Wednesday, July 20, 2011


IGP Ismail Omar announced that investigations into allegations of police brutality during the Bersih rally are to be made known to the public. The police is said to have established a number of committees to investigate the allegations aimed at establishing the truth, hopefully without prejudice to the parties being investigated, that could then redeemed public support and confidence towards the police force. Beside these police investigations, SUHAKAM and the Health Ministry are said to be conducting some form of investigation also related to the Bersih rally. I think this is good as more investigations are conducted by different agencies/bodies, the people could then accept the findings to be more balanced and fair.

There have however been some comments made with regards to the police conducting an investigation on the conduct of its own members. I too have some reservation concerning this as there is always the tendency to be bias when investigating someone of your own kind. If it were an investigation that is confine to the police only without a third party involvement, than I deem the investigation proper. However, in the case of the rally, there were many parties involved and it would not be proper if such parties are not called in to have their statements taken. I would have thought that rather than have so many parties investigating, let there be just one properly constituted investigation body, incorporating right minded members of the public, NGO’s, members of the legal fraternity and the police to wholly investigate the complaints reported, either to the police, SUHAKAM or elsewhere. Such an investigative body formed, I think should be well received by the public.

Let me be forthright by saying that I am not in any way discrediting nor doubting the intention of the police to conduct their investigation on reports of alleged police brutality. Rather, let’s allow them to do their job, and as professionals I believe they will do their job well. I also believe that what they are trying to do hopefully is also to find ways and methods to further improve the performance of the police in dealing with a public rally in the future………not one that is arrogant, violent and abrasive, but a police force that is truly the people’s force.



Anonymous said...

I dont believe in all these 'Chinese Opera' Drama like investigations to be conducted by the Police.It is an idiotic senseless fiat by the authority to champion their own cause. At the end of the inquiries all papers will be given to the 'kachang putih'seller for its known purpose.I still think that a legal recourse should be the best action,meaning the PDRM and the Government shall be made as the defendant in civil suit by all parties aggreaved or damaged by the Police.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

Me too, hope the Police will investigate without fear & favour. However, having heard/read so many negative remarks on the Police lately, I'm little bit concern on the outcome of the result/report/finding.

No further comment... wanna wait for Bersih 907 or 709 videos to be published and aired by them. Then we see either the said videos need to be sent to USA or KRU Production to check either genuine or not, the actors are real or not. Heheeheee....

TAG said...

I was there at the Bersih rally, front enough in the crowd ( from pasar seni, chinatown ,pudu raya, tung shin hospital, jalan ampang and finally klcc)to see what actually happened.I had my taste of the water cannon and the tear gas but that's another story.

From the eyes of the trained, the game plan of the police was quite obvious. Breaks the crowd up with water cannons and tear gas so that no big crowds could be formed. Once the crowd broke up, the police 'arresters' would moved up to arrest as many as possible.Yes as many as possible, not notional arrests.

Nothing wrong with the game plan. We would plan similarly in our days.Nothing wrong with the FRUs.Their SOPs have not changed. I think they just got nervous over the big crowd which explained the sustained tear gas.

In my opinion what went wrong were the police arresters - young able bodied policemen,none of those with familiar flabby stomach first physique.Many exercised maximum force.They lost themselves with the excitement and the freedom to whack. The videos cannot lie.Very very obvious they are not trained, at best ill trained.

Now back to what WaliMuar said.I agree with him. It will be a wayang kulit, sandiwara, silap mata whatever you want to call it. A futile exercise.

The conclusion is obvious. The Police were not prepared, training wise and scenario wise.No way they will admit their wrongs and incriminate themselves.

They planned for one scenario and one scenario only. Otherwise please explain why tear gas a crowd that sang the 'negara ku' and have the shape and size of a mardi gras.

As it is they were already unprofessional but if their game plan is politically motivated instead of plain police work, then they have sold their souls to the devils.

Save your kind words Dato.For the moment until we changed the national leadership, our Police Force will remain a third world force and like we put it in the Army, marking time lah.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear TAG,

It was just a cautionary word to the police. We have to give them a chance, but if there are trying to hoodwink the people by closing all their investigation papers concerning their abuses against the people during the rally, the people's silence will be reawakened.

samsaimon said...

Salam Dato'

TAG is of your kind. Read somewhere, he is Sandhurst trained. We are proud that you know the truth and are involved.