Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Can there be no other reputable person for Utusan Malaysia (UM) to solicit a comment on the Bersih rally? Is UM running short of commentators that they are forced to solicit an ex-con for a comment in the person of the former IGP Rahim Nor? Why Rahim Nor? Did they not know that he was the person that ‘butchered’ Anuar Ibrahim blue in the famous black eye incident in 1998? Why not a more respectable and honourable person like Tun Hanif Omar or any other former IGP’s except this Rahim Nor? I know the reason? UM is trying to pit Rahim Nor with Anuar Ibrahim again in order to incite a response from Anuar. This is a silly move by UM; pitting others to sensationalize a news report in order to increase its declining sales. I might as well tell you that I have ceased reading or even getting near UM for years now. I think UM is only good as a toilet paper.

UM carried a report of a statement by Rahim Nor quote, “that there were parties who wanted any country that was against Jews and Israel to be toppled” unquote. And this statement, I think is made in reference to the Bersih rally and I believe too that Anuar is the inferred person in the statement, unless UM can categorically deny this. I would like to challenge Rahim Nor to come out straight with his statement by revealing to all Malaysians who were the parties involved in wanting to toppled the government. And as I have said in my previous article, I will be the first person to rise a challenge against such parties, if indeed the statement by Rahim Nor is true.

Now, when the opposition raised the issue of APCO, a company that is reportedly linked with a Jew in parliament, several opposition leaders were banned for several months from attending parliamentary sitting. It seems that a Jewish company has been accorded ‘immunity’ by parliament and the name APCO is so sacred. And if indeed APCO is linked to the Jews and Israel, and is still under the pay roll of the government, I can also infer that APCO may have a hand in the Bersih rally. Definitely, APCO wasn’t on the side of Bersih.

I kept repeating that this blaming game has to stop, and it has to stop now. I and many others get no satisfaction from hearing the garbage that comes out from some of our leaders in their attempt to justify their cause. And now, to have UM to promote an ex-con as their new found hero is most disgusting.



Malaysian said...


Is Utusan Malaysia used to be like this during the early 50s and 60s? I just find it amazing reading Utusan Malaysia. You should read Chinese papers such as Sinchew on their english website. I think the reporter is more professional than UM.


Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I agree UM is thoroughly absorbent and goes right up your alley. Maybe they can sell to the Jews. Wait, do Jews use toilet paper?

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

There is a confirmed report saying that Utuseks Meloya's decline in sales of its newspapers.

They are to give so-called free copies to some Chinese schools but being rejected by its Board.

There is a case in which court has ordered the company to backpay some bonus to its employees upon lying on its profitability.

Just imagine, if they could lie to their employees, lying to other readers is definitely part of their modus operandi.

Very good joke Mej AR Ramachandran.