Thursday, July 28, 2011


The Malaysian Insider reports that DPM Muhyiddin pledges RM100,000 to all BN Member of Parliament (MP) supposedly to fund minor projects within their respective constituencies. My question is why only to BN MP’s, and if the allocation is coming from taxpayers money, are the opposition MP’s not entitled to such an allocation? I would understand if the allocation is coming from party fund, but if it isn’t, I think the opposition MP’s too deserve to get a similar allocation.

I simply cannot understand the reason why are the opposition MP’s being discriminated, and only BN MP’s are the preferred lot. Are the opposition MP’s not the elected representative of the people of this country, the very people that voted the BN to power? Or is the BN disavowing the people that voted the opposition as non Malaysian citizens?

This is a dangerous precedent set by the BN government that can make them lose further their popularity, and even be ousted in the next GE. Losing a constituency does not mean that the voters deserve to be victimized? Losing only means that the candidate isn’t popular enough or maybe there is nothing good about him, or the commonly word used now is that the candidate isn’t a winnable candidate. Now who do you blame if the BN candidate loses? Definitely not the voters, especially so today when even our kampong folks knows how to choose i.e. a ‘saint’ or a ‘devil’. And devils are easily found among the many contending candidates today.

Now there are rumors floating around that the 13 GE is expected to be held before the end of the year. I expect this to be true because PM Najib need to qualify and confirm his status as a truly elected PM, and not a PM by default. Former PM Abdullah Badawi did call for an election soon after being appointed as the PM and won resoundingly. Najib missed that golden opportunity to call for a snap election when his popularity was riding high. I dare not say the same now for Najib whose popularity is obviously too dented by the many ‘errors and misjudgment’ that he has committed. I even notice that he has lost his focus when making an impromptu speech. The words and language he uses is no longer appealing nor is it soothing to the ear; it is as if he is desperate and speaks out of anger and disappointment.

The walk-about that Najib does so often now, I think to appease the people, and more so to gauge his popularity is sometimes marred by the very people that surrounds him. If Najib’s walk-about is aimed at meeting the people, then the people must be allowed to extend their hands to Najib. But what I saw on You Tube of an incident where a supposedly Bersih supporter was dragged away from handing a letter to Najib by the police, only makes a total mockery of Najib’s walk-about. Had the Bersih supporter been allowed to hand the letter, it would have boosted the image of Najib as someone who cares regardless of who the person was. Making Najib too exclusive and out-of-bound to the people’s reach makes the walk-about a poor publicity stunt. Maybe, I do not blame Najib for this, but I blame it on the overzealous and over protective police escorts that surrounds Najib like a caged lion.



LIBERO said...

Tidak ada apa yang peliknya Dato' tetapi diberikan peruntukan itu baru pelik nama nya. It time to change.

ommo said...

Salam Dato'
It's obvious that we dealing with an empire that treat others like almost the enemy of the state. Just look at Kelantan where the Kelantan JKKN is headed by somebody from the Federal Government and not the MB as required for the last umpteen years. Therefore we can see that UMMO is treating PAS who are headed by Leaders of same race and religion as though they are like almost enemy of the state, i.e. they use these government bodies as their own political tool and not to share government secrets which they should. What if the CM or MB is a non Malay as there are now so treating other Malaysians as almost the enemy of the state will be much worse.
So allocations of Funds to their own gang is a small matter for them. This is the sort of mindset and action that we Malays and Malaysian in general must overcome otherwise we cannot progress to the next level. We may have good technology and wealth but the wrong mindset and attitude will make these assets and actions come to naught.
Now on Leadership, it takes BN a little magnanimous action by their leaders to give the impression they are so good but the opposition has to work ten times harder to convince the Rakyat because of lopsided playing field. But when your intentions are not correct and sincerity doubted then the result is shoddy. This what happens to BN leadership they try to do good but always have ulterior motive to make money, I believe the biometric system for the election is one good example. The system is good but if the Managers are bad then the credibility goes down the drain (so probably they try to have the cake and eat it). Even in US they had problem with these, any computer system can be hacked or compromised. However if the EC is manage by neutrals with both the incumbents and the opposition participating then the election can proceed with credibility.

We Malaysians must look at the governance and the present executive branch of the government with the knowledge that all is not right and therefore we should change not because we want change but with our prayers and God willing we need to change for the better and at the same to tell the all politicians that the playing fields are not theirs alone. This middle group of people who are not affiliated to any group should make their stance. I believe in Muslim Malay dominance in politics but not at the expense of Justice. As a Muslim I believe God has created us as different races to experience in dealing with each other fairly.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Ommo,

I have all along been harping on the issue of a Melayu menyusahkan orang Melayu lain. You comment about what is happening to Kelantan is apt. The situation was the same for Sabah during the time of Pairin, and the JKKN was headed by a Federal officer. Siapa yang susah - rakyat juga.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

We need to know where the fund for all BN MP come from.

If it come from BN fund itself, those MP from other than BN could not say anything.

If it come from KERAjaan, me too have the right to ask the justification on why only BN MP receive it.

The act of treating people with double standard is just another back-fire strategy and does not in line with 1Malaysia concept. I guess they just want to maintain the BN MP seats to what they have now.

This is also an admission that those NKRA (Najib Kerja Rosmah Arah), transformation here and there do not reach all Malaysian except those in KL only. To-date, I don't gain/benefit anything from so-called NKRA except increase of prices in almost everything.

On the other hand, this clearly give a message that there are camps in BN namely Umno. BN MP are seen putting a pistol on PM's head. How on earth can they unite all people especialy Malays when their are living berpuak-puak?