Saturday, July 16, 2011


Come on Awang Adek…………freezing the account of Bersih, an NGO that is fighting for your constitutional rights and the rights of all Malaysians? This is utter rubbish, and are you paranoid?

Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek has said that the assets of those believed to be participating in activities deemed risky to the nation’s security, if the police recommended so, can be frozen by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). Awang Adek was making this statement in reference to Bersih where he believes that Bersih had received some form of external funding. So what if it was externally funded? And by the way, what proof does Awang Adek have to suspect that the fund will be used to sponsor terrorism or the like that can threaten national security. Once again, may I ask is this the assessment from our renowned SB, or is it another cock and bull story like the findings of some parangs, plastic bottled Molotov cocktail and more Bersih yellow T Shirts? Mind you plastic bottles don’t easily break upon impact.

What threat to national security is Awang Adek talking about? Is Bersih to his twisted mind seriously a threat to national security? Is he to believe that the Bersih sponsored people’s rally held recently, and the pandemonium that broke loose was caused by the participant’s themselves? And may I ask, was he there at the rally as an eye witness to the pandemonium or was he merely echoing the statements of his bosses?

Please Awang Adek, you have better things to look at? Why don’t you just find out the billions of ringgit that have been filtered out off this country that escaped your notice and that of BNM? If you do not have a twisted mind, then I am quite sure you can locate and determine the individuals involved in this massive money laundering scandals that to me, is much more serious than the fund received by Bersih. If you are serious is doing your job, you may find that some or if not all the money launderers are people that you might know. Why don’t you do a spot check of some of the Menteri Besar, for some may be money laundering themselves. And do you not know what will be the ripple effect if this country were to go bankrupt because of the loss of billions of ringgit? I will tell you that there will be a people’s uprising or even a revolution. Is this what you want to see happening to this country?

So please Awang Adek, do not be too concern with the source of money for Bersih. And as I have said, this 67 year old retired soldier will rise to fight against Bersih if indeed the money is to be used to topple the government via an uprising. Be rest assured.

And for the last time, please stop demonizing Bersih, for it is you and your colleague that do not wish to see the demands of Bersih succeed. Most have a lot to lose if the demands are met, and I think this is the reason why you are all out to fault Bersih. Declaring illegal the yellow colour is bad enough. Now you try and find ways and reasons to freeze the assets of Bersih. I call this stupidity at its meanest.

I am staunchly for Bersih and its cause (not an uprising please). I believe in fairness and full transparency in the electoral system. If you think likewise, you ought not to be afraid. But if you continue to have a twisted mind, then there is nothing that I can do to persuade you to think like me.



sang kancil said...

Mr Raji,

I salute you. I sincerely there are more Malays like you would stnad up and be counted.

EAGLE said...

ARha... this guy oops... a minister must be enjoying his expensive cigar somewhere and when kepala pening lalat started to talk cock!
His brain will be frozen.

samsaimon said...

salam Dato'

What do you expect from a Deputy Minister who lost in GE 12. That's why he's not made a full minister.

suhaimi said...

Salam Dato'
Awang Adek dah terikut-ikut merepek-repek. Dia tak mahu ketinggalan nampaknya. Siapa lagi orang-orang besar yang akalnya pendek belum lagi bagi pandangan pelik? Cepat jangan terlambat!Hentamlah apa saja asalkan tuan dan puan selamat dan nampak hebat.

leisureman said...

Dia nak dapat tambahan "wang ekshan" untuk kawasan Tanah Merah, Kelantan - nak lawan Tok Guru la ???

Unknown said...

A stupid fool minister

komando said...




Delta Mike said...

Pak Chat,
Bersih is "KOTOR" and they are not an NGO fighting for our constitutional rights...there was definitely a tinge of politic when DSAI and Hadi Awang took part in the rally...c'mon Pak Chat, lets look at their real agenda...I am convinced that they are out to sabotage the BN government without due regards to the well-being of our beloved Malaysia.
So, why must you go against Awang Adek who is out to prove that there are outside agency supporting the Bersih movement? I call upon Awang Adek to act accordingly...please proof to us that there are funds credited by foreign agent into individual account to support Bersih and freeze that account...Cakap mesti bikin...

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Delta Mike,

I do not wish to get into an argument with you. You can have your say, and let me have mine.

You know, Allah has created us to be different. No two people are alike. Even twins think differently. So let's leave it at that.

Keep commenting. I sometimes like your comments. It's mind provoking.

taming said...

Dato' Arshad and Delta Mike,

I see you both have good points.

Though I knew, I went further to check the credibility of Ambiga and Bersih by talking to some "intelligence boys" to find out exactly what was behind "bersih rally". I suggest you too can do the same as I am sure you still have excess to some privilege informations.

Ambiga has made it! With her arrogance and aggression, she would be an excellent figure to lead PKR after Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah and I would support this lady to be in the opposition.

Awang Adek, if the government has enough proof to what you have indicated, SHOW it, freeze the funds and serve them right... jangan cakap-cakap kosong politik aje!

The Bersih street demonstartion on 9 Jul 2011 was a IMAGE LOSS to MALAYSIA and a GREAT LOSS to ORANG MELAYU!


Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Taming,

Got your point. Let us not look back. What's ahead is more important as this will ensure the future of our it the better or the worse.

FreeYellowMan said...

The one thing that I would like to say is that Delta Mike is somewhat right to ask that this be investigated. BUT only when there is first a level playing field. If one would stop and think what it is like to fight for a cause with the full brunt of the government machinery on top of your head, then you might not be so quick to fault others. Make it a level playing field first and then ideas can compete for the hearts of all Malaysians.

What is a level playing field?

Even if one believes it is necessary to "register" as an organisation, then be transparent and do it. How long has Pakatan Rakyat been waiting for registration? It's not fair.

Bersih 2.0 is an idea. Why do ideas need to be registered? Even if you believe it needs to be registered, then do it. Why withhold it and then build up a case that it is illegal because it is not registered. That's what you call convoluted reasoning - it's illegal because it's illegal... It's not fair.

1Malaysia is an idea. Jom Heboh is an idea. Just two examples. Are these registered? Even if they are, I am sure they did not have to wait ages to be registered. It's not fair

Why is there not fair and equal access being given to all political parties by the main stream media? It's not fair.

Why is it not allowed for others to set up main stream media entities just because they oppose BN? It's not fair.

And before someone says, well they have access to the internet, then all I can say is there is a obviously a sinister reason behind that. The rural community is known not to access internet media much, if any. It's not fair to withhold access to broadcast and print media. However it seems here that the sooner they close down the better.

Why are media outlets threatened if they do not tow the official line? It's not fair.

Why is it that main stream media is so blatantly biased in their "reporting"? In fact it is not "news reporting" but rather commentary and point of view of one side only. Reporting means that one presents the events of the day. But when someone like TV3 in their prime time news makes a statement, by a "reporter himself", that "orang yang tak bertanggungjawab" is responsible -- even before it is declared illegal - then that is an opinion or commentary. It is not news. It is someone's opinion, in this case the propaganda of the ruling party. (this is just one example of the constant propaganda). In some ways that's fine (or unpreventable) if one wants to allow that, but it is dressing a wolf in sheep's clothing. And if one does this and if you have to allow others to establish their counter point to the public then it is not fair, and is a disservice to the public.

to be continued...

FreeYellowMan said...


While I am on the subject of mainstream media, the current status is even more sinister. When anyone from the ruling party makes media statements, more times than not, they obfuscate the point (mengelirukan). This is by no means limited to Malaysian politicians, as in fact this is somewhat an accepted definition of a politician - to lie without being caught in the lie. And the best ones make it an art to obfuscate (confuse the truth). That is the main reason that freedom of the press is so important - to search and find those with counter points and explain the issues clearly to the public so that they can make their own decisions. I know, I know. The media has an agenda.... In some cases it's true of course (just look at Malaysian media). But it is by far safer to have a free media and an independent judiciary so that there can be checks and balances. Then it is fair to the public.

I have not really even touched on the the 8 points of Bersih2.0, except the media concern. There are those who say that they should discuss with the authorities rather than rally. But when the authorities are experts at obfuscation, and there is no one to call them on that in the public space, then there is really no point. And not for trying either. The core issue of Bersih has been out there in the public's mind even before Bersih1.0. It's all about being fair and a level playing field. That's all.

And then we come back to the issue of "foreign funding" for Bersih2.0 as purported by some. This is a classic example of obfuscation -- Oh shit, they took 2 dollars from someone overseas ! Must be a foreign agent ! The sky is falling...

Why is Bersih not legal?
Because they did not register.
Why did they not register?
But they are illegal.
Why are they illegal?
Because they did not register.
Why did they not register?
Because they are illegal

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear FreeYellowMan

Interesting discourse. You opened up to a lot ideas and thoughts. I like it. Regards.

RGJ said...

If only we have leaders who think like you Malaysia would have been a woderful place for all Malaysians. I would not have migrated abroad. Brother you are a thinking person.

RGJ said...

Yellow is a colour. Bersih is a word. How do you ban a colour. Where is the legal rational. How do I explain to my friends or any foreigners. Stupidity has a level but this kind of activity is beyond comprehension.
Dato I salute you. You have greatness in you