Monday, July 4, 2011


Come on Ng Yen Yen; what spooky language are you talking about………losing RM1 billion in tourist revenue over three days should the Bersih rally be allowed to proceed?

What about the billions lost through unscrupulous and devious means by some unscrupulous politicians, cronies and your loyal government servants? Does Yen Yen not know that corruption in the government is so rampant that it has now become an embedded culture? Try doing a decent business with any government ministry/agency and you will know that it is money that talks. Haven’t we heard that even a former assistant governor of Bank Negara and many more ‘big fishes’ are involved in corruption over the polymer note printing contract? The amount is small though, but look at the people involved? They are suppose to be people if the highest integrity, but only to succumb to a sinful act of greed. Try and ask people in the Tourism Ministry if there isn’t any form of corruption? Try asking your predecessors also. I think Yen Yen, you know better than I do.

So Yen Yen, what is a loss of RM1 billion over three days. The PKFZ losses are many times more. And if you want me to list out the losses through unscrupulous means and for some, at the behest of some politicians, I will have pages full of it. Now you think for yourself Yen Yen; people have said that you have been extravagant in your spending abroad at people’s expenses. Do you seriously think that your many expensive trips abroad are truly justifiable? Weight it against the amount of tourism revenue you eventually brought in as a result of your visits. I do not need your justification; but the innocent tax payer does.

What about the ‘ill-gotten money’ that is fleeing the country in the billions. I have not heard anyone being arrested for this. I am also told that one particular Menteri Besar of a southern state was involved in depositing money abroad via the ‘unconventional’ method and the authorities does nothing about it. You see for yourself what people in power can do. So again, Yen Yen what is RM1 billion losses over three days.

You know that our country is blessed with endless amount of resources. As Tengku Razaleigh has said, if we are sincere and honest in managing our resources, we will be the richest country in this entire region. The petroleum revenue itself is sufficient to prosper the people, but sadly this isn’t so. Our political masters think that the nation’s wealth is theirs to squander and to spend as they wish. The people are not to question, but only to listen.

And now what has become of the nation wealth. Even FELDA, a reputable cash rich GLC has now gone into borrowing and for what? And mind you, the lender is none other than KWSP, and it is the peoples saving.

So once again Yen Yen, what is losing RM1 billion over three days.



Wood said...

I definitely agree with you.

In Malaysia politics is about making money, as there are only four to five between each election, the politicians will 'make' as much money as possible.

They have no choice as they have to 'support' their downlines and make them happy.

In Malaysia where can we find a poor division chairman of a political society.

Malaysia must be the only country where a political society or association where they do not have to submit accounts to the public or its members.

mask topeng said...

Dis ia the story about Yen Yen, the menteri yang suka melancung:

"Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen was caught in the defensive trying to explain the spending of 1.8 million Malaysian Ringgit for social media campaign to promote Malaysian tourism.

A whooping 1.8 million dollars spent for six Facebook pages?! Are you kidding me? Remember Facebook pages are free to create! With such a sum, we can buy a mass spectrometer to be placed in a research institute to find the next cure for a disease. It can be used to help the poor and needy.

Opposition politicians joked about her as "Menteri suka melancong" (The Minister who likes to tour) instead of doing her job as "Menteri Pelancongan" (Minister of Tourism).

I don't care if anyone has spent 1.8 million bucks on anything. What makes this 1.8 million bucks to not become a joke is each buck is made up of taxpayer's hard earned money. We have toiled hard, not enjoying the living standard we deserve for the effort we contributed and coping with rising living costs. We have paid our taxes. After knowing that money has been wasted in the hands of the government on trivial matters, of course we are not pleased."

Stupid Fcuk, wasting my tax money...

Karipap Panas said...

sir... off topik sikit... I was given to understand from an army friend, tat he and his team dpt arahan to jaga the EPL team yg bakal dtg for friendly match against team Malaysia... I hope u can write something bout it cause saya berpendapat ianya adalah satu penghinaan kepada ketenteraan... bukan tugas tentera utk jaga mereka.... sekian...

p/s: sorry pasal wrong platform.. but i dont how to contact u to feed this info....

Mohd Arshad Raji said...

Dear Karipap Panas,

You can reach me at 012-3876061 or email at

maurice said...

Yen Yen should focus her energy on improving tourist attractions in the country rather than spending money on intangible projects like the Facebook and London bus advertising project.

Take for example the Zoo Negara at Ulu Kelang.Nothing to be proud about, foreign visitors must be wondering what kind of people these Malaysians are, ill-treating the caged animals at their so-called national zoo.My daughter and my grandchildren just visited the Zoo a few days ago and here are their observations:

1. Most animals the ribs could clearly be seen probably due to poor feeding.
2. Broken paned-glass panels not repaired in some glass boxes.
3. Hardly able to read the writing on some description plates due to fading prints.
3. Workers sleeping in the rest room reserved for tired visitors.
4. Of course the infamous dirty Malaysian public toilets.

As a Minister of Tourism she can do a lot to help improved the standard and quality of tourist attractions not only for the benefit of foreign tourists but also for our own local tourist as well.Yen Yen please improve our tourist attractions before inviting foreign visitors to visit us.

komando said...

Lets calculate if that Yen stuff says we lose 1Bil in 3 days, then I would say in one year "she" brings in RM121.66 Billion of tourist money.

That I would say spending the RM1.8Mil on FB is justified!


Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

I agree with komando. A simple audit should show this outcome. Then again look at these imbicles blaming the rakyat for losses when the few have plundered the nation, over the years, again and again. Today, my beloved nation (tanah tumpahnya darahku)lies not unlike a woman after a gang rape. I have had it.

Donald Lau said...

I salute you, sir for all your frank writings.

(Old Putera)

Mayday... sorry Practice Pan(ic) said...

I am utterly disgust and despair with the way our politician and ministers handle the current issue in this country. Listening to them really amounting to insulting ones intellgence and commenses. enough is enough - dont take us for granted, we can think and evaluate the truth - For pak Arshad, keep up the good work, your comment and remark now being forwarded all over to the other blogg and becoming very popular, simply because it makes a lot of sense and surely reflect the silent majority.