Friday, July 15, 2011


Something worthy has come out from the mouth of former Communication Minister Zainuddin Maidin who became famous for the comments he made regarding Bersih 1.0 rally on Al Jazeera TV network. I am still puzzled as to what was actually said by him or what he actually meant to say to the Al Jazeera interviewer that was spoken in English with a thick Kedah accent.

This time around, Zainuddin has somewhat mellowed. He was reported to have said that he supported the idea of allocating air time to the opposition lead party leaders to appear on national TV to present their respective party manifesto during the up-coming general elections. This is a marvel idea that was practiced by the Singapore PAP government during the recently held general elections, despite the PAP having a tight reign over all state apparatus; more so the media. But I do not know whether this idea is acceptable to the Najib’s administration. And even if Zainuddin’s idea is not acceptable to the government (which is most likely), the technology today has given people much easier and speedier access to the news broadcasting via the internet, and in real time too.

A good example of real time reporting via the internet was during the Bersih rally. I monitored the live events of the rally and the minute by minute reporting via Mob The visual coverage was extensive and I find it strange that Najib, Hishamuddin and including the IGP could report something that contradicts with the actual happenings that took place during the rally, particularly that of the police actions in handling the crowd. If the three could say that the police acted in total fairness, professional, non provocative, orderly and were not in any way violent towards the crowd, then I say that all three were wrong. I can also say that the numbers that participated in the rally as provided by the IGP in his press interview was grossly inaccurate.

I viewed a video on You Tube of an incident at the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station where a policeman was seen yelling and screaming like a man possessed by the devil, to a crowd that is peacefully walking out of the station. There were several Muslim women folks in the crowd, and I did not see any provocation by any member of the crowd that could have angered the policeman. What was featured in the video is certainly not an act of professionalism by a policeman. I think the policeman ought to be taught manners in dealing with a peaceful crowd, more so if there are women in the crowd. What bothers me most is that the policeman is a Malay, and to be seen screaming like a mad dog at a group of Malays in the presence of the women folk is outrageous and plain kurang ajar. If only the parents of the policeman had seen the video, they would have been ashamed.

Certainly, we did see a minister in complete denial, or was he plain ignorant of the action of the policemen in the Tung Shin hospital chemical laced water spraying incident? Despite the video recording featured on You Tube, Health Minister Liow Tiong Lai has denied that there was no water spraying incident at Tung Shin hospital. If the minister is blind, then I can forgive him for being ignorant; but he is neither blind, deaf nor mute. A quick denial seems to be the common strategy adopted by our leaders when faced with a serious question. But they are quick to exploit issues that serve their best interest. Now, will the minister makes a quick U Turn to what he has said, just like his boss in the ‘stadium-no- stadium’ affair?

Finally, to Zainuddin Maidin, I hope your noble suggestion can be heard by your colleague in government, and if they don’t, I suggest you write an open letter to Najib and post it in your blog. And isn’t this one of the demands made by Bersih 2.0?



FreeYellowMan said...

"Zainuddin ... was reported to have said that he supported the idea of allocating air time to the opposition lead party leaders to appear on national TV to present their respective party manifesto during the up-coming general elections."

This is a perfect example of the typical BN-speak. To say something that sounds like the right thing to do, but then to put roadblocks all along the way so that it can never be realised. "Sure, present your manifesto". "But we did not say that you can discuss it further than that, nor engage the public."

What is needed is unfettered, fair access to the MSM so that the rural communities are presented with both sides of the story, and then they can decide how to cast their vote. The only way this is ever going to happen is to change the laws that presently strangle freedom of speech.

Malaysian said...

We watched all the video on Bersih rally that showed the brutality of the police towards fellow Malaysian. Sadly, people from ruling party denied force had been used. How can they ignore these video clips? If they can denied action caught on video I am sure they too can denied corruption and money laundering existed! What about Teoh Beng Hock, Allahyarham Ahmad Sarbani, and Allahyarham Baharuddin death?

To my fellow Malaysian, Bersih is not about supporting Pakatan but justice. We must do all we can to campaign for Bersih. Our founding fathers fought real hard to gain independence and we do all we can to save the country. Thus, lets wear yellow color this Saturday.