Saturday, July 30, 2011


The Scorpene submarine purchase for the RMN by the government remains a constant feature in the alternative media and is unlikely to see the close of the case of the alleged corruption, and associated with it, the brutal murder of the innocent Mongolian beauty Altuntuya that soon. Despite having wrapped up the case by the Malaysian court’s and the killers identified, the French court however is afresh with new evidence of illegal kickbacks by the submarine manufacturer to some Malaysian officials involved in the submarine procurement deal.

Kickback is illegal in France and once the case is heard by the French court, this will invariably expose the Malaysian personalities involved in the kickback. As far as the Malaysian government and the court are concern, the Malaysian company that did the bidding for the submarine did receive a handsome commission from the submarine manufacturer, which the Malaysian government itself declared it to be for the company’s services, and hence it wasn’t a kickback. Whatever be the case; whether it is a kickback or not, and if the French court does proceed with the case, more ‘thrillers’ will come to light, more than what was heard in the Malaysian court, and by Malaysians in particular.

Malaysians awaits eagerly of what is to come out of the French court that is scheduled in September; not about the murder of Altantuya, but the ‘principal actors’ involved in the kickback. Certainly, names of personalities that were so often heard during the Malaysian trial would again appear. But will names of some ‘mysterious personalities’ that was unheard during the Malaysian trial be mentioned? And who could this mysterious personality be, if indeed there was one? This is what Malaysians eagerly awaits.

The deportation of William Bourdon, the French human rights lawyer accused by the Malaysian authorities for violation of his social visa gives rise to a lot of speculation that does not favor the Malaysian government. The Malaysian public (me included) perceives the deportation of William Bourdon as an act to silence the French lawyer from exposing too much of what he already knows about the Scorpene deal. The action by the authorities is certainly bad publicity that could hurt Malaysia-France relations, especially so when the French people are themselves aware of this case that had led to the brutal murder of an innocent Mongolian beauty. Certainly, the French public too wants to know whether was it the kickback that had caused the murder, or was it something else more serious?

As the saying goes, ‘truth shall prevail’, and I believe that it is in search for the truth that the French are seeking through their court of law. And was William Bourdon wrong in wanting to seek the truth?



maurice said...

Mahkamah Perancis boleh mendedahkan tapi tidak ada kuasa untuk memaksa rakyat asing menghadiri persidangan mereka.Jadi ada kemungkinan yang menerima kickbacks tersebut tidak akan diambil tindakan undang-undang oleh Mahkamah Perancis.Walaubagaimana pun diharap Mahkamah Perancis akan dapat mendenda DCNS mengembalikan bayaran komisen yang di telah diberi kepada Perimekar Sdn Bhd balek kepada rakyat Malaysia.

apek ironside said...

RM534.8 million of commission paid for acquirement of two little catfish, haiya......wall street richest broker also kalah..