Saturday, July 9, 2011


Disgusting………..that’s what I can conclude after monitoring the ugly happenings around the city over the Bersih rally from the internet and the minute by minute flow of reports that I get from friends who are at the scene of the rally. Disgusting, because the government has allowed the police absolute freedom to do what they think is legally correct, thus absolving any blame and responsibility should the situation deteriorate into anarchy and complete public disorder. Is this a responsible government that we yearn to have; the slogan blaring government of ‘Rakyat di dahulukan; Pencapaian di utamakan’. That slogan has no relevance now and it is best that it be changed to ‘Rakyat diperbodohkan; Kuasa memerintah dikekalkan’.

What I saw is likened to a state that is under severe emergency rule where people are just being picked up randomly and paraded into caged vehicles. Such a scene is what I regularly view happening in some third world down trodden African states on Al Jazeera TV network. Where these caged people are taken to is unknown, but hopefully they are being fed and kept alive. There wasn’t any looting, burning or killers running amok by Bersih supporters that had been drummed up endlessly by the government, its media and leaders prior to the rally. It was peaceful by all standards and clearly it was a people’s show of unity to demand what is rightfully theirs, that is, free and fair elections.

The ugly situation that Malaysians and the entire world witnessed today, I believe could have been avoided, if parties to this whole episode have placed the nation’s interest first before self. Common sense has to prevail and although the parties may not be able to reach a conclusive understanding or agreement over some dissenting issues, the least is that an effort has been made to get parties to talk and to develop some comforting levels of understanding. Cutting off any attempt at a negotiation between the parties is totally wrong, and this will further incite intolerance, bitterness and hate. This is what happened between the government and all other parties. But who are we to blame? Are the demands by Bersih too difficult to meet? Or is the government by declaring that Bersih is an unlawful organization; hence the Bersih rally is automatically declared an illegal assembly that need no further consideration?

Bersih’s primary agenda and demand is purely for an election reform, which is suspect, flawed and abused to favour the ruling government during an election. Proof of that has been made known to the Election Commission (EC) and the government on several occasions, but was never given a good hearing. It would appear that what is good for the EC is deemed good for the people. The use of the indelible ink that was to be applied during the last GE was somehow withdrawn the very last minute for reasons best known to the EC. The largest democracy in the world i.e. India had used the indelible ink to a great success. Even some down trodden African states had use it, so why can’t we, if indeed we are a practitioner of democracy of the western model? Losing public money for the purchase of the indelible ink and later throwing it away is of no concern. It’s the people’s money anyway; not mine, so why worry. There is no public accountability, no conscience.

Some lessons of this afternoon’s rally have to be learnt by both Bersih and the government’s apparatus. While both parties claim success, the losers as of now are obviously the business concerns, traders and shop owners. The main loser can only be realized in the next few days or months when world opinion begins to be heard and foreign direct investment begins to dwindle, and it will only be then that the full brunt of the government’s folly will be felt.



EAGLE said...

Tak kira la siapa menang dan siapa kalah but the real joke is when someone endorsed a group of people as the 3rd line of defense and today if you were around you will laugh watching how those goons behaved when fired by that special water. WTF!
But let it be reminded please don't take the rakyat for granted, Unless the government is made up of idiots!
The message is loud and clear.

bumi-non-malay said...

Now we have to Wear black on Merdeka August 31 / Setember 16 and clap your hands as ACT of Defiance to Ruling Elite ....try to make hand clapping illegal this time!!....this time Najib and all UMNO-Bn cannot run away from the parade of Rakyat Defiance.....If indelible ink is too hard basket...then UMNO-BN must go!! No other reasons needed!!


Do Good, Hate Evil = Hate UMNO and all their tools!!

hussin said...

depa bawa bendera, kena sembur baling bendera lari lintang pukang. third line of defence? what a mockery. itulah wajah sebenar umno!

Delta Mike said...

Dato Arshad.
Its not a matter of who wins or who looses. Its simply an unwarranted rally that depicts the unstable state of our nation. Bersih leaders should not be arrogant and adamant to continue with their intended rally after being given audience by His Majesty The King. The leader, especially Datuk Ambiga should seek amicable solutions to their demands. Unfortunately, she resort to continue with the rally regardless of possibility inciting serious repercussion to public peace and harmony.
I am a peace loving ex-officer who had cared for the country during my 35 years with the MAF. I despised person like Datuk Ambiga for creating unrest and getting the Malay oppsition leaders the like DSAI, Dato Hadi Awang and the PAS team to walk with her and support her mission. Mr Ngeh was the only non-Malay leader while Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh kept away from the fracas.
In the end, the Malays were seen throwing objects at the Security Forces...Patriots, the Malay youth group were defying authorities... and Malays like you condemning the Government in power. On this score, my opinion is, the Malays lost because they were fighting against one another. Datuk Ambiga achieved her objective to prove Malay disunity at its best.

Delta Mike said...

Dato Arshad.
Its not a matter of who wins or who looses. Its simply an unwarranted rally that would depict the unstable state of our nation. Bersih leaders should not be arrogant and adamant to continue with their intended rally after being given audience by His Majesty The King. The leader, especially Datuk Ambiga should seek amicable solutions to their demands. Unfortunately, she resort to continue with the rally regardless of possibility inciting serious repercussion to public peace and harmony.
I am a peace loving ex-general who had cared for the country during my 35 years with the MAF. I despised person like Datuk Ambiga for creating unrest and getting the Malay oppsition leaders the like DSAI, Dato Hadi Awang and the PAS team to walk with her and support her mission. Mr Ngeh was the only non-Malay leader while Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh kept away from the fracas.
In the end, the Malays were seen throwing objects at the Security Forces...Patriots, the Malay youth group were ready to defy authorities... and Malays like you condemning the Government in power.
On this score, my opinion is, the Malays lost because they were easily conned to fight against one another. Datuk Ambiga achieved her objective to prove Malay disunity at its best. May Allah help us.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Delta Mike,

I respect your comments. But I think you have missed a vital point here i.e. to fully understand what Bersih is all about.

Bersih is not about politics. Neither is it about promoting any particular individual, politician or otherwise, let alone to create public disorder. It is about wanting a reform in our country's electoral system that you and I know is flawed and abused to favour one political party.

A much needed reform in our electoral system is for the good of all citizens regardless of one's political affiliation. There is no race or religious undertone.

We, while in the service knows how voting is carried out. I must say that I was also one of the culprit and I could not do anything to change it then.

This has to stop and Bersih intends to do just that. That's the reason why I am supportive of Bersih that is clearly seen as to be defending and demanding our constitutional rights.


Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato

It is either Delta Mike does understand what Bersih is all about & choose to be in denial syndrome or he just simply does not know.

Why this rally happened at the first place? Simple answer is people are too sick & tired with SPR where their patience have come to its limit.

Having a reform in our electoral system would read the current KERAjaan will be kicked out in GE-13. In the interim, they are in a hot soup & will do what ever it takes & cost to defend Putrajaya as what being said by Najib.

Supporting BERSIH for clean & fair election, against corruption does not mean you are anti-Islam just because the leader is non-muslim. There are many non-muslim leaders fighting for Muslim on the other side of this world.

It is good for Ambiga to prove at its best that Malay is not united. Question is, how to be united again?
1. By living in the most dirtiest election system?
2. By ignoring the right of people to choose their own gomen fairly?
3. By letting our brain to be in denial syndrome and live like an idiot cow?

You tell me!

It is all about how professional KERAjaan handles the issue from the beginning.

p/s: Pemimpin kalau tak boleh ditegur, jgn berangan nak jadi pemimpin, ok

maurice said...

I suppose still some kind of achievement with 50,000 turning up from the 1.6 million KLites.Unfortunately numbers count, so the small number will not create the necessary pressure intended to be achieved by the organizer.

Rally or no rally I support them on reforming postal voting and corruption.The postal voting that I knew of was easy to manipulate.If corruption was used as the rallying point for the rally, probably more KLites would turn-up.We see clean election as a political battle between political parties to gain power.

Ordinary KLites are fed-up with corruption that they have to face in their daily lives such as not getting driving license if you do not pay under the table, having to pay high fees to hire a house maid because decison-maker down the line are on the take, lack on enforcement on traffic offenders because some policemen can be bribed, so these drivers could do as they wish on the road etc..etc...People are just fed-up with all these toll-gates which affect them on a daily basis.

Delta Mike said...

Pak Chat,
I fully understand what Bersih stated Aim is all about but not very sure if their Objectives precisely support that stated Aim. While Datuk Ambiga led Bersih to demand a clean elections, she managed to drag DSAI and some of the PAS leaders to join her mission...thus Bersih had political tinge as demonstrated in the rally. I am also for a clean election process which up to the present time, I opined that the EC had done their job well. If the previous election was rigged, how come BN accepted Shahrizat lost to Nurul Izzah. Today, Najib further reiterated that the EC procedures would be improved as per Bersih requirements although Bersih had never presented any proof on incident of votes rigging.
Therefore, it was treacherous of Datuk Ambiga, DSAI and the PAS defiant group to continue with the street rally which had definitely tarnished the image of Malaysia. At the same time, Datuk Ambiga managed to amicably promotes the Malays confronting one another. A Smart Lady being supported by not very smart Malay Men.
Pak Chat,
If Datuk Ambiga was a sincere and true Malaysian, she should not resort to the street rally but could adopt other approach to resolve the issues. Definitely, there were other motives that deviated the Objectives from the Aim. Political motive? Sure, otherwise DSAI and Dato Hadi Awang should not be at the rally. It was clear that PKR and PAS motivated Datuk Ambiga to tarnish the BN, Malaysia and the Malays. Insyallah, PRU 13 will be clean and transparent..the Malay traitors would lick their wounds.

apek ironside said...

well said Dato Panglima, all the service men know how the vote was carried out in the ops areas and even in peace time inside the camp...that is why we need electoral reform, regardless of which political party doing it...


hussin said...

delta mike, after 35 years with maf this is what you can offer? you must be an apple polisher through out your career!

mask topeng said...

My Dear Delta Mike, are you really a "Peace loving ex-officer who had cared for the country during your 35 years with the MAF". You just sound like a "Bloody Farking Racist". Soldiers don't take sides, soldiers serve the King and the people.
For your information, SPB YDP Agong is not the King for the Malays, Tuanku is the King for all Malaysians, regardless what race and religion are you. Delta Mike i think you are watching too much of TV3 and reading a lot of the local news papers.
Don't you feel shame of yourself calling yourself a ex serviceman, during your service wasn't there any soldiers or officers from other races other than Malays serving under you.
I am really a shame of myself someone like posting such a comment here. PLEASE GROW UP OLD MAN.

Delta Mike said...

I fully understand the AIM of Bersih but doubtful if the OBJECTIVES support their AIM. There was definitely a tinge of politic when DSAI, Dato Hadi Awang and the PAS supporters walked with Datuk Ambiga. The rally was out to tarnish the image of our beloved Malaysia and to spoil our previous hard work that secured the present peace dividend. Datuk Ambiga and the Bersih group should choose a more amicable approach to endorse their grievances.
If the election system is flawed and abused,the EC should be admonish through the proper channel. Unfortunately, Datuk Ambiga is championing the grievances with ulterior motives (the hidden undertones)that upset her OBJECTIVES.
Dato Arshad,
As brothers-in-arms before, are your conscience clear when you indirectly accused the BN government purportedly practicing unfair tactics during the GE? The wrong-doings were merely suspicion. Otherwise, Shahrizat will not lose to Nurul Izzah.
Regardless of Bersih supposedly clean Aim, our King forbid the street rally and yet the Bersih group defied His Majesty's order. The BN government employed all avenues to defeat the arrogant Datuk Ambiga and her supporters. On that point I am fully supportive of the Government and police operations because in war, Sun Tzu and Clauswitz taught us to employ available assets to gain advantages to defeat the enemy. Notwithstanding, I was sadden when Datuk Ambiga succeeded in pitting the Malays to confront one another and the PKR and PAS that support her OBJECTIVES were the unsecured pawns in her wily chess game. The Bersih rally to an extend had tarnished our country's image. In all honesty, the group don't have Malaysia at heart.
PRU13 is on the horizon and YAB Dato Seri Najib today promised an improve election systems. Regardless, BN will triumph. The tsunami of 2008 will not be there because Bersih had flawed and abused the Malays. The Malays that unconsciously supported Datuk Ambiga's ulterior motives must recover and rallied behind the BN instead of rallying on the street with her.
May I suggest you review your conclusion, after objectively assessing the Bersih purported Aim, Objectives, Executions and Results from the demonstrations on Saturday 9 Jul 2011.

Shiyai-Har said...

I kind of agree on what Dato' Arshad said.
When we think about it,the one who start to raise political issues in Bersih is non other than the Government itself. It's not about races,religions or parties, but it's about the people who wants to voice out their opinion.
Truly, I getting sick to hear BN keep on condemning opposition parties in the news and newspapers. This people look really desperate to gain people's trust. And that's kind of pitiful. However,nowadays,not only BN, but the other parties also begin to neglect their responsibilities and desperately try to maintain their position.
Their original objective is the same right? To protect the right of the people.

Shiyai-Har said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Delta Mike,

I stand by what I write. Now, let's see how the government reacts to the demands of Bersih, and like wise how Bersih will respond to the reactions of the government.

Malaysian said...

Ambiga Press Conference on
July 9th:

Police brutality (please go to the 8th minute to watch the truth about Baharuddin Ahmad):

maurice said...

Ambinga made a mistake by allowing political leaders to join Bersih.She should have stuck to her gun only NGOs are welcome to join the rally.With corruption as the main point of the rally, I believe a lot more of the 1.6 million KLites would turn-up to show their unhappiness.Ordinary KLites are so inconvenienced by the common corruption activities taking place in front of their eyes, that they will do anything to show their unhappiness in an visible way to the Government.

Malaysian said...


What proper channel do we have for EC reform? Have you not know about Lynas, the death of Teoh Beng Hock & Ahmad Sarbani, sale of Sungai Besi army base, PKFZ,etc? By the way, what about the death of a person during Bersih peaceful raly? Watch the video on my previous post and you'll realized that our government lied to us! Lastly, the government took the money from FELDA too! Is the money not belong to our Malay brothers and sisters? BERSIH is not about Election Reform anymore but justice! For too long, the politician (BN and Pakatan) took us for granted and it's time to make them realize that we are not their servant! Even the business community side with us though for one day they make less money but the sacrifice is worth it. The change has begun and they can't stop it now.


FreeYellowMan said...

To: Delta Mike

With respect, when you quote a single case of Shahrizat losing to Nurul Izzah, you should also look at a wider selection of cases, some which will prove the exact opposite of your point. The election process is unfair, and the affects are very sinister.

A case in point is the recent Sarawak election when BN obtained 54% of the vote, but 77% of the state parliament seats. Sure one can say in a democracy that the winner rules. But it is unfair when the winner has a slight majority but yet rules with an iron fist by the fact that is has a greater than 2/3rds representation. It is unfair, and is a sinister distortion of democracy.

BN is very sinister in its ways. Thru years of gerrymandering, distorted weighting in delineation, inaccurate voter list, manipulation of postal votes, heavy use of government machinery, and control and bias in media, etc., BN has shifted the result so that even when they only get around half the votes, they control more than 2/3rds of Parliament. This allows BN then to continue to tweak all the above aspects further, and to perpetuate their rule.

The best example I can think of is a “schoolyard bully”. Using the full force of the huge government machinery, not to administer fairly, but thru sinister moves to be a bully. Whether it’s in public in the “bully pulpit” (ever so evident recently), or behind the scenes in sinister moves.

Surely you have come across bullies in your school days….

And sure, the non-BN parties are on this bandwagon. Just try to imagine yourself in a position where you have had to bear the brunt of a bully for 30 years or more.

And the worst of this is that BN has become inbred due to all the corruption and power abuse. They are no longer the best that Malaysia has to offer to administer the country.

Malaysians deserve better.

Ejoi said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Chat,

Saya telah lama memerhati dan membaca kritikan dan komen dalam blog ini, pada pendapat saya Pak Chat adalah seorang jeneral bersara yang kecewa kerana terlalu banyak komen negatif ada sahaja yang tidak betul mungkin pak chat rasa diri pak chat sahaja yang sempurna dan betul. Cuba berikan topik yang positif dan tidak berat sebelah dengan fakta-fakta yang sebenar dan buat perbandingan. Agak-agak sekiranya rezeki pak chat murah dulu dan menjadi seorang Panglima Angkatan Tentera mungkin pak chat tidak senegatif macam ini. Saya rasa juga dalam blog ini banyak komen datang dari pegawai tentera bersara yang kecewa semasa berkhidmat dan luahkan ketidakpuasan hati selepas bersara.

p/s saya menggunakan bahasa melayu sebab saya seorang melayu dan mencintai bahasa ibunda berbanding bahasa inggeris.

zack zeni said...

What was written in this article is simply based on facts. So Ejoi, whether you write in Malay or English does not matter. But by accusing him jeneral bersara yang kecewa simply reflect your low mentality. Being promoted as General because he deserved that promotion and position due to his contribution and competency, and if he choose to be amongst the kaki bodek, that will surely make him a 4 star general...

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

Just wonder how young is this Ejoi to make a such a remark. I guess he is too young to differentiate between facts, positive or negative posting because he just joined the blog-spear (June 2011 if not mistaken).

Let me tell you something Ejoi. What is wrong demanding a reform in our electoral system to be more clean & transparent and seen to be clean & transparent? If you say it is wrong then it prove that our current system is full of corruption & dirty.

YES!!! We, the ex-servicemen especially me, are very disappointed and very much unhappy with the current KERAjaan NOT because we cannot be promoted as thousand star general BUT because we have put our life at stake to ensure you people can live & cari makan safely nowadays. And yet, KERAjaan is seen to reversing this country into madness again.

Ejoi, your brain may be to young to understand the trouble faced by us during emergency, leaving family to fight with communist towards ensuring you can live and lick some people.

Never in our service life we feel disappointed over the sole duty we have to carry. The best thing is that we never lick our boss asshole to be promoted. I hope you are not licking your boss lor.

Last but not least Ejoi... Writing in English doesn't mean you do not love your mother tongue. Don't be like those in Umno who forget that their party's name is still using English but kecoh pasal bahasa kebangsaan.

Make your brain to start working like a man's brain not morons!!!...

maurice said...

It would be good if the organizer(s) of BERSIH could come up with the details of their complaints.No point making general statements but not backed by facts.For example, if in one area there are phantom voters, please publish this list in the media for all to see/read.BERSIH should do it for all parliament and state seats if they want to convince the rakyat.

For me political delineation based on existing district structure is a fair system since it is already embedded with the formation of the state system.

Arguing that a majority of votes would still lose out if a party does not win a majority of seats does not bode well for the ability of the party to convince the rakyat that they are the true party all Malaysians deserve.

ゆき・雪 said...


As a Malaysian, I see the issue as national interest. People come together for the country as patriotic citizen. If it happen that there are 2 groups of Malay, so be it. I think national interest is more important then race.
I am impressed by you, seriously, are there many more who would focus on issues rather than race?

a malaysian said...


I am a third generation Chinese who was born in 1965. To me, Malaysia is and will always be my one and only country, unless the government intends to drive us out, like what had happened so many times when someone asked us to "Balik Cina" or "Balik India" or "Penumpang Haram" and so on.

My heart wrenched in pain whenever I read about these incidents, what we have done to deserve all these ill treatments? We work our ass out to make a living for ourselves and we pay our income tax like others for the country, we are not staying here for free, we fulfill all the responsibilities as citizens in this beloved country. So why do we have to be yelled to "Balik Cina"? What crimes we have committed to be sentenced this way?

No, nothing.

In fact, what we want as a layman is very simple - the recognition as a real Malaysian. Most of us have more or less accepted the facts that we can never enjoy certain privileges like what other races entitle eventhough all of us are Malaysians. As a general layman, we fully understand that there are a lot of things we cannot request and even if we do, we also fully understand that those requests will never be fulfilled.

But then, lately we have been labelled as unpatriotic, ungrateful race, simply because our votes do not go to them.

Does it mean that we have to vote the government to show our love to this country? If they think so, then they still do not understand the true meaning of democracy and the real implication of election.

Democracy basically means freedom to act, so if we do not give our votes to you, we are simply fulfilling the purpose of democracy. What's wrong with that?
Is it a sin or a crime not to give you our votes?


komando said...

Poor English bad BM...Ejoi, sorry maybe when the CT's were around you were not even born YET!
What do you know about jungle life and bashing!
So stop bashing the devoted General who wants a better place we all call HOME!
If only you have 1/3 or half of his brains and capabilties!

Kalau nak tahu sebenar apa yang telah berlaku selama ini, kita boleh bercerita 30 hari dan malam tanpa berhenti!

Budak hingus tidak kering lagi, nak campur orang LAMA, sedar sikit diri anda siapa!

Kalau nak jilat bos, salam dikirim lah....we were not brought up that way, we fight for the right cause and right reasons!

Not cowards hiding behind sarungs and taking cheap shots!

Hope you faham BI....! Otherwise sedih lah Pegawai macam ini punya std!

komando said...

Ejoi- sedih saya dengar anda cerita pasal nak naik pangkat kena jilat orang.

Kita naik pangkat ikut kebolehan, bukan "kebodekan macam awak"!

Do not be kurang ajar here!
If only you have 1/3 or half of his capabiltiies...maybe!

Nak jadi General masa dulu bukan macam sekarang!

Kalau awak hingus tak kering lagi baik jangan masuk campur orang lama disini!

BERAMBUS sahaja!

Semasa CT ada saya rasa awak ini masih belum lahir lagi!

Apa awak tahu perjuangan orang lama?

KAKI bodek macam awak akan jahanamkan mana mana organasasi sahaja...

Mawar_Rimba said...

Dear Dato', i totally agree with you. The Rakyats must be give a way to voice out their opinions and their disagreements. If every medium is controlled and the Rakyats are forced to listen to only one side, this is what will happen. Today we see the Rakyats fight back, i mean the true Rakyats (Melayu, Cina India and alot of Sarawakian dan Sabahan).

Saya rasa sebak dan cukup terharu melihat mereka berpegang tangan tanpa hiraukan Kaum dan Agama menuntut hak mereka. This is the future of MALAYSIA.

Another thing Dato', i think it's the duty of the MAF to protect the people, to serve the Royal Highness and the country. If the Rakyats are been abused, the MAF should protect them.

About Delta Mike and Ejoi, i think these two are still under the Tempurung like YB Ibrahim Ali.

Thank You Dato'


Wang Tak said...

Dear Dato,

I am with you all the way. Without UMNO's politics, I would still be able to drink coffee in any Chinese coffee shop with my Malay friend. But now, my Malay
friends insist on drinking only in Malay coffee stalls, or mamak shops.

I was there on July 9. I am angry at the uniformed personnel. I was a first time marcher.

But as I read your well reasoned articles, I wondered "What if you are still serving, and you are commanded by the PM to do what the FRU and Police did? What choice would you have?".

I do not know how many policemen on that day were really doing what they were doing and hating every moment of it. But I do know that the Police Inspector General wasn't thinking straight and acted as an obedient pawn.

Just wondering aloud ...

Ejoi said...

Assalamualaikum Pak Chat,

Saya rasa ramai pengampu dan pembodek pak chat dalam blog ini. Salah ke saya mengkritik pak chat seperti mana pak chat mengkritik kerajaan? Pak Chat kena bagi fakta yang betul sebab sumber yang diberi meragukan sebagai contoh tentang perhimpunan bersih pak chat hanya dapat maklumat dari kawan yang pergi sana kenapa tak pergi perhimpunan itu?

Contoh kedua, pak chat mungkin dah lama bersara dalam tentera, subjek ketenteraman awam masih diajar di PULADA dan masih dipraktikan di pasukan cuma penglibatan tentera dalam perhimpunan bersih memang saya TIDAK SETUJU.

Kamal Sanusi,

Awak ini takde budibahasa ke? Sebagai orang melayu kita kena berbudi bahasa itu yang diajar oleh ibubapa kita. Beradab sikit.

Ejoi, your brain may be to young to understand the trouble faced by us during emergency, leaving family to fight with communist towards ensuring you can live and lick some people.

Kamal Sanusi awak tak payah nak cerita tentang kesusahan waktu darurat.. Banyak kes tentera melanggar hak asasi manusia waktu itu seperti layan terhadap pengganas komunis(Pak Chat mungkin lebih arif). Tentera melepaskan tekanan operasi dengan minum arak yang dijual di wisma perwira pada waktu itu. Anggota pula merosakkan anak dara di kampung-kampung terutamanya di sempadan.

Kamal Sanusi, kamu tu dah tua sekarang baru nak insaf dengan perbuatan kamu dulu cuba ajar saya yang muda remaja ini adab yang lebih sopan.

Ejoi said...

Saya agak dah Si Komando yang mulut busuk dan hancing akan muncul..

Saudara Komando kita ini dah tua dan berkeluarga dah beranak mungkin dah bercucu..Apakah perasaan kita bila anak atau cucu kita mengeluarkan kata-kata kurang enak atau kesat mungkin kita akan cakap kurang ajar budak ni. Jadi saya harap saudara komando dapat memberi hujah yang bernas dan berbudibahasa sikit. Saya tahu saya low class tidak tahu berbahasa inggeris

ps: komando terkenal dengan lagaknya tetapi kurang budi bahasa.
Ok la saya malas dan berhenti bagi komen lagi pun guna akaun google anak.

LeeZ said...

Aiyaaa Delta Mike... only give example of Nurul Izzah vs Shahrizat??? How many postal votes that the constituency have I wonder??? Minute compared to where I voted in Setiawangsa with 14,000 + postal votes...

Did you think ALL 14000+ army + police personnels in Setiawangsa constituency REALLY cast their votes on 308?? Or magically their votes (to BN) had been 'planted' in the karung coklat beforehand???

Please stop using cliche statement like 'KENA JAGA KEDAULATAN NEGARA DAN YDP Agong...'

apek ironside said...

cis cis....kecewa sungguh ejoi ni dengan sikap askar-askar lama kite yang lain pendirian....maka dia kaitkan bangsalah, minum araklah, rosakan nakdaralah...tuduh kite kecewa dgan gomenlah, bodek pak cat le, haiya xpaya layan tuduhan camni, 3 hari pun x habis..mau fakta ejoi sendiri tengok video atas internetlah, melambak tu, tengok camana polis layan kumpulan bersih tu, dan adakah kumpulan tu rusuh dan rosakkan harta mesti kurang mahir internet dan tengok tv3 saja..

berulang-ulang kali gua baca titah khas Tuanku pun tak jumpa ayat atau makna Tuanku nak haramkan bersih, malah dipesan gomen berunding secara adil dan bijaksana dgan depa, baiknya jangan buat perarakan maka perhimpunan stadium dipersetujui, habis apa jadi skrang....stadium himpun tak dapat, tindak tanduk sengaja diharamkan pehak polis, tangkapan diteruskan, warna kuning dijadikan alasan tangkapan, apa yang kecoh sangat gomen ni...

yg pentingnya, adakah reaksi gomen ini dapat menarik lebih undi masa akan datang? rasanya tidaklah...lagi manfaatkan pehak pakatan, solilah brother, tersilap sangat strategi kali ini, malah dgan outcome ni, gomen dan polis pun dipandang perlekehkan titah Tuanku yang amat timbang rasa tu, ni yang buat apek kecewalah....ejoi ada faham ah?

kalaulah arwah si baharuddin yg meninggal masa himpunan bersih adalah bekas askar disahkah tendang mati atau kena tembakan tear gas direct pasal tulang rusuk patah, lagi kecewalah kite ni.....tunggu tunggu saja...

maka teringatlah apek SUMPAH PERAJURIT para ke 4: saya sentiasa percaya kepada Tuhan, serta taat setia kepada Yang Di Pertuan Agong, Negara, Pasukan dan Ketua......tiada satu pun yang kata setia kepada kerajaan bn, semua ada faham...ada yang tak faham ni...

Kamal Sanusi said...

Salam Dato'

What do I get when people namely Ejoi is saying that I am the "pengampu" or "kaki bodek" Dato Arshad? Nothing, I repeat nothing!

Ejoi, it is not wrong to criticize people (Dato Arshad) but critic must be focused on what being said in the posting, not personal attack. If Dato Arshad is considered disappointed general, I guess Ejoi is more than disappointed person on what ever reasons for not being promoted to higher rank, only God knows.

Ejoi, we do not need to be in the rally to understand what had happened on that day as we are living the world of information without border. We don't only read Utuseks Meloya, Berita Hairan or watch TV3suku like you but beyond it.

Ejoi, it take a thief to catch a thief and it take "kurang adab" to teach people like you.

Ejoi, we need to remind and keep reminding the young generation on our history so that you people do not repeat the history. It is good to learn from our mistake but it is better to learn from others mistake.

Ejoi, do you understand who is the communists during emergency and those participants in Bersih rally? Do you expect us to treat them with red carpet? Better read history book as no point describing it here.

Ejoi, courtesy begin at home. It is either you want to learn about "adab" by yourself or not. I have no locus standi to teach you on "adam yg lebih sopan". Just look at how you being taught by your parents and how you teach your children and take it as a benchmark.

Ejoi, maybe it is good for you to be lazy & stop commenting unless you feel that your comment is matured enough to be read by others.

Ejoi, I'm sorry if I'm wrong but if I'm right, I'll fight till kingdom come.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Wang Tak,

You posed me a very difficult question to answer. But let me tell you of an experience I had in dealing with my superior while I was serving with the UN in Cambodia in 1992/93.

I was ordered to deploy into the Khmer Rouge area by the Deputy Force Commander, Gen Loridon (a French General)without him providing any intelligence of the area. I flatly refused the order and said that I will only deploy my troops if I have sufficient intelligence including the minefields.

This angered him, and I stood my ground.

This incident must have been reported to the Force Commander ( an Australian General) who was neither angry nor pleased with my intransigence to the orders given by his deputy.

What he (the Force Commander)said to me when he visited me was this, "I know you had some problem with
my deputy". I said, I did but surprisingly, he did not reprimand me. I think he knew why I had disobeyed the orders.

Soon after this incident, I was told that the Deputy Force Commander was replaced by another French General. I do not know whether it was over my incident or what.

And to answer your question, I think I would have acted likewise if I was ordered to deal with the public in the manner that the police had done.

ahmad said...

Bravo Dato', BERSIH 2.0 is a campaign and the target is SPR.

manghup said...

Delta 35 years in the MAF. I dont know what is your rank but I think even a Private with 35 years experience in the MAF can think and analyse better than you.

komando said...

Ejoi, kalau tidak mahu bicara, baik blah sahaja, jangan nak naik turun tangga bodek BOS untuk satu pangkat lagi tinggi...berambus kau!

Ejoi...kalau tidak boleh gunakan otak baik buang sahaja kat.... ANJING

Atau donate to brain dead persons who can use it better than YOU...bloody fool!
A fool can't see with his eyes open
But a blind man sure can with both his eyes dug out!
He has something we called "a heart"....

hussin said...

stop! stop! stop!

'Ok la saya malas dan berhenti bagi komen lagi pun guna akaun google anak."

mentaliti apa ini? berselindung di belakang anak? kah kah kah kah kah kah kah kah...

Shiyai-Har said...

Ejoi, semoga di rahmati Allah, hentikanlah apa yang anakanda lakukan. samada ejoi di sebelah benar atau salah, kita tidak perlu biadap. Dalam islam, mengasihi yang muda, menghormati yang tua. Adab melayu yang Ejoi banggakan, menghormati yang Tua dan itulah juga suruhan agama. saya seorang guru setelah 25 tahun. menghasilkan adik didik yang berbahasa beginilah yang amat-amat mengecewakan... having a degree does not make you an educated person without an attitude. When i join the ROTU 28 yrs ago, i learn to respect my late uncle who was a colonel then, an my brother who was also an army. I learn to respect their sacrifices as a soldier. apparently the feeling was mutual that they also respect a young lieutenant i was then. kalau nak menegak kebenaran, bukan dengan mencemuh. saya amat kagum dgn penulisan Dato.He writes like a GENTLEMEN. Ps show respect dear Ejoi. If you are on the right, write like an educated gentlemen. wasalam