Friday, July 15, 2011


Wow…………the Queen of England wore a yellow dress when PM Najib had an audience with her. Did she not know that yellow is a highly sensitive colour in Malaysia? Or was the Queen trying to snub PM Najib? Or was the yellow colour a patch up work by some IT wizard? Whatever assumption one makes, this is sure to be news, not in the mainstream media, but certainly in the alternative media.

If indeed the Queen did wear a yellow coloured dress, I personally think this cannot be a coincidence. London too was abuzz with the Bersih rally on July 9th in front of the Malaysian High Commission, and the illegal yellow coloured shirt was prominently displayed by the protestors. Surely the Queen knows this and what the yellow colour signifies. Fortunately, no arrests were made since our Malaysian laws in respect of the yellow colour, have no legal standing in London.

Malaysia certainly has set much unique precedence with its Malaysia Boleh slogan. But they have stretched the slogan a bit too far where even a specific colour can be subjected to the law. Yes, it was black once before, now it is yellow and what next. This law is so unique that my friend from India had a big laugh upon hearing that there is such a law in Malaysia making it illegal to adorn a certain colour. I personally think the initiators of such a law have gone loco, and this must have permeated down into the head our leaders and even infected some of our lawmakers.

In the next few days, I will be receiving some friends from Singapore and I am now in serious dilemma. Will I tell them not to wear anything yellow or anything with the shade of yellow? What if they drive into Kuala Lumpur in a yellow coloured car? Will they need to abandoned their car outside the borders of Kuala Lumpur, and takes a taxi into town? These are serious questions requiring serious answers for I do not wish to see my foreign friends arrested, yelled at and dumped into a dilapidated cell.

I sometimes think how nonsensical people can be when they fear that their position is in jeopardy. In the case of the yellow shirt, I think Hishamuddin feared for his position and likewise some others in the government too. I do not understand the process taken by Hishamuddin in declaring that the yellow coloured T shirt is illegal. Who makes and decides upon the punishment if someone were to breach the law. It seems so simple; just announce it and bingo, it becomes law. Now, go on with the arresting spree. Strip off anyone seen wearing a yellow shirt. Handcuff them and shove them into the van. If they resist arrest, just kick them or do whatever you like with them. Now you see what has become of that rotten law; abuse by our men in blue onto the ordinary people who were merely demanding their constitutional rights.

I have just returned from the obligatory Friday prayer at Bukit Antarabangsa mosque and you know what? The sermon was on the responsibilities of a leader. I think the sermon is timely because it is closely related to the happenings in this country today i.e. the massive abuse by leaders, issues of corruption that goes unabated, ignoring the plight faced by society today, arrogance and several others. The imam concluded by saying that leaders will be questioned for all their deeds and misdeeds on earth in the hereafter, and ends the sermon with a stern warning that the wrath of Allah is indeed severe for those who have ignored and failed to heed the teachings and exemplary deeds of Prophet Mohammed PBUH and the holy Koran.

I just wonder, how many of our leaders (referring to the Muslim leaders) today are in strict compliance with the teachings and exemplary deeds of Prophet Mohammed PBUH and the holy Koran? Yes, no one will know it except when one is buried six feet under.



Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

OMG Dato'
I admire your postiveness. Today, without batting an eyelid, they can swear in the name of god. they can fornicate without boundaries. They can amass filthy wealth and not care a damn for the hereafter. All that matters is today I am and tomorrow, I will be. So what's the point of harping on goodness etc. We have indeed descended into "hell on earth".

sympathiser said...

The fact that the so called "leaders" can make such trivial and unthinkingly stupid decision like banning a yellow coloured T-shirt with a totally ordinary and harmless word "Bersih" on it reveals the desperation and absolutely brain dead nature of the 'leaders" concerned.

Its very scary to think that these sorts of people are actually managing the country's affairs with this caliber of thinking.

The more of such responses we see from the people in authority the more convinced we are that change is necessary.