying out these arrangements and manufacturing Hisham is getting Civil Servants and uniformed staff to compromise themselves when they hold their tongue and back up his lies. I wonder how many of them want to strangle him. I am still calling Hisham's bluff over his arrangements and manufactured stories.