Monday, July 25, 2011


The ‘Psychological War’ of words and action between the so-called believers, and on the other end of the spectrum, the non-believers of Bersih sees no end to the blame game. Every day, the play back of the Bersih rally is being written, discussed and shown to the public through various means i.e. via the mainstream media and the alternative media. Now the government has announced that they intend to even show scenes on TV to depict the truth to placate public perception that the police acted with minimum force and that they were not the provocateurs; instead it was the supporters of Bersih that started the entire fracas. I called this the most clownish statement I have ever heard, something that we use to say as school boys i.e. you kick my back and I kick yours.

As I have said in my previous article, let’s end this wasteful ‘psychological war’ that benefits no one. I believe both parties are fully satisfied by their actions and achieved all that they aim to do. If the government says that what the police did was right, and they have proven it to themselves that what they did were all within their bound of responsibilities, so be it. Likewise, if Bersih has declared that they have achieved their aim and objectives, so be it. And if there was indeed acts of aggressiveness and abused by the police upon individuals during the rally and it can be proven as such, launch a police report (although we know that the report means nothing to the police) and to follow up with a similar report to a neutral body like SUHAKAM.

Now the police have shown their portion of what they believe to be Bersih’s provocateurs to the press (selected ones I think) recently, absolving them of any blame. Why do they have to do this is mind boggling. People say that when one is guilty of a wrong doing, he will be the one person who will profusely disclaim such wrong doing. This was exactly what the police did. The fact of the matter is that there is so much shown on what the police actually did on You Tube, and the person(s) who posted the video cannot be wrong.

Did we not see a video of a policeman (covered half his face with a handkerchief) punching twice at the stomach of a boy who was being led handcuff for no reason? This is clearly an act of cowardice. And did we not see a video of the chemical laced water being sprayed at Tung Shin hospital area which the Health Minister blindly denied, but later retracted his denial and sought to have an investigation? Did we not see the video of the riot squad aiming their tear gas weapon directly at the protestors as oppose to aiming the weapon at an angle? And finally, did we not see photos of a policeman kicking at a fallen protestor? This is another act of cowardice. I know these scenes were not shown to the public at the police briefing.

If indeed the parties want to defend their respective position, I would suggest that they present their case in front of a neutral party. The attendance to such a briefing must be open to all and that the neutral party must not make any judgmental statements, but to merely act as a moderator. Let those attending the brief to express their views and comments, and to allow the respective parties themselves to response to comments. Have such a briefing session televised to the entire nation and let the people be the judge. This I think is the only way to solve the never ending ‘blame game’.



TAG said...

The BN Government is sick to the core. Videos dont lie. Pictures dont lie. But you know Dato they have to show those 'feel good movies' to their die hards, not you or me or those Bersih marchers or ardent supporters of Pakatan.
It is just like the case of the abused wife. She got beaten blue and black, eyes half shut and lips swollen and split. Yet a few days later despite a police report and a hospital stay, that abused wife is back in the arms of the husband. All it takes is for the husband to mumble some unbelievable promise or excuse, sweetened by a small gift and you could see the wife salivating and smothering the husband's face with kisses and within seconds they are in bed together.
Yes these BN diehards are the 'abused wives' who need their daily doses of 'tipu'from the likes of Utusan and RTM1 to reinforce their beliefs.
Go ahead Rais, do your thing. You do what you have to do. Keep on abusing your wife. Both of you deserve each other.

Malaysian said...

Let's stop arguing the government because we know the government lie a lot of things to us.

I am just piss that the way the government is handling the economy. Have you read about Air Asia planning to move to Jakarta? We try to attract FDI but Air Asia is leaving us!

Thank you UMNO for destroying Tanah Melayu!


Apocryphalist said...

Tuan General,

It is interesting to note that in the on-going quagmire of the Bersih-NotBersih scenario, people shout "enough, enough" as soon as they are down in the ring. But once they are up and about again, their scream for blood will be heard much more louder.

It is only when the government has made all-out efforts to show to the real rakyat that the real perpretators are not the police, but the street hooligans---that shouts of "enough of all this. what is the need to show all these...blah blah blah" are heard. Shouts elsewhere of blaming the police are still echoing out there, though, and no one is advising these people to stop.

I have outlined here, Tuan, as to how once something is declared illegal, then everything else falls into place. No other arguments can be made justifying or defending something which is already illegal.

I am weighing over whether I should engage you in your blog here, to rectify the errors in your analysis of things. Pictorially, you seem to be a very reasonable man. But I read your previous postings about Rosmah's 72 million ringgit ring and yet several writings afterwards, there are still no apologies from you for disseminating this falsehood albeit having been proven false, then I begin to realize: I am not facing an ordinary retired general with erudite analysis and factual arguments here. I am facing one whose steep antagonism and unrelentful vexation clouds his vision and blurs his reason.

I have to admit: no amount of sane engagment will do any good when facing such an opponent.


twocents said...

Simple lah general, analyse all videos to ascertain if they are genuine.

Then come to a conclusion. Neutral party?? Is there such a thing even?? Suhakam?? I'm suppressing my laughter.

Eng said...

Agree with you totally, this country is not like a circus but is one

Nik said...

I am proud that you are a true Malaysian for all Malaysians, Arshad. You are the reputable and credible representation of a good armed forces man. Unfortunately, you will find the typical right wing extremist gang writing in your blog trying to justify and intellectualize their ways. In fact, it is typical for these self-absorbed gangs to get together and praise each other when one manages to light the others bulb. Quite amusing really. Don't ever be disheartened on your mission to correct what has been wronged in this country. You are a true patriot.

Kamal Sanusi said...

Dear Dato'

I would say the looser of this saiko-war between Police & Bersih is no other than Kerajaan himself including all people of Malaysia.

Too many twisted statement which backfire on their own nose. Citing example statement from KL Police Chief and Health Minister.

And for the people of Malaysia, we need to struggle more to ensure eco-MORE-MONEY when KERAjaan simply putting the blame on us for having such rally which result eco-NO-MONEY despite having noted their inability ho handle the economic pressure as mention by Malaysia in his comment.

They are unable to think other than rationalization of subsidies which result influx of prices of everything.

Sadly say, when we talk/comment which is not inline with KERAjaan, they say we are opposition and never be thankful to KERAjaan.

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Tuan Apocryphalist,

Your name certainly shows someone who is constantly in doubt. Please apocryphalist, do not doubt me and if you do not view my writings to bear any truth, just stop reading it.