Friday, July 8, 2011


Malaysian Insider, today Friday 8th,2011 reports that Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein has assured that the military will not be deployed during the Bersih rally slated for noon tomorrow, despite it being declared an illegal rally. He went on to assure that even the internet services will not be disrupted.

You see, what trouble Hishamuddin has got into by shooting off his mouth without thinking? Didn’t he say earlier that the military will be used; a statement that I suppose he made without due consultation with the military. He must have been shaken by someone to retract his earlier statement and to realize that the Armed Forces have the King as the Supreme Commander, not him as the Home Minister. In this regards, the Defence Minister Zahid Hamidi is much wiser for not saying anything to suggest that the military will deployed during the rally.

Even the statement he made to assure that the internet services will not be disrupted is not within his portfolio as Home Minister. I think it is the portfolio of the Communications Minister Rais Yatim and rightfully such a statement must come from the latter. Till now, we are yet to hear any statement from Rais Yatim to confirm or deny what Hishamuddin has said. I think Hishamudin has gone slightly overboard and this is an indication of his lack of knowledge and understanding on the workings of the various ministers and ministries within the government. And being the cousin of the PM is he assuming that he has the authority and mandate to speak and utter statements that are not within his ministerial responsibility? We can now imagine what we will be getting into if he takes over the mantle as Malaysia’s Prime Minister one day.

It is only a few hours left before we see, or we do not see the Bersih rally. It is going to be one massive deployment for the police to the city, and rightfully so. It will be a sleepless night, not only for those policemen on standby, but this also includes the IGP and his Deputy. I can visualize how busy it is going to be for all those manning the police operation rooms at Bukit Aman and throughout the country. This is reminisce of my days as a staff officer manning the Brigade Operations room in the late 60’s/early 70’s in HQ 6 Brigade, Sg. Petani.

I do not know whether I am going to have a good night sleep tonight thinking of what will happen at noon tomorrow. To all my readers who want to be with the rally tomorrow, please do not forget to adorn your yellow, blue and green T shirt. Good night.



Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

The Vital Ground of Putrajaya is exposed. they are focussing on KL and Shah Alam. What a missed opportunity. The rally should be in Putra Jaya. Too late to stratagise, I suppose.

AlphaGuy said...

Good morning General. Hisha had always been seen shooting himself in the foot and as home minister, he misinterpreted the people's silence for acquiescence. Gone are the days when Malaysians look to the main stream media (MSM)for factual news. Gone, too, are the days when non-Malays cowered in fear when UMNO warlords brandished their keris' and/or shouted nonsensical racist/political slogans to intimdate them to vote for UMNO/BN. Now is the time when Malaysians look to Tok Guru Nik Aziz for spiritual guidance and strength and Datuk Seri Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Tuan Guru Hadi Awang, Teresa Kok, Datuk Seri Nizar and a host of many capable high powered leaders in PR to lead us out of this horrible mess that Najib and his merry band of plunderers had created to put this beautiful and prosperous land into serious jeopardy. They are like a fresh breeze blowing into our souls and we want very much to be a part of it. In a nutshell, Malaysians want a clean and transparent government. A government we can count on, talk to and not having to be talked down to, to engage the people intelligently in love and not in condescension, being transparent to a fault (maybe far fetched, but still..), bring hope and lasting peace minus the daily racial and religious rhetorics and be a friend instead of a patronising clown. These criterions which we look forward to, after our dearly beloved Tunku Rahman's departure as PM, did not come from UMNO/BN. Hence, the crave for a change in government.

Wood said...

Maybe he is the "Vice-Prime Minister of Malaysia".

This is why he make such remarks.

Azman Ahmad said...

I have been observing this person's political development. Its clear that his aspiration is to be Prime Minister at the youngest possible age !

His late father was a towering figure. He stood for honesty and integrity

Someone once told me, you cannot inherit wisdom and integrity...

This is so true.

Hisham is illusion to think he is even half the man his late father was .

Malaysians know he is where he is today not because of his own capabilities but a need for a obedient and loyal guard dog.

Looking back, his previous ministrial posts as Education Minister irrepairably set the country education system backwards 10 years ! and his Youth Ministerial post flamed the Mat Rempit street hooligans and KERIS mentality!

This is the quality of our aspiring Prime Minister to be