Friday, July 15, 2011


Gone are the blistering, howling and smut talking good for nothing Perkasa boss Ibrahim Ali. Many had asked where Ibrahim Ali was during the Bersih 2.0 rally. Was he directing his operations from under the skirt of a lady? Or was he just too scared; a coward for a better word, to be arrested by the police since he is one notable person named illegal to enter Kuala Lumpur? Didn’t I say that should he want to join the rally with his warriors, please ensure that he is physically fit? Otherwise, he would just collapse before he could run.

Now, we all know the caliber of this person named Ibrahim Ali who will abandon his charges even before the battle drum could begin. I think I have been right all along to place him at the lowest end of the leadership spectrum; an empty vessel makes the most noise kind of person. Sure he can talk and convincingly draws the crowd, like the 16th century medieval story of the pipe piper luring all the rats away from the town of Hamelin. Yes, Ibrahim Ali fits well into this story. In this regards, I salute UMNO Youth leader Khairy Jamaluddin for not mincing his words and dared the authorities to arrest him for defying his ‘illegal status’ (some say it was wayang kulit), although UMNO Youth challenge against the rally was miniscule.

I am told that there are several retired military officers (some senior ones though) are with Perkasa. With the leadership example shown by Ibrahim Ali (I no longer called him Field Marshal), I hope my dear ex-military friends in Perkasa would now consider abandoning Perkasa for the cause perpetuated by Ibrahim Ali has nothing to do with defending the Malay rights. On the contrary, it is all about perpetuating his own rights and strengthening his wavering status in society, since he knows he is a political outcast and is unacceptable by any political party; certainly not UMNO. Should my friends in Perkasa still believe in the existence of Perkasa, then it would be best that someone from among the ex-military retiree takes over. At least there is some semblance of leadership and less talk.

With Bersih 2.0 over and a declaration made by the organizers that they do not foresee holding another rally in the near future, this is a good indication to the government and in particular the Election Commission to rethink its strategy in dealing with the demands of Bersih. A window of opportunity is now offered to the government and the Election Commission to rethink its hard stand on Bersih demands, and if nothing is done, I sense that it will no longer be Bersih to take the lead, but it will be the Malaysian people themselves. This would then be difficult for the government to handle.

And should another demonstration erupt over these demands, it will not be political or racial; it will be the entire Malaysian population against the government. I hope my prediction is wrong.



Pak Oncu said...

Dato.. amat amat memalu kan bekar Pegawai Kanan ATM dan juga anggota ATM bertuan kan si bacul dan pengecut... can u please name those bugger Dato ...

komando said...

No he was not seen in KL becos he was disguised!

EAGLE said...

You know those Xsenior Mil officers that are followers to that Brahing ALI the PERKASA boss.
Believe that you have met some of them during your service in the Armed Forces and you know what type of characters are these xsenior officers.
Memalukan but then what to do as when I saw them standing next to Brahing in one of the PERKASA posting, I know that this is a no go as only idiots will follow another idiots.
If they care without Brahing they should have taken the lead but... taik kuching! So you know Brahing are surrounded by chickens!
As for the police they are really rude and I wonder why must they behave as such. If only I am 10 years younger frankly I would not have hesitated to retaliate there and then but some day... they will know as GOD is almighty.

Malaysian said...

Maybe we all should wear something yellow this weekend. We need to show them that silence Malaysian do support Bersih demand! Bersih demand is not about benefiting any political party but all Malaysian. We must not stand aside anymore. Last week, our brothers and sisters stand against brutality and we were coward to stay home. If you are against corruption, racism, etc than it's time to take a stand and wear anything yellow!


Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I was stopped by a Cop officer who was rude. My response to him was - "Do you know that I hold a sovreign commission till the day I die or the King fits it to be taken away from me? You don't". I cannot describe his expression, esp when I said it in paka Bahasa Melayu. We are well trained indeed - AN OFFCER AND A GENTLEMAN. Gempur Wira!

Delta Mike said...

Pak Chat,
When you mentioned Ibrahim Ali, I agreed with you that he is a snob.. previously, I attended a few of his ceramah...real empty drum... but his deputy, Dr Ashraf is a smart guy who sees PERKASA is a relevant NGO to voice the Malay rights.. not ketuanan Melayu please. So, let us be rational and allow PERKASA to exist alongside BERSIH...

Cyrus_X said...

Malay rights should be respected, but not when it stampede on other people rights. Bigotry should have no place in a progressive modern society. So far I'm seeing Perkasa as a tool for certain powers to create chaos. I can't even understand why Ibrahim Ali is making so much noise on a non-malay right issue like Bersih. Action speaks louder than words.