Monday, July 4, 2011


I honestly think that most UMNO/BN leaders have all gone berserk over the Bersih issue. However, there are some sensible and like minded UMNO/BN leaders though. These opposing factions within UMNO/BN must have sense a serious threat to their position and status. Not a day is without a statement from an UMNO/BN leader condemning the intended Bersih rally as a real threat to national security. What threat to national security are they talking about when the rally is all about the expression and demands of the people’s rights to free and fair elections? Even SUHAKAM deemed the rally as within the bounds of the people’s rights. The legal fraternity echoes a similar view.

Threat to national security is the ‘tag line’ the government has been saying all along; contrary to the claims made by Bersih which the government denounces. Now who are we to believe? The latest and the most unthinkable and outrageous statement came from none other than Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam. He had suggested that Ambiga’s citizenship be stripped off or that she is declared a restricted resident and her movements curtailed. Do we not see the stupidity in Ali Rustam? What reasoning is this? Like all others, Ali Rustam reasoned that the Bersih rally is all about causing apprehension, fear and untold destruction to the country. Now, to counter this perceived fear, PESAKA a Malay martial arts organization is ready to deploy 4 million of its members to join the rally to act against Bersih provocateurs’. This is unbelievable; 4 million and where is that number coming from, I wonder?

Now, who is Ali Rustam trying to lie? May I ask him who the provocateurs are? By suggesting that PESAKA deploys 4 million of its members, who then become the provocateurs? Will PESAKA members bring along their sharpened keris soiled in ‘air limau nipis’? Is Ali Rustam expecting that this Bersih rally will shed blood, and whose blood will it be………Malays, Chinese, Indians, Babas and Nyonyas? What nonsense is this coming from a so called Malay leader, who was once claimed to be involved in money politics (corruption). Can someone tell me if this Ali Rustam can be a trusted and worthy Malay leader? I don’t think so and with 4 million members; that will empty the entire Malacca state of its entire population (including Indonesian illegals).

It saddens me to hear our Malay leaders talk about expecting the worse and a possibility that blood is spilled, even before the rally. To you Ali Rustam, I have this to say………please be more responsible and sensible in lashing out your thoughts. Think of the repercussion and who do you think will be the biggest losers? It is your Malay brethrens; your own race.



Wood said...

Where has all the good leader gone?

Is it also part of the brain drain?

Or is it part of the political system that only those well connected be allowed to climb up the political ladder?

maurice said...

Of course, Rastam Ali has made a stupid statement by suggesting such action towards Ambiga.It shows Rastam Ali cannot be trusted to lead the nation.He has shown himself to be incapable of undertaking rational thinking when confronted with a serious political problem.To my mind the ones that should be stripped of their citizenship are those involved in corrupt practices.

If you happen to read the articles by Wong Chun Wai, Joceline Tan and Chandra Muzaffar in Sunday's STAR (3 July) their writings are something to ponder upon.

hexhar said...

Who gave Datukship to SRK? None other than this nincompoop

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Maurice,

Yes, a lot has been said about corruption among politicians and government officers. Even Tun Mahathir had said that corruption in UMNO/BN is beyond redemption. This can be the cause for the government to crumble, and Najib must realise this.

komando said...

People who are found guilty of corruption is to be beheaded!

That serves as a grave warning to potential wannabes!
Not take away their citizenships!

That is too lenient...billions wasted thru kickbacks, backdoors, under the table, free-bies, horse shows, carrot shows, lap dances you name it they will provide it PRONTO!

Al they want is a free lunch and a big one!

All in the name of being a government servant...serving their own stomachs and cronies too!



Sweet Lips said...

I am very sad to be an Anak Melaka to have a CM like this. Very dissapointing remarks from a CM. If you do come by Ipoh or Penang, please contact me for a teh tarik

nookvillage said...

In Corruption matters who are the culprits and who really enjoyed and benefitted most?

astina said...

First f all ..Thank you for your positive views .
Further to this i would like to add the fact that the Silat Lincah head was previously remanded in Pulau Jerejak.
With such a "chequered" past , its actually mind boggling that he is now a Tan Sri ..
As a mahaguru (with 3 wives) he had claimed he wont be able to control the emotions of his students ?..Wat kind of mahaguru is this ?..Wouldnt the students be respectuful and adhere to his commands if he directs them to do otherwise ?

And Ali RUST is saying 4 million silat exponents will come forth ?..from where ?
Is this the best CM Melaka can find ?

astina said...

We are running out of good leaders..because BN leaders have compromised for their self sustanance ( incl cronies) the fact that only 191 umNO branches get decide who will be the PM.If its an open election , then we will have a future ..

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Astina, excon awarded the honorific title of Tan Sri. This is a strange world we live in. What about the child molestor? You know who?

Janet Foo-Pereira said...

Shabas Tuan Mohd Arshad Raji and the rest of you who commented! True stupidity manifest itself in the things a person said!! Rustam talked about spilling blood for the bersih rally! This is EVIL!! If that happens, will he, his family and his cronies suffer??!! No! They will be safe in their well-guarded homes while the rakyat on the streets will suffer! How can a politician who is suppose to care fo his rakyat said such things to provoke such negative happenings! Malu only for us Malaysians to have politician like that! Muntah darah lah!!